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24 Jul 14 Haier French Door fridge freezer with curved door panels


With its distinctive outer design finished in titanium gold shade, gently curved door panels and overall straight lines, this Haier REF 728 French Door fridge freezer makes an instant eye-catcher in your modern living quarters.

Designed for the most demanding buyers the French Door refrigerator uses transparent crystal handles with hexagonal light patterns, fused with innovative S-shaped curved lines and straight lines.

Technologically, the Haier REF-728 offers unique Air Blast technology, variable frequency DC compressor, Soft Touch LED temperature controls, interior LED lighting, automatic 3 in 1 Turbo sterilization which kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, touch activated Human Sense door opening, My Zone drawers with convertible zones where temp can vary from -18°C to +5°C and Multi Dimensional drawers. Haier. Previously, Haier French Door refrigerator.


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11 Jul 14 Haier colour refrigerators


Very efficient and brightly coloured bottom freezer Haier refrigerators are rated ‘A+’ for energy efficiency and measure just 60cm in width, while providing the 347-litre net capacity – enough to keep all your foodstuffs safely and for extended period of time.


The Total No Frost Haier colour refrigerators feature innovative 3D Design with the ergonomic sliding drawers for easy access of your frozen foods. The exterior LCD Control Panel allows you to effortlessly regulate the temperature of every compartment, while interior LED lighting helps you to find the smallest item hiding in the corner.

The colour fridge freezer from Haier comes with 3 tempered glass shelves, able to support heavy items, specialty MyZone drawer with adjustable temperature, Multi Flow function, 4 door shelves, bottle rack and intelligent Super Cool system designed to properly chill large amounts of newly purchased food at the ideal temperature right from the start.

The freezer has Super Freeze function that helps to keep your frozen foods frozen after the shopping and quickly freeze easily perishable food you want to store for extended time. It handily freezers 11 kg of food in 24 hours.

Other features include Holiday Mode that turns off the fridge section of your Haier colour refrigerator while keeping the freezer running, Door Open alarm and reversible doors.

Prices vary depending on the model, country and availability, but average between € 840 and € 900. Haier. Previously, Haier French Door refrigerator.


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23 Jun 14 Haier French Door refrigerator


The stylish and beautifully finished Haier French Door refrigerator, the HB25FSSAAA makes a bold statement in your modern kitchen with its solid design and brushed stainless look. The standard depth, 685 liter double drawer, Total No Frost fridge freezer offers plenty of space and advanced cooling technology to meet and exceed all your cooling needs.


The ‘A++’ rated Haier French Door refrigerator features 6 spacious door bins, 3 shelves and 4 fresh food, humidity-controlled drawers, all illuminated by bright yet gentle-on-the-eyes LED lighting to make sure you can promptly find the foodstuffs you are looking for.

Other key characteristics of the Haier HB25FSSAAA include Turbo Fresh system, Multi Flow system, Super Cool and Super Freeze functions, antibacterial system, My Zone compartment, automatic ice maker, electronic controls, fuzzy logic, Holiday function and 3D freezer drawers. Price is around 3,000 €. Haier.


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23 Aug 13 New Haier Casarte refrigerators

China Verve

Haier shows several sharp looking refrigerators from its premium Casarte brand. Designed by Haier Innovation Design Center and fashioned after Italian elegance, Casarte product lines include artistic consumer electric appliances and integrated kitchenware. Translating as Art of Home, the brand name Casarte is derived from the Italian words La Casa, which means Home and Arte that means Art.

The exquisite China Verve comes with ceramic doors, using materials found in the Chinese porcelain artistry of the Song Dynasty. A traditional manufacturing method is employed to meet modern needs and gives each refrigerator a unique look. The robust ceramic material is acid- and alkali-resistant and durable, while the manufacturing process is eco-friendly since no ink is used when the ornamentation is created.


This CFC-free refrigerator, the Haier REF-S6CG features several insulation layers and a variably adjustable cooling system. According to your particular needs, you can select up to 7 different temperature zones in order to freeze or store fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. The body and the interior of the refrigerator are easy to clean. Overall, the combination of shining surfaces and gently curved handles forms a harmonious overall impression.


A distinct, puristic style dominates this elegant-looking refrigerator. The 3D-GEN2 refrigerator follows Haier My Zone design concept, which advances look, interior and system features of the first generation of 3-door refrigerators. Employing an air-cooling technology and the variable frequency DC compressor, the 3D-GEN2 achieves the energy efficiency rating ‘A+++’. The upper, precisely stamped stainless steel door can be opened both to the left and right. The two lower drawers are distinguished by a subtle handle design.

Nature Mark

Haier Nature Mark refrigerator offers a distinct, high quality 3-dimensional look, due to metallic stove enameled finish. The coating undergoes a special process, causing an aesthetically appealing crack formation. The surface is quite durable, stable and eco friendly. This unusual finish resembles a natural stone surface, giving the fridge a unique, independent overall picture.


The eco friendly Haier REF-M4CS uses a CFC-free cooling agent. Effectively insulated, it comes with the flexible technology, and the cooling system features individually selectable temperature ranges, which can be precisely set and controlled, according to your exact needs. Innovative technologies prevent the formation of odors. The 2-door / 3-drawer design concept combined with unique handle design forms a clean homogenous overall picture, giving the refrigerator a distinctive look. Haier.


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31 Jul 12 Haier Mini washer – the smallest washing machine?


The Haier MW-BQ8S Mini is one of the world smallest washing machines, designed especially for the gentle cleaning of undergarments and children clothing. It measures just around 26 x 28 x 38 cm, weighs under 6kg and comes with the transparent acrylic cover, which sits on an internal, concave-shaped filter giving the Haier washing machine a fresh and clean look.


The soft contours give the Mini washer a quiet appealing look, and thanks to the small dimensions, the washer offers a space saving solution. Other key features of this top loaded washing machine are unique ozone sterilisation technology that allows to sterilise and disinfect very thoroughly your laundry, ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, LED display and 3 washing programs. Price is ¥ 1,000. Haier.



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22 Oct 11 Reversing Valve Eval Haier Heat Pump

The reversing valve would stick in defrost mode sending cold air into the house activating the emergency heat. After the heat pump was shut off for about an hour it would operate normally until the next defrost cycle. This model heat pump did not have a timed defrost mode so the wire controlling the reversing valve was detached and the unit was watched for excess frost build-up, at which time the wire was reattached to initiate a defrost cycle or the unit was shut off until it thawed. I posted this because I couldn’t find any postings on reversing valves. Enjoy
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Brazing a copper joint with Silphos rod and a tiny acetylene turbo torch tip. To show the color of the copper when it is ready to be brazed. Do not breath the fumes from this process.
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03 Apr 11 HHX3030BQ Haier 300 CFM Variable Speed Quiet Line Range Hood – Bisque —
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28 Mar 11 Haier Refrigerator Haier Refrigerator. If you’ve got a large family or you just love to cook, a full-size Haier refrigerator will fit your lifestyle. My blog can show you where to get the best deals.
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