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06 Aug 14 Krups Latt’Espress fully automatic machine


This compact fully automatic machine, the Krups EA8298 Latt’Espress has a small footprint and delivers your perfect cappuccino at the touch of a button.

The Latt’Espress features the integrated, removable 0.6 liter milk container which you can store in the fridge. The container is connected to the steam wand and the steamed milk is transported directly to the coffee spout – Krups milk foam technology at its best. A single push of the button and the EA8298 conjures a perfect cappuccino with deliciously creamy milk froth.

You can easily adjust the milk and coffee quantities as desired. And the milk system is cleaned automatically – simply press a button and the entire milk system is thoroughly rinsed with hot steam.

Like all Krups automatic coffee machines, the compact EA8298 Latt’Espress is equipped with Advanced Thermoblock System. The stainless steel brewing chamber and hydraulic tamping system ensure the optimal processing and extraction of coffee grounds. From the first cup, you get the precise temperature and perfect taste. Krups automatic cleaning program cleans the entire system including the removable brewing head.


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02 Feb 14 Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine


This compact fully automatic coffee machine from Panasonic comes with 3.5″ color touch LCD screen for easily personalized selection, 15 bar pump, memory function, milk frother and 5-stage step less adjustable grinder, allowing you to prepare your favourite coffee drink at the touch of an icon.


Everything is adjustable with the Panasonic NC ZA1HXE coffee machine – coffee strength, size, temperature, amount of milk, amount of foam, grinding finesse. You have 5 coffee temperatures, 4 programmable memory slots, 1.4 liter removable water tank with 6-cup capacity, 1-liter milk tank, 2-cup function, removable brewing unit, cup illumination, automatic shutdown, integrated cord storage, water hardness tester, descaling function, milk system cleaner and water filter adapter. Price for the Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine, the NC ZA1HXE is approximately € 1,000. Panasonic.


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24 Oct 13 Kuppersbusch fully automatic built-in coffee maker


The German engineered and made, bean to cup, fully automatic built-in coffee maker, Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 offers 5 programmable cup sizes, 1- or 2-cup dispense and genuine milk function for cappuccino, latte macchiato or white coffee. Removable milk container with cleaning function, ability to work with coffee beans and ground coffee, height-adjustable coffee dispenser, decalcification program and automatic cleaning ensure pleasant, long lasting operation of this coffee maker.

Other key features are 15-bar pump, lights, central switch-off function, 3 selectable coffee temperatures, 5 preset coffee strengths, separate boilers for coffee and for hot water, automatic cleaning when switching on and off, hot water function, front removable water container with telescopic rails for easy refilling, electronic timer with time of day clock, programmable starting time, programmable standby function, red clear text display, LED lights, central switch-off function and small cappuccino pot. Comes in black or white with Design Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold or Black Velvet trims. Price for the Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 fully automatic built-in coffee maker is around € 1,850. Previously, Kuppersbusch fully automatic integrated Profi-Coffee Center.


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25 Sep 13 Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine


Finished in exquisite brushed stainless steel with blue-lit TFT display, the EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine belongs to the popular Siemens EQ range, that includes Siemens EQ.7 coffee centre and Siemens macchiatoPlus EQ.5 bean to cup espresso machine. The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine offers striking design, sophisticated technology and an assembly of highly desirable features.


The aromaIntense feature produces an even more intense taste and the intuitive colour TFT display is very easy to use. The new superSilent sound design makes the Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine virtually silent.

In the heart of this machine is Siemens unique sensoFlow System and Intelligent Heating Technology, which ensure the perfect, 90°C to 95°C temperature, consistently maintained for every cup throughout the entire brewing process – probably the most important attribute required to achieve that perfect coffee aroma.


The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine allows you to make drinks exactly how you like them, thanks to the aromaIntense 2-stage adjustable brewing speed, which has Intense setting to extend the extraction time for a more intense flavour. In addition, Double Shot is perfect for the lovers of extra strong coffee drinks. The 2 grinding and brewing processes reduce bitterness for a full bodied, very rounded flavour.

You can also choose different cup sizes for milk, milk froth and hot water. The 3 preset cup sizes of Small, Medium and Large can be adjusted to 5 different levels. The rest of the process is performed at just the touch of a button. The oneTouch function serves up exceptionally thick milk froth for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. Of course, the Siemens CreamCleaner ensures that the milk system is perfectly hygienic.



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07 Apr 13 JURA GIGA 5 fully automatic coffee machine


The GIGA 5 is the first JURA automatic coffee machine that can make the Caffè Latte at the touch of a button. In reality, with its electronically adjustable 5-level ceramic disc grinder, cappuccino frother, hot water function and 19 individually programmable specialty coffees, JURA GIGA 5 prepares virtually every imaginable coffee or espresso drink, including Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Ristretto, Espresso Macchiato, Café Crème, Cappuccino, Mango Lassi, Shakerato, Viennese Coffee and Irish Coffee. You, of course, will get hot water with 3 temperature levels. The stylish machine comes with 3 mm thick aluminum front panel and sets a new standard in performance and design aesthetics.


GIGA 5 features two adjustable 5-level ceramic disc grinders, two heating systems, two 15 bar pumps and two fluid systems, producing two different coffees at once. You can quickly prepare your favourite coffee drink with the help of an intuitive TFT display. Other key features include Intelligent Pre Brewing Aroma System, thremoblock heating system, integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs, adjustable water hardness, Zero Energy switch, programmable amount of water and switch on/off times, Active Bean Monitoring function, 5 programmable coffee strength levels and maintenance status display. JURA. Previously, JURA ENA Micro 9 One Touch espresso machine.


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29 Aug 12 Baumatic fully automatic built-in espresso centre


The sleek Baumatic built-in espresso centre from the Premium line features touch controls, 400 gram coffee bean drawer, 12 bar pump and 2.5 litre water tank.

Steam spout for cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate and instant coffee, milk frothing arm, choice of 1 or 2 cups, coffee quantity regulation, digital timer preset and adjustable coffee grinder are among the key characteristics of this 46cm tall and 60cm wide Baumatic fully automatic built-in espresso centre.

Other features include water tank empty and coffee container empty indicators, water filter warning light, water level indicator, 2-cup espresso coffee capacity, washing function, manual water refill, water hardness adjustment, mark resistant coating, pull-out drawer for coffee waste. Seen in stores for around £1,500. Baumatic.

Baumatic built-in espresso machine
Baumatic Pythagora coffee machine
Baumatic steam oven
Baumatic blast chiller


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15 Mar 12 Fully integrated fridge freezers from Liebherr


Liebherr is launching two new bottom mount counter depth refrigerators in April 2012. The HCB 1560 and HC 1540 are fully integrated 30″ single door fridge freezers. This new 1500 Series are the first 30″ fully integrated refrigerators offered by Liebherr. Both the HCB 1560 and HC 1540 can be concealed behind cabinetry or stainless steel, giving designers flexibility and the homeowner ideal food storage conditions. The newest addition to Liebherr fully integrated line, the 1500 Series fridge freezers becomes a seamless part of the kitchen design, holding more food and keeping it fresher longer with Liebherr patented BioFresh technology. These 30″ Liebherr refrigerator models also offer the possibility of custom design with flush 24″ deep cabinet installation, a key refrigeration feature only offered by Liebherr.

True to form, both single door fully integrated fridge freezers offer the convenience of 30″ sizing with Liebherr signature sleek, European styling and state-of-the-art performance features.

Both refrigerators come with the smart DuoCooling system. Its separate and exceptionally efficient variable speed compressors ensures no air is exchanged between compartments so food won’t dry out and the freezer is always ice free. BioFresh drawer help retain healthy vitamins, aroma and appetizing appearance, while keeping food fresh for up to 3 times longer than your typical fridge. Each drawer can be adjusted individually and provides ideal humidity for versatile storage solutions.

Other key features of these fully integrated, Energy Star compliant fridge freezers from Liebherr include Sabbath Mode, door and temperature alarm, Soft Close door system, SoftTouch digital display with capacitive switches, water and air filtration, LED illumination, SuperCool and SuperFrost technologies, and electronically controlled temperature. Liebherr.


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07 Apr 11 Melitta bar-cube IS fully automatic coffee machine


The new fully automatic coffee machine, the Melitta bar-cube IS delivers consistently perfect coffee quality for every conceivable coffee specialty as well as the finest hot chocolate specialties. All supplied by a single, reliable, fully automatic coffee machine with durable technology, simple operation and a high degree of hygienic safety. A further highlight is the machine innovative design with its distinctive lighting, a true eye-catcher in every setting.

Apart from its clear and compact design, the Melitta bar-cube IS also boasts professional, high-performance components. 30 beverage specialties can be easily stored via 5 operating levels, with clear information on each step via the machine’s display. The illuminated product keys make it particularly easy to make the right choice. Not only can two different coffee beans be processed in parallel, but also two different chocolate varieties – using either milk or powdered milk.


The machine inner workings guarantee many years of professional usage. Detachable bean containers, metal brewing unit, robust rotation pump, stainless steel grinding disks, Variable Pressure System for various coffee specialties, micro-fine sieve and HACCP-certified, automatic cleaning system. And of course, an easy-to-clean milk frothing system for perfect milk foam.

With its simple, intuitive operation, the Melitta bar-cube guarantees perfect coffee preparation by everyone in your establishment, even non-baristas. The new fully automatic coffee machine with chocolate is ideal for all catering units with a daily consumption of up to 150 cups per day. Previously, Melitta c35 coffee machine.


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30 Mar 11 Fully Loaded Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle.
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13 Mar 11 Semi and Fully Integrated Dishwashers from E&S Trading

Just what is an integrated dishwasher? Rob from E&S Trading tells you the differences and advantages between a semi and fully integrated dishwasher in this special buyer’s guide video. Semi integrated dishwasher – Displays the control panels at the top of the dishwasher, while the rest of the dishwasher is concealed by your kitchen cabinetry. Fully integrated dishwasher – Completely concealed by your kitchen cabinetry. The control panel sits at the top of the dishwasher inside the door. For more info, visit:
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