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17 Sep 14 Miele M Touch convection oven from Generation 6000


The 30″ Miele Generation 6000 M Touch convection oven comes in 2 distinct design styles – PureLine and ContourLine – as well as several color options including Brilliant White and Truffle Brown. The oven features unique, developed exclusively for Miele USA, Moisture Plus steam injection system which automatically injects a burst of steam into the oven cavity at predetermined points during the cooking process.

PureLine in Brilliant White

The addition of moisture improves results when proofing dough, gives loaves of bread a crisp crust and glossy finish and makes cuts of meat particularly crisp on the outside and succulent inside. The self clean Miele M Touch oven offers 9 cooking functions including MoisturePlus, over 100 MasterChef programs, 15 automatic MasterChef Plus bread programs that give you results seen in artisan bakeries and wireless roast probe.


In addition to Favorites Menu with 20 items, 30″ Miele Generation 6000 M Touch convection oven has Surround Roast, Pizza, Warm Cookware, Convection Roast, Crisp Function, Sabbath Program, Rapid PreHeat and AutoRoast.

The multilingual display features Delay Start, date, temperature in °F or °C, time and metric / imperial conversion. Soft Open / Soft Close door makes operating the oven easy. Finally, RemoteVision capable version will be available in the 4th Quarter of 2014. Miele.


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16 Apr 14 Electrolux Ergorapido third generation


The third generation of the instant battery stick cleaner Electrolux Ergorapido is now being launched around the world. More than 9 million Ergorapido vacuum cleaners have been sold in 70 markets since the its introduction in 2004, with the 3 top selling countries being USA, France and Japan.


The 2-in-1 Electrolux Ergorapido features unique functions like the Brush Roll Clean, a patented solution for removing tangled hair from the brush and nozzle headlights making it easier to see dust hidden in dark places.

The new third generation model has more power, more run time and more time saving features, all wrapped up in a more stylish and sophisticated package. In the new range, 4 different models are topped off by an 18-volt version with a long-lasting, lithium-ion battery.

Tests by Electrolux show that 85% of consumers prefer the new generation to the previous model, which was already the most popular vacuum cleaner in its class in several markets.

In the latest generation, a larger motor fan gives up to 20% more suction power and 10% more run time. A new, 50% larger pleated filter significantly reduces clogging, and Electrolux has introduced several smart new features to make the world most convenient vacuum even easier to use,
– 180 degree maneuverability
– new nozzle design with large wheels in the back and optimized nozzle joint for improved maneuverability, especially motion resistance on thicker carpets
– parking slot for easy access to accessories
– more intuitive control buttons


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26 Feb 14 Wolf gas cooktops from New Generation Line


The New Generation gas cooktops boast Wolf most powerful dual stacked, sealed burner yet, providing more precise control for more consistent meals. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these gas cooktops are designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern or traditional kitchen.


The new Wolf gas cooktops come in 3 unique styles to fit any kitchen design, offering innovative performance enhancements including patented dual stacked, sealed burners with 2-tier flame for precise heat output and one burner capable of 18,000 BTU, giving you the widest range of heat on the market to achieve the results you want. The upper tier burner ports are positioned closer to the cookware for more efficient heat transfer, yielding a fast boil or high sear, while the lower flame ports are farther from the pan and therefore, produce subtle heat ideal for gentle simmers without scorching.


The 18,000 BTU gas burners, now offered on all Wolf gas cooktops, yield 3,000 BTU more than previous models and a wider range of heat than possible in previous cooktops – reducing time to boil by 25%. Conversely, the burners are capable of producing no more than a breath of heat to melt chocolate and hold delicate sauces for hours without scorching. he setting stays low, never cycling on and off. Sealed burners keep liquid from seeping into hard to clean areas so owners can heat precisely and stir confidently without concern for spills.


Additional features standard in all new Wolf gas cooktops from New Generation Line, include a continuous stainless steel burner pan for easy cleanup, automatic individual flame detection and burner reignition, and continuous grates allowing users to slide pots from burner to burner without lifting. Gas cooktops are available in distinct styles offering more design flexibility than ever, to fit into any kitchen. The 3 unique styles – ultra-sleek Contemporary, classic yet flexible Transitional and bold Professional – offer a myriad of design possibilities ranging from 15″ to 36″ in width.


Transitional models are available in 15″ with 2 burners, 30″ with 4 burners and 36″ with 5 burners. A combination stainless steel and black glass make the Transitional cooktop the most design-friendly for spaces that blend traditional and contemporary elements. Features include a stainless steel burner pan and push-to-activate LED backlit controls that illuminate when in use, that are flush inset into the cooking pan for a clean look. Knobs are 2-tone black with a brushed stainless steel base. Grates are porcelain-coated cast iron.

The Professional style is available in 30″ and 36″ sizes. Iconic knobs and brushed stainless steel bezels give it a bold look. The burner pan is a single piece of stainless steel, making for easy cleanup. A stainless steel control panel features laser-etched graphics and 3 knob options in signature Wolf red, brushed stainless steel, or black that illuminate when in use.

The Contemporary style is available in 36″ with 5 burners, integrates directly into cabinetry and is installed flush with counter tops making it ideal for modern spaces.

You can pair a gas cooktop with other Wolf products, like the new E series built-in ovens, convection steam oven, integrated modules and the family of ventilation products. Previously, Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration line.


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15 Aug 13 BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection


The original Sorpresa Collection consisted of 9 designer hoods in island, wall and ceiling models. The BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection adds 4 new designs – Intrigue, Sphera, Sun and Fusion. With these 13 stunning range hoods, Sorpresa, which means surprise in Italian, offers modern shapes and designs that will immediately become the focal point of your kitchen. The Generation II 4 hoods have internal blowers, 2 halogen lights and 4-speed electronic push button controls with heat sentry, Delay Off, filter timer.


Available in a white or black glass backdrop with a stainless steel disc center, Sun is a wall mounted range hood that creates a dramatic centerpiece on any kitchen wall. Available for both ducted and non-ducted applications, Sun features perimeter extraction, allowing this wall range hood to capture smoke and odor more effectively. Sun is ideal for installation above 30″ or 36″ wide gas, electric or induction cooktops. Designed primarily for recirculation, the hood can be installed with optional flues and an optional flue cover for a ducted application, where it reaches 490 CFM.


With its smooth lines and flowing intersection of dark and light, glass and steel, Fusion brings soothing elements of nature to your kitchen. The appearance of a midnight sky meeting the horizon or of a breeze whispering against a silver wave brings a sense of calm to the kitchen like never before. Stainless steel and reflective glass meet dramatically in the Fusion range hood, forming a yin and yang connection. The wall hood works as ducted or recirculated hood and offers 490 CFM with an optional duct. The fusion between the two dissimilar surfaces of this range hood provides a natural and peaceful feel in the kitchen.


Intrigue looks more like a piece of floating artwork than a functional range hood. This innovative design by BEST will leave your guests intrigued by the very nature of the hood. Its upside down question mark shape and shelf-like appearance are sure to be a conversation starter in the kitchen. Available in stainless steel, Intrigue can be painted from the flue to the chimney to make this portion of the hood nearly invisible against the wall. This wall rage hood available for ducted or recirculated application, and a convenient multispeed control allows a perfect performance selection from a powerful 460 CFM blower.


Sphera from BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection offers a fully functional island range hood disguised as an elegant sculpture effortlessly suspended from above. With the appearance of a bold, glossy pendant light, Sphera, available in white or black luxurious, rich finish, is sure to become a central feature of your modern kitchen. This island hood functions as a recirculation hood and with 250 CFM blower is ideal for a compact 30″ wide cooking surface. For larger cooktops you should install 2 Sphera hoods side by side for optimal functionality – and twice the design. BEST.


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22 Oct 11 Powerverde – Innovations in Power Generation

Imagine generating the power you need with a generator that doesnt run on fossil fuels. Imagine an engine that runs on heat. It doesnt matter how the heat is generated, all that matters is that its there. It can even come from solar panels. In a similar fashion as an air-conditioning system extracts heat from your home, the Powerverde engine extracts heat and uses that energy to run an engine that can power generators, machinery or perhaps one day, your automobile.

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19 Apr 11 Introduction to Migali Refrigeration’s Generation 3 Series Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Introduction to Migali Industries G3 Series: 1) Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers 2) Pizza Prep Tables 3) Standard Top and Big Top Sandwich Prep Tables 4) Worktop and Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers
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Bosch invited media to celebrate the launch of the brand’s French Door refrigerator featuring VitaFresh Technology. Here’s a glimpse of the recent product unveiling. While other refrigerators rely you to manually adjust temperature and humidity settings when produce is added in the crisper drawer, VitaFresh automatically creates the optimal storage environment. The result: fruits and vegetables stay crisp, healthy and delicious, longer.
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