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19 Nov 11 Aquila TD302REC – High pressure washing with 95% recycling

Unique high pressure washing in a closed system with more than 95% recycling of the water consumption. Clean the floors inside a building using a high pressure washer, without having to empty it out first. Remove down trotten chewinggum without hassle and remove graffiti without polluting the surrounding environment with toxic paint waste.

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11 Nov 11 Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple – When I Get Low, I Get High

Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple – When I Get Low, I Get High, Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC 08/05/07
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02 Nov 11 2000 Dodge Viper GTS FOR SALE high def HD 301.816.1000 8.0 liter 488cid aluminum V-10 @ 450hp, 6-speed close ratio trans, independent rear with limited slip, beautiful Viper red paint, extra cost Connolly leather interior, Alpine sound w CD and subwoofer, 18″ factory polished alloys with Michelin pilots, air-conditioning, power windows + locks, keyless entry, Brembo disc brakes, only 13K original miles! Timeless style and sure to be a one day classic.

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29 Oct 11 CBS: High Technology Home Options with Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson of Robin Wilson Home walks viewers through a million loft with high-end technology with audio, video and HVAC control on a Crestron panel. Client has remote access from anywhere in the world to manage their home.
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28 Oct 11 High School Thoughts About College Someone posted the tabs for this! Get em here – http (Click that link & vote!) Twitter! Myspace Music!! Aawww yeeeaa. Mic I use – http Cam I use – Other cam I use – Video Editing software – Audio Editing software – I’m almost outta school Life couldn’t be sweeter I just got the chills, MOM TURN ON THE HEATER! MOM, could you turn on the heater? After a High School degree, Is my education through? Hell No, I got debt to accrue! besides, think about it I’m graduating in May Do I wanna work or do I wanna delay? DELAAAAYYY!!! I WANT TO DELAAAYYY!! My guidance counseler asked: Have you thought of a career? No, I’ll be in school for the next 10 years. DON’T RUSH ME! High school thoughts about college I’m just avoiding a job, I don’t need to know knowledge! High school thoughts about college Once I have a degree, employers have to acknowledge. Right? Thats what I hear! My Counselor asks, “What school are you leaning to.” Haven’t thought about it, but I’ve been meaning to. If it’s next to the beach and the classes are cheap and I’m able to pass while I’m half asleep then I’m in. Any suggestions? Community College? That’s no fun. unless the girl to guy ratio is 3:1 Then submit my transcripts! Then submit my transcripts! Florida state, all my friends go there. do they offer my major? Yea, like I care. the major doesnt matter, a degree is a degree. The only one I wanna see is

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21 Oct 11 Elvis Presley – Burning Love HIGH QUALITY [Lyrics]

Elvis at his best I TAKE REQUESTS!!!!!!! Lyrics: Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising Higher higher Its burning through to my soul Girl, girl, girl You gonna set me on fire My brain is flaming I dont know which way to go Your kisses lift me higher Like the sweet song of a choir You light my morning sky With burning love Ooh, ooh, ooh, I feel my temperature rising Help me, Im flaming I must be a hundred and nine Burning, burning, burning And nothing can cool me I just might turn into smoke But I feel fine Cause your kisses lift me higher Like a sweet song of a choir And you light my morning sky With burning love Its coming closer The flames are reaching my body Please wont you help me I feel like Im slipping away Its hard to breath And my chest is a-heaving Lord almighty, Im burning a hole where I lay Cause your kisses lift me higher Like the sweet song of a choir You light my morning sky With burning love With burning love Ah, ah, burning love Im just a hunk, a hunk of burning love Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
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11 Oct 11 Extremely High & Low Tides in Guernsey 21/8/09

This happens in Guernsey about once a year. We have one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, 30 feet or 10 metres. The high tide on this day was 10.1m and the low tide was 0.5m above chart datum. Luckily for the shops opposite the Victoria Marina there was a high pressure weather system over us at the time, because otherwise the shops and the road would normally get flooded out with sea water at this tide height.
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03 Oct 11 How Gasification Works: High Efficiency Wood Burning Furnaces & Wood Gasifier

Want to know how gasification works? Wondering how high efficiency wood boilers achieve 90% efficiency? Watch this video to see how the process of gasification decreases combustion emissions by 90% and increases efficiency up to 90% in the Empyre Pro Series and Empyre Elite high efficiency wood gasification boilers. For more information, call TOLL FREE 1-888-933-4440 or visit us online at ProFab Industries is the number one manufacturer of alternative energy heating systems such as wood boilers, indoor/outdoor wood furnaces, and wood gasifier.

my take on the hobo stove, sorry about the length but I didn’t see any other in depth videos so I decided to take my time with this let me know if you have any improvements i could make to keep this stove working well
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06 Sep 11 High Heating Bills

This video will teach you some methodds on how to cut your utility bills by 40% or more. The video will list over 50 plus energy reduction tips.

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01 Sep 11 Sesame Street – High, Middle, Low

Jeff Moss and Emily Perl Kingsley wrote this “barbershop” style song from 1971, teaching about vocal ranges and cooperation. The TV version featured a trio of Anything Muppets voiced by Jerry Nelson, Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss, while the version released on vinyl LP the same year was sung by Ernie, Bert and Herbert Birdsfoot. I’ll try to remember to post the vinyl version when I get time.

Jim Morris of interviews best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz about his philosophy of life, and about his new book, co-authored with his son don Jose Ruiz, The Fifth Agreement. The conversation ranges from the meaning of the Fifth Agreement, Be Skeptical, But Learn to Listen, and how don Miguel can perform miracles, without really knowing how he does it.
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