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26 Oct 11 PART 3 Linville Gorge, NC Pre-Halloween HammockForums Hang

…. Here we see Ken’s Hennessy set-up and his Tee-Dee Tarp ridgeline suspension, Suess’s rig, ‘Gingers” at play with tent stakes….. the J. Falk Compact Wood Stove again, The JerryChair, RunningFeather’s Purple People Eater Tarp and his hammock, the last morning on the east ridge at the Camel humps and some out-takes. It was a terrific trip and thanks so much for your time viewing us. All secure in seven sector, Shug

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09 Sep 11 Part 2: NCT Members Backpack Hang

The hammock backpacking trip continues….. Looks at hammock set ups. Kelly Kettle inspection. Watch a new guy become a hammock convert. Check out everyones alcohol stoves. Mindless banter and palaver … I just never shut up!!!! Slug Eating …. Stormcrow style. Cool wood burning stoves. Camaraderie. Happiness. Peace. Shug
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25 Jul 11 Davide Swarup hang solo in Triund, India.

A hang solo at 3.200 mt, in Triund, India. The sun was heating up my hang but the location was so nice that I wanted to share anyway this video!! Love to all of you up there in the mountains with me;) Mina rakastan sinua:):)
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14 Jul 11 Gription(Myrstamine oxide), Hang Tite and Dawn

Pressure Washer Products wishes to introduce a new product that we are carrying. Roof washers, pressure washers, hood cleaners and pest control companies will wonder how they ever worked without it!!! Gription is sodium hypochlorite stable and about three to four times thicker than our Hang Tite or ammonyx lo or lauramine oxide. Both Gription and Hang Tite weigh the same for shipping purposes. Because you need to use less in your recipe and the product weighs the same as Hang Tite, you will save money on by choosing the Gription. Gription has the consistency of honey or molasses and is extremely hydrophyllic or water loving. The extra thick surfactant changes the viscosity of your mix and will allow your roof cleaning brew to stick to roofs better than the Dawn and Hang Tite. The Gription bonds to the slightly negative charge of water. Improving the viscosity of your mix will help to minimize run off on to plants, grass or vehicles. Use about 1/2 quart to 1/3 of a gallon to 100 gallons of roof wash mix. Gription is an outstanding addition to a house wash mix as well as our chlorine stable surfactant, Green Apple. Use conservatively. Using too much in a house wash will keep you rinsing for hours! Please call (800) 519-9279 or email or visit for more information.
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In Part I we have the ultimate in 1950’s live TV commercials for the Westinghouse Laundromat. This commercial was part of the Westinghouse Studio One program, staring Betty Furness, the Westinghouse spokeswoman of the time. Part I is shown at the start of the show, the Laundromat and three other solid-basket washers are loaded with clothes, detergent and yes you guess it sand, then the machines are started. While all of us here in Applianceville know what’s going to happen next, the viewers at home get to wait another 50 minutes for the final commercial to reveal the results as shown here in Part II. See if you can guess what brand washers are disguised behind Brand X, Brand Y and Brand Z?
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29 May 11 How to Install Ceiling Fans : How to Hang the Fan & Attach the Wiring

Learn how to hang the ceiling fan and attach the wiring when installing a ceiling fan in this free DIY video. Expert: Chad Smith Bio: Chad Smith, a Journeyman Wireman, has always had a knack for electrical work. Even at a young age, he took apart small appliances to see how they work. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson
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