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The demonstration / training video of Envirofit Improved Bio-mass Cookstove (2min version) in Tamil

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01 Aug 11 My Improved Norfolk and Western Freight Train

After a trip to the hobby store in Brantford and got some N&W cars to match my three SD45 diesel locomotives. I got two N&W black 60 foot boxcars made by athearn genesis. I had to place some washers in the coupler boxcars because they were too loose. I also got an athearn genesis weathered N&W boxcar to go with the train. I also needed to add washers to the car. I also got a new Golden Rail hopper cars for only bucks and two athearn genesis made BNSF hoppers cars at the end of the train. They have metal walkways on the top of the cars and they are pricey. per car vs. for the black N&W boxcars The ATAS brown hopper car I got for only from Brantford. The BN hopper car, the Southern Pacific car I got for and resp. I also found Transport corporation of America hopper car at Georges for only last weekend.
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09 Mar 11 ProPeru Improved Stove video

Video of ProPeru stoves being installed and facts about the universal nature of the problem of indoor air pollution

Watch this video reviewing the troubleshooting and replacement of a Whitfield Advantage pellet stove auger motor. You will find parts lists, owner’s and technical manuals and all parts listed for Whitfield, Quadrafire, Enviro, Breckwell, Lopi, Avalon, Earth Stove, Traditions, Country, Austroflamm, Waterford, Englander and many other pellet stove brands. You can use the handy “Self Service Guide” to find any parts you need by going to this web page. We even have a video guide to finding parts listed on this you tube channel and in the informational video section. We have been selling and servicing wood, gas and pellet stoves for over 30 years and are glad to help you with anything you need for stoves, inserts and fireplaces. You can also email us at for further assistance.
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