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25 Jan 15 Petra raclette multifunctional stone grill


This 2-in-1 multifunctional stone grill works as a gourmet raclette and as a stone grill. Designed to feed a family of 4, the Petra raclette features adjustable thermostat for perfect temperature settings.

The multifunction grill has non-stick coating, 4 spatulas, 21cm x 21cm baking surface, anti slip feet, integrated handles and power indicator light. Petra. Previously, Solis combi grill.


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12 Jan 15 Solis combi grill


This 3-in-1 multifunctional grill combines fondue, raclette and indoor grill in one compact table top appliance. Up to 8 people can cook their favorite and vary different meals in the same time.

Made in Switzerland, this Solis combi grill features 2 separate, continuously adjustable heating systems for the raclette / grill and fondue, 2 independent thermostats for temperature control of each heating system, red for Heat and green for Ready light indicators, raclette pans with non-stick coating and heat insulated handles, illuminated power switch, large 31.5 cm x 31.5 cm grill plate, and 1.3 liter stainless steel fondue pot with stainless steel splash guard and fold down handle. Price is around € 250. Solis.


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23 Oct 14 Philips Avance grill and taste infuser


Philips Avance Collection table grill can grill, griddle, barbecue and infuse delicious flavors. The compact table grill features unique wood chip infuser to add authentic smokey flavors and aroma infuser to enrich the taste with natural herb or wine flavors.


We have seen the concept of aroma infusion in the design of Beem Aromdepot grill express. In addition to being a taste infuser, the Philips Avance Collection is quite versatile, offering the choice of cooking with either a ribbed or smooth grilling surface. The smooth area is ideal for stir frying and grilling small chunks of food, while the ribbed surface creates that irresistible flame grilled effect. You can even grill with hot steam. In short, you can enjoy food the way you like it.


The non-stick surfaces of Philips Avance grill / taste infuser allow you to cook without added oil. Sloped grill makes the excess fat flow into the grease tray decreasing the unwanted smell and smoke. And with the broad temperature range from 70°C to 230°C, you can choose the ideal temperature for each ingredient, ensuring perfect results. See Philips Avance kitchen machine.


Other features include adjustable thermostat, dishwasher safe plate and grease tray, non-slip feet, grease tray storage, integrated on/off switch and power on light. In stores for around £100. Philips. Previously, Philips Avance juicer.



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08 Oct 14 Jet Grill – charcoal grill that grills vertically


Designed for healthy grilling, the easy to maintain, innovative Jet Grill is manufactured in Czech republic. The straightforward design concept utilizes indirect heat that rises and powers the propeller. The spit with your food is attached to the propeller and the grill bottom, and rotates steadily for a perfectly grilled meat, fish or gyro. The fire burns at the side of the grill, so fat does not drip onto the hot charcoal, eliminating flares and unwanted vaporization.


Inspired by the jet turbine, the Jet Grill charcoal grill comes in 5 colours. Heated cold air flows up and rotates the turbine. The side charcoal box makes grilling healthy. The grill is entirely made of high quality steel for long lasting enjoyment. Jet Grill.







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05 Oct 14 Char-Broil THIN infrared grill


A high performance, 2-burner infrared barbecue, the THIN by Char-Broil grills perfectly with the lid open or closed. The elegant THIN is built from 304 grade stainless steel and comes with digital electronic temperature gauges and electronic ignition.


THIN, which stands for Thermal High Intensity, features Chat-Broil patented TRU-Infrared cooking system that transfers heat directly to the cast iron, porcelain coated grates, cooking food directly and evenly, even in the coldest conditions. See The Big Easy oil-less infrared turkey fryer.

The key features of this Char-Broil grill include 46cm x 45cm cooking surface, two stainless steel 5.3 kW burners, stainless steel lid and shelves, porcelain coated firebox, integrated electronic control ignition, 2 grate level temperature gauges with digital display, optional custom rotisserie system and large tank storage. Sold across EU for around € 960. Char-Broil.


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09 Jul 14 Cesarré KARA designer barbecue grill


Cesarré, the maker of designer outdoor furniture offers KARA, an efficient and modern sculpture-like BBQ grill that doubles as a decorative piece.


KARA is made entirely of highest quality steel with removable hearth. Price is around € 5,400. Cesarré.







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27 Apr 14 Napoleon Terrace grill


Highly rated by Consumer Reports, the compact Napoleon Terrace grill, the SE325PK excels at low heat cooking – the proper way to grill fish, chicken and delicate foods without burning or overcooking. The Terrace grill features fast, even preheating, 300 sq. in. of cooking area, 2 main burners and cast iron grates.


The Napoleon SE325PK has lots of 304 stainless steel and shelf space, mechanical rotary JETFIRE igniter for quick start ups, which is more reliable and durable than the electronic battery based, and a long warranty on the burners.

The foods cook evenly at high temperatures too. Other features are a high quality black porcelain enamel lid, ergonomic control knobs and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge for precise cooking. Price is around 0. Napoleon.

Napoleon professional charcoal grill
Napoleon Prestige Series 500



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21 Mar 14 Kalamazoo Gaucho grill


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet unveiled the new Gaucho Grill at the Architectural Digest Home Design Making Show. This authentic Argentinian / Santa Maria style grill makes outdoor cooking easier. Gaucho features a gas-powered starter burner to light a wood or charcoal fire, and its cooking surface cradle carries interchangeable grills grates cut specifically for meat, fish or vegetables. The cradle also houses a rotisserie. And a Deep Hopper funnel under the burner moves away ash and creates a chimney effect for better heat flow.

Combined, these features turn the Argentinian / Santa Maria grilling on its head. Argentinian or Santa Maria style grilling is a traditional and pure way to cook outdoors. It regulates temperatures by raising or lowering a cooking surface over the flames of wood or charcoal fire.

Kalamazoo Gaucho burner makes starting a cooking fire easier. Just pile wood or charcoal onto the fuel grates, light the burner and come back as the fire is roaring. There’s no longer a need to use kindling or chimney starters.

The Gaucho breaks another design rule. Its Deep Hopper funnel under the fuel grates and burner eliminates the need to shovel ash out of a traditional fire pan. As wood or charcoal burns, its debris falls through the grates, past the burner, down the funnel and into a sturdy clean-out bin. Shielding over the burner prevents clogging from falling ash.

The most noticeable feature of the Gaucho is its massive 36 inch spoked stainless steel wheel. Supported on a 30 inch tall bridge, the wheel raises and lowers the cooking-surface cradle. For high temperature searing, place the cooking surfaces level with the grill frame. Raise the cradle up to 18 inches above the fire for slow, low-temperature cooking.

Converting the Gaucho to rotisserie cooking is easy. Just remove the cooking surfaces and insert the roasting spit into a built-in motor.

The grill’s interchangeable cooking surfaces are laser cut from quarter-inch thick slabs of stainless steel. The vegetable grate has openings small enough to prevent green beans from falling through and into the fire. The fish surface, with thin half-moon openings, is designed to prevent drying out, breaking up and flaking.

Hand built at the time of order in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Gaucho Grill is available in two freestanding models and a built-in version. Pricing ranges from ,495 to ,195. The grill will be available to order in late May. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.


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19 Oct 13 Sunday One grill by Emo Design


Sunday grill from Emo Design introduces a revolution for the barbecue market. One, the new range of fixed barbecues, thanks to the patented system Duo, permits to choose from 3 different ways of cooking – the traditional wood or charcoal or the convenience of gas cooking.


One is linked to the archetype of the chimney fireplace that had a very strong success in the past, but nowadays it is suffering a decline because replaced by other solutions. Sunday One differentiates itself from traditional fixed barbecues matching with the mood of the most contemporary garden furnishings.


The grill comes with the shelves in metal or wood, the bottle rack and the cooking cover. Ergonomically studied and thought to satisfy your grilling needs, One is equipped with an adjustable cooking hob, supported by a system that permits to add additional shelves. The quick and easy installation is aided by its modularity.


The clean white and grey lines, emphasized by the use of materials like white granulated Carrara marble and grey reconstituted stone base make the Sunday a stylish and functional object to exhibit in the garden. Emo Design.





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30 Aug 13 Manhattan gas barbecue grill by Enders Colsman


Thanks to its versatile functionality, premium equipment and its sophisticated appearance, the modern Manhattan gas barbecue grill provides a delightful outdoor experience. Even heat distribution, two 3.50 kW innovative Endertec burners, and thought-out features like take-out 11kg gas cylinder that can be stored in the cart and removable stainless steel grilling lid for open grilling enjoyment on the grill grate always ensure the best barbecue results.


Whoever places value on a particular look when grilling, will find the Manhattan gas barbecue to be the perfect partner for his barbecue parties in his circle of friends and family. With the overall appearance similar that of the Fuego electric grill, Manhattan comes with the innovative and unique Endertec burners to deliver the best grilling results. This modern grill brings the entire kitchen unit into the open – and in an elegant way. It has a clear, cubic shape, is made from high quality materials and is state of the art. It can be moved very easily due to two large, break-resistant wheels. This elegant gas grill will be the center of action at every barbecue party.


The key features of the Manhattan gas barbecue grill by Enders Colsman include,
– two completely separate grilling zones for individual preferences
– insulated and double-walled grill lid with integrated precision thermostat
– variable splashguard made from brushed stainless steel
– enamelled grates are in two parts and dishwasher-safe
– enamelled burner troughs and flame cover guarantees easy cleaning
– proven stainless steel ensures a long lifetime
– battery-free, reliable piezo ignition integrated in the control knob
– large storage space for grilling tools and accessories
– base cabinet with plenty of space to accommodate grill lid and accessories
– two large grease drip trays for extra long operating time
– stainless steel door with a strong magnetic catch
– ergonomic control knobs for continuous regulation regulation
– safe and back-friendly working height of 90 cm
– modern black / silver color combination
– removable, solid wooden board as a convenient working surface
– stable weather protection cover


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