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24 Nov 11 Solar hydrogen home

Run A Car On Water Home-Made Renewable Solar And Wind Energy Solar & Wind Energy Diy Guide
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23 Nov 11 using hydrogen to heat water

night vid on hydrogen gas burning to heat my hotub
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03 Oct 11 Hydrogen Tap 1 Series 2( Hot Cold Water LESS AMPS) # 22

This test is being performed on the new 12 plate system. Each plate is being separated by two nonconductive washers hocked positive negative alternately. The test shows how putting the plates in “hot water” than in cold water lowers the amount of power (amps) required to run the unit. The plates are 5 ½ inch by 3 inches and the test is being run on one 12 volt battery.

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10 Mar 11 (Video 38) New Washer DryCell Hydrogen Generator (HHO, Brown’s Gas, Hydroxy)

I doubled the amount of washers to see if it would effect the amount of output. This video was a test for leaks. It appears to be sealed up tight.
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Whirlpool’s new Vantage washers and dryers have apps to help you get out stains. And its Cabrio top-loader, also on display at the 2010 International Builders’ Show, is more energy efficient than ever. Learn more about home appliances on our web site

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08 Mar 11 (Video 31) Brainstorming with Washers & Hydrogen (HHO, Brown’s Gas, Hydrogen, Hydroxy)

This is a new Idea I’ve come up with to make a Washer Fuel Cell in an Acrylic Pipe.
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03 Mar 11 Heating Water With HHO Hydroxy Hydrogen Part 1 of 2 from HHOG Labs

Part 1 of 2 Here is a brief experiment on how I was able to heat water directly with HHO! I was able to build a simple shield to allow the HHO to burn continuously under water. Steve
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Depending on the size of your cage you may need to get stronger or even more bulbs for heating a larger cage. This video strictly limits the heating to my Forty Gallon Tank. You will just have to try to use your good judgement and add the right amount of heat to your Dragons cage. Another good way to get your Dragon to absorb D3 and the Calcium Powder is to take it outside (On a Leash ofcourse) and let him get some real Major UVA & UVB from the sun. IMPORTANT NOTE: Never spray water near bulbs they could explode and cause major problems.

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03 Mar 11 Hydrogen Hydroxy HHO Heat Exchanger from HHOG Labs for Home Heater

Please Read: Here is a quick video on our hydrogen hydroxy hho heat exchanger, which is currently undergoing development. It is currently in the infant stages, so ignore the unprofessional design. With a mere 3.6 LPM of Hydroxy Fuel, we were able to adjust the air/fuel mixture in such a way that allowed us to sustain 6 flames with one gas source that would normally only sustain a single flame with a much smaller orfice. Our exchanger produces over 1000 degress F at 6 inches away, and we are currently modifying it to increase this. Thanks for watching! Steve w/ HHOG Labs InstallGuys
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25 Feb 11 Oxy Hydrogen Gas Stove

Using Siam Water Flames HD 350 (Hydro-dragon ) Oxy Hydrogen Gas Generator and a small custom stove ,water is at boiling point in under 3 minutes. This Oxy Hydrogen Gas Generator is available today If you need more information contact:

Follow my blog at This wood burning stove is made from an old 13kg propane bottle. When it is copmplete I will post the next video. Its a copy of the “HOTPOD” style stove. See An update of this stove can be found at http Thanks for looking
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23 Feb 11 Hydroxy HHO Hydrogen Fuel Dryer Scrubber HHOG II Arid from

This is a quick demo video of the HHOG II Arid. It is a solid state in line 6 chamber Hydroxy fuel dryer and scrubber that is 5 times more effective than other over the shelf dryers. It is designed specifically for Hydroxy HHO HOH Oxyhydrogen fuel. Thanks for watching! Steve w/ InstallGuys and
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20 Feb 11 (Video 21) Washer Cell Hydrogen Generator (HHO, Brown’s Gas, Hydroxy)

I had a ton of spare SS Washers laying around, so I wanted to see if I could turn them into a fuel cell. I guess it worked, because if it didn’t I wouldn’t be posting this video. Here is the configuration: Positive Connection, 1″ washer, 2″ washer 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer, Neg Connection, 1″ washer 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 2″ washer, 1″ washer, Positive Connection

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