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25 Nov 11 Top Gear Car Sauna Game

Hosts discuss recent heat wave alert, which they like because it means they can play the Car Sauna game

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22 Sep 11 Mafia the game walkthrough(67)

Chapter 17-2: Election day. The old prison. Ironicly this part went perfect on my fist try withour recording. When I went back to record…all the things that had never gone wrong before went wrong. This can be a very frustrating level. Why do all these bumbs have guns! That sniper rifle is pretty cool, but at long ranges, it’s impossible to aim. My best advice is to just let the aimer go back and forth over the target on its own, and try and time the shot right. It’s best to get him in one shot…there is an autosave right before that part, so you can try over and over. Created by UberWolf420.
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19 Sep 11 Game AquaQuik Solar Above Ground Pool Heater Product Review

The Game AquaQuik Solar Pool Heater is perfect for your above ground swimming pool. It’s a great economical heater unit that delivers comparable results as other heating units.
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25 Aug 11 Download The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff Game Free No Torrent !! Ultimate Source Of Services (Applications, PC Games, Movies, E-Books etc) Download Free Specially For Entertainment Description Does your Sim love books? Build them a library where they can mix and mingle with their neighbors (but remember to keep it down!) or add one of the new retro library sets to their home. If your Sim prefers to pump iron then build them a high-tech gym with treadmills, weight machines and more. For those Sims who are family oriented, create new playgrounds filled with a sandbox, slide, tree house and other fun items. Additionally, with The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff pack you’ll also get washer and dryers for your home, new casual outfits and hairstyles to enhance your Sim’s look, as well as community lots like the Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer, Par Excellence Preparatory School and Scrumptious Nibbles Cafe. Features:- * Pre-Built Venues and Lots-Give your Sims’ town a new look with spectacular ready-to-go venues and community lots-or construct your own cool setting * Fit and Fresh-Work out with the latest high-tech gym equipment, then clean your sweaty gym clothes in the new state-of-the-art washer and dryer set * Time to Unwind-Kids will love the new Sunny Bungalow jungle gym, slide, and sandbox, while grown-ups can play chess by the new fountain * Study Time or Story Time-Update the library with an elegant array of accessories, build your own study, or create cubicles with specialized sectional seating * New Casual Outfits

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29 May 11 Aimpoint vs EOTECH: Game Changers

An EOTECH or Aimpoint sight on your gun will increase your hit probability and speed. I’ve seen this many times in my own shooting. In my opinion, a zero-magnification sight fits a Philosophy of Use (POU) wherein the gun will be mostly engaging targets 200 meters or less (which will be your predominant ranges in most situations for LEOs and Civs). They increase the effectiveness of your rifle and both are excellent. In this Nutnfancy table top review (a companion video to my previous in-field observations), I attempt to cover the overall features of both sights in detail. The EOTECH offers an excellent 65 MOA/1 MOA (inner dot) aiming reticle that is fast in pickup and yet precise. Their HWS sights are also rugged, waterproof (generally only to 33 static however, some models differ), have excellent night vision mode actuation, a wider field of view, and feature a built-in throw lever mounts. Downsides include: usually a heavier weight, less battery life (1000 hrs vs 50000 hrs in these 553 and Comp ML3 models), switches that are harder to actuate with gloves, an inability to seal off the optics from mud, and often more bulk (depending on model). Newer EOTECH models promise to improve these shortcomings and GG&G offers flip-up lens covers. For example, the EOTECH Model 556 integrates a 5.56x45mm aiming reticle with useful holdover points; the Model XPS2 and 3 use are more compact, NV-capable sights weighing 8.8 oz and feature improved battery life. The AIMPOINT has amassed
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16 Mar 11 Washer toss game

Ronnie Wolkins and Troy Penny demonstrates the washer toss game at Lower Clarks Haour Nova Scotia. Notice the birds toward the end. Derek
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17 Feb 11 How to Build a Washers Game

This video shows you how to build a washers game step by step.
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A Video about the wonderful vintage automatic washers we collect and restore as well as a few other fun vintage electric items.
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