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25 Oct 11 Garbage Converted to Fuel, Discovery in Czech Republic

WONG: Czech scientists are carrying out a unique experiment of international importance. They have found out how to change household waste into food for animals and fuel for cars. STORY: Experts in algae and energetic use of wastes have designed a scientific process to transform municipal waste into bio-fuel for cars and good class food for animals. The star performer in the process is algae. Certain algae thrive on the carbon dioxide formed while burning the waste. [Msc Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “We were of course surprised too, the quality of algae is so high that they are suitable for utilization in the food-processing industry and at the same time it is confirmation that burnt gas from our wastes incinerator is very clean. As wastes are burnt the smoke-gas goes through a filter and heads for a water bath where scientist have placed algae. Algae transform the burnt gas into protein and from protein they make starch. This starch is used in the production of bio-ethanol to be used in place of petrol. [Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “The effect lies mainly in that carbon dioxide forms as much as 50 percent of expenses in the production of algae and here it is actually for free.” Moreover the algae grow 30 times faster than maize or soy from which bio-fuel is commonly produced. The Scientific team will patent their discovery in Europe and the USA. NTDTV, Liberec, Czech Republic

Back with the Manly Heil on a Sunday afternoon while taking care of the three 660Ls from Pine Street. This particular stop is done twice a day, 7 days a week and can become quite a heavy one some days… Body Make: HEIL Environmental Industries Model: 23m Formula 4000 Chassis: Iveco Acco Contractor: Manly Waste Collection Type: Mixed Commercial Waste
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03 Oct 11 The Garbage Man Can ( The Simpsons Song )

Big City Rigs Garbage Driver THE GARBAGE MAN CAN
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17 Sep 11 Taiwanese Garbage Truck

It drives down the road playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise so people know to bring their trash out! It comes just about every day!
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This street is 3 blocks of nothing but rentals,and i have to take whatever they put out.

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16 Sep 11 Adventures with Bryn – City of Richland CP Python Garbage Collection

This is the driver Bryn has wrote about lol…..Its been a long while since Bryn and I had went filming because lots of stuff has gone on lately and we have been busy! anyways we had a good time out filming but did have a hard time following along lol. so we did drive some.
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29 Aug 11 City of Walla Walla – Garbage Collection (March 29, 2010)

The City of Walla Walla must have been short on trucks, because the same truck that emptied my yard waste at about 11 am came back at 3 pm to do the garbage. I’ve never seen the City of Walla Walla do something like that before. Also, they’re usually completely done by 2:30 or 3, so they must have definitely had trucks down that day. As a matter of fact, this is only the second time I’ve even seen one of the city’s yard waste trucks even doing garbage, let alone the same truck doing both in one day (and no, the city did not mix the trash and yard waste together. He came back to do the trash with his truck empty) Anyway, enjoy the footage! I doubt I’ll be able to film one of the yard waste trucks doing garbage ever again! This will probably be the longest video I’ll ever be able to get of this truck. Yard waste stops are usually too spread out to be able to follow for very long or get a good video.
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26 Aug 11 WALL-E deleted scene: Garbage Airlock

I DON’T OWN WALL-E OR DISNEY OR PIXAR OR ANYTHING PLEASE DON’T HURT ME. Re-uploaded because I messed up the first time. Sorry again about the subtitles.

It’s called dumpster diving – going through garbage looking for food. In the United States it’s becoming a movement. You may be surprised by who is going through the bins and what they’re finding.
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24 Aug 11 Garbage in Castries

The Castries City Council is adding its voice to the garbage issue that continues to plague the country Castries in particular. CCC officials say improper waste disposal is hindering their work to keep the Citys drains. Deputy Town Clerk Vaughn Louis-Fernand says it is particularly worrisome during the Hurricane Season, when heavy rain can easily lead to flooding in the City.
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22 Aug 11 Garbage Trucks

This video showcases the main trucks used for residential garbage and recycling collection in Kennewick, WA. First up we have a Wittke Starlight Front Loader on a Freightliner Condor chassis, outfitted with a Curotto Can II. Waste Management runs two of these in Kennewick. They were purchased in 2002/2003 to experiment with automated collection. The next truck in the video is a McNeilus M/A with the optional automated arm, mounted on a Freightliner Condor chassis. After success with the Curotto Can’s, Kennewick went fully automated in 2005. Waste Management now runs 5 McNeilus M/A’s on Freightliner Condors in Kennewick. The last truck in this video is a Dempster Recycle One mounted on a WhiteGMC Xpeditor WXLL chassis. Kennewick has been running two of these for recycling for at least 18 years now. The one featured in this video is a spare truck, and has hoppers on both sides of the body. The two regular Dempster Recycle One’s in Kennewick only have hoppers on the curb side. Any questions, leave them down below in the comments. Be sure to “like”/favorite/comment and most importantly, ENJOY!
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22 Aug 11 Prospect Heights, Illinois Garbage Trucks after Memorial Day

Located at North Parkway at South Parkway, Prospect Heights, Illinois, USA Around 4:40PM on Saturday, June 4, 2011.
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20 Aug 11 Papers n’ Garbage

Garbage and papers getting handled on Thursday 17/1/08…

This was one of the old recycling trucks that used to operate in Burwood (and Strathfield), an ex-Baulkham Hills garbage truck. Now JJ Richards has brand new machines operating in both councils! Thanks to the friendly driver, please enjoy, rate and comment, also check out the video of the garbage truck. Body Make: JJR Engineering Model: 25m Standard Side Loader Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Burwood Contractor: JJ Richards & Sons Collection Type: Commingled Recycling
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