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30 Oct 11 AMBER FORT Jaipur, India

The stately Amber Fort is a truly impressive sight and one of the most beautiful of its kind in India. The mighty fort rises up like a staircase upon a mountain side that is located between two ranges of the Aravalli Mountains. Typical of most palaces in Rajasthan, the fort’s high and sturdy walls that are interspersed with bastions and balconies, give the impression of a castle. The Amber Palace was constructed in several stages between 1600 and 1727. After passing through a small gate, there is the impressive main gate of Surajpol, that is the entrance to a lower courtyard, Jaleb Chowk. The Jass Mandir Pavilion, with its artistically designed lattice window, is located on the terrace like roof of a private audience hall. The windows provide a welcome cool breeze during hot weather as well as a marvelous view of the surrounding scenery.
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05 Sep 11 “Benaulim, Goa” Brockandlisa’s photos around Benaulim, Goa, India (benaulim camp)

Preview of Brockandlisa’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Benaulim, Goa, India Entry Title: “Benaulim, Goa” Entry: “We have planned all along to find a place in southern India for a couple months. Benaulim was the first place we checked out and we liked it…so this is where we are staying until the end of January. A fairly quiet small village with everything we need within walking distance.” Read and see more at: Photos from this trip: 1. “-Our home away from home, we live upstairs” 2. “-Front Porch” 3. “-Living room” 4. “-Bedroom” 5. “-The Kitchen” 6. “-The Bathroom” 7. “-Lisa on the road to Downtown” 8. “-Lisa on another road to Downtown” 9. “-Downtown Benaulim” 10. “- Garbage disposal” 11. “- Things we see at the beach – Bull bath!” 12. “- Its a cows life!” 13. “- Performers” 14. “- Sunset” 15. “- Panaji – Brock and the courthouse” 16. “- Old Goa, inside one of the churches” 17. “- Lisa outside the oldest church” 18. “- again inside the church” 19. “-Brock helps a local fisherman bring in his boat” 20. “- local fishermen getting their boat ready” 21. “- fishermen mending their nets” 22. “- Brock and Aslam our beach boy” See this TripWow and more at
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Tons of sofas, love seats and recliners getting crushed into our hungry truck. Emptying the contents of a home overstuffed with furniture in Brooklyn New York during a rubbish removal project.
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04 Sep 11 Bajaj Electricals Light Up India with Oracle

Bajaj Electricals Limited At Work. The iconic India brand famous for manufacturing and trading in consumer electrical appliances and products as well as large lighting and electrical infrastructure projects, has recently undergone a major ERP implementation. This was a major integration exercise which involved replacing its core ERP with Oracle E-Business Suite, and adding the functionality and features of Siebel CRM, Oracle Business Intelligence, Demantra Demand Management and Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP), while maintaing and integrating its manufacturing JD Edwards ERP system. With the assistance of Oracle Consulting Services, this huge change management and implementation project was undertaken with a “big bang” approach and completed within just one year. Bajaj Electrical’s Executive Director R Ramakrishnan sums the project up concisely as “an awesome achievement!”. © Oracle Corporation 2009
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20 Aug 11 Biochar Sugarcane Charcoal India Briquette

Biochar Sugarcane Charcoal India Briquette
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Trail Designs created an exclusive Caldera System for us, designed to be used with the GSI Glacier Steel pot/mug. It is sold on our website at: For more info on Trail Design Caldera Stove Systems, visit
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02 Aug 11 7 Wonders of India: Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort is located in Madhya Pradesh. Its width ranges from nearly 1 km, to less than 200 m. The walls, which encircle the fort, are solid and nearly 10 m high. Situated on a sandstone precipice, which is 2.8 km long and 200-850 m wide and 91 m above the surrounding plain, the fort has been a witness to many historical battles and events – one of the most important among them being the1857 revolt, as well as the valiant death of Rani of Jhansi.
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25 Jul 11 Davide Swarup hang solo in Triund, India.

A hang solo at 3.200 mt, in Triund, India. The sun was heating up my hang but the location was so nice that I wanted to share anyway this video!! Love to all of you up there in the mountains with me;) Mina rakastan sinua:):)
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14 Jul 11 Heavy Monsoon Season Hits India

Heavy rains continue to devastate parts of north and west India, engulfing homes, inundating roads and stranding residents. Although the city of Jamnagar is used to annual monsoons, this year’s flooding is far greater than usual. [Vinubhai Dhruv, Coporator of Jamnagar]: “Jamnagar faces five to six inches of rainfall in every monsoon season. Whenvever this happens, water enters houses and completely submerges low-lying localities of the city. Due to this, locals incur huge losses as many electrical items such as television sets and refrigerators are damaged. This time, the water level in the city is gauged at seven to eight feet.” In the state of Madhya Pradesh, flood waters stranded two fishermen on a rock. They remained there for several hours as onlookers stood on the river bank. A rescue team fastened ropes from the rock to the shore. The stranded fishermen made their way back inside a tire. The monsoon season hit India in late May to start the rainy season for the country.

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ARISE manufactures and markets world-class products, which include INVERTERS, ONLINE & OFFLINE UPS SYSTEMS, BATTERIES, ELECTRIC GEYSERS, GAS GEYSERS, CFL LIGHTS, SUBMERSIBLE & MONOBLOC PUMP SETS, CEILING & VENTILATION FANS & RO SYSTEMS. Additionally, the Company markets world-class products such as WATER DISPENSERS & WATER PURIFIERS, GAS ROOM HEATERS, AIR-CONDITIONERS, MASSAGE CHAIRS, FOOT MASSAGERS, SHOULDER MASSAGERS, KITCHEN HOODS AND HOBS, ELECTRIC KETTLES and INDUCTION COOKERS, amongst other products. The Company aims to launch a wide range of consumer electrical & electronic products and appliances in the months ahead.
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17 Apr 11 ClimateCare: Biomass Burning Stoves in India

Biomass stoves save schools money and carbon: This video gives an introduction to a project promoting the use of biomass burning stoves in India. Traditionally, crop wastes in the Punjab are burnt following a harvest. Now, farmers are encouraged to gather the waste and sell it to biomass briquette producing factories. These briquettes are then used in stoves for large-scale catering as a carbon neutral fuel alternative to the expensive liquid petroleum gas, leading to more money for the farmers and biomass factories, savings for the stove owners, and less carbon in the atmosphere! Each stove saves an estimated 39 tonnes of carbon. This project won an Ashden award for sustainable energy in 2005 and is supported by ClimateCare, a world-leading carbon offsetting company (Video credit: Ashden Awards)
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02 Apr 11 Energy Efficiency in India: Challenges and Initiatives

May 13, 2010 EETD Distinguished Lecture: Ajay Mathur is Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change. As Director General of BEE, Dr. Mathur coordinates the national energy efficiency programme, including the standards and labeling programme for equipment and appliances; the energy conservation building code; the industrial energy efficiency programme, and the DSM programmes in the buildings, lighting, and municipal sectors. The Energy Conservation Act of 2001, and the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in 2008 provide the framework for initiatives to overcome the challenges that limit energy efficiency investments in India. Over the past few years, initiatives have been introduced to promote: adoption of energy efficient consumer appliances through energy labelling; design of energy-efficient commercial buildings based on an Energy Conservation Building Code; energy conservation in buildings and municipalities through performance contracting by ESCOs; market transformation towards energy efficient appliances (such as CFLs) through demand side management programmes; and enhanced focus on energy efficiency investments in industry due to energy data reporting and bench marking practices. However, there continue to be energy efficiency opportunities that remain unexploited because challenges such as higher first costs, coupled with inadequate information on energy performance of appliances
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