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22 Sep 14 Thermador trimless Freedom induction cooktop


The new trimless version of Thermador Freedom induction cooktop offers perfect integration with your kitchen countertop, thanks to its sleek, solid black surface.


The 36″ trimless version, the CIT36XKBB features the same patented technology and performance as the Thermador CIT36XKB stainless steel trimmed Freedom induction cooktop, taking induction cooking to new heights. With a natural mapping user interface, it intelligently recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries, allowing culinary enthusiasts to place pots and pans of any size and shape anywhere on the surface. The Freedom induction cooktop also offers the PowerBoost feature that boils water faster than any other technology in its class. Maintaining a spotless surface is also effortless with the cooktop, as spills and boil-overs will not scorch onto the surface, and can be wiped off with just a damp cloth. Thermador.


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24 Aug 14 Caso dual zone induction cooktop with shared power


The portable Caso induction hob, the S-Line 3500 is a dual zone induction cooktop with a maximum output of 3.5 kW. You can use left or right zone only with a maximum output of 2.1 kW. It features modern control panel with digital display, 12 power and 12 temperature levels.

Other features are 180 minute digital timer, 60°C to 240°C temperature range, automatic pan detection, overheating protection, all glass surface, all-around brushed stainless steel trim. Price for this elegant Caso dual zone induction cooktop is € 190. Previously, Caso SlimLine induction hob.


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19 Nov 13 V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob


Making your lives easier, the 77 cm wide V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob features fully automatic functions for cooking rice, for boil and simmer, and for general cooking temperatures.

You will also get preset temperatures for boiling and frying, so no longer will you stand over your induction hob, trying to figure out the right cooking parameters, watch the food like a hawk and worry about overcooking. Simply pick the program you want, prepare the food, then put it on the hob and walk away. The V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob will do the rest. Also see V-ZUG MaxiFlex induction hob.

This 4-zone hob also comes with RiceControl function, where an acoustic signal informs you when the rice is ready to serve. The function serves the best when you cook various types of rice that do not need to be stirred. The other 2 control features are TemperatureControl and CookingControl.

The former is best suited for cooking several portions of omelet, meatballs similar dishes – the hob stores the ideal temperature and calls it up again in an instant for every new portion, so you prepare evenly browned and perfectly cooked portions.

The latter informs you when is the best time to add the food, using an acoustic signal to indicate when the food should be put in the pan – perfect for frequently prepared side dishes like pasta, vegetables or boiled potatoes.

Other key elements include Powerplus, slider controls, timer, automatic shut-off, automatic warm-up function, Pause button, cleaning lock, Restore function. V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob. The GK46TIAKS is available flush fit, as a faceted glass or stainless steel edge profile. Seen in stores for around 2,100 CHF. V-ZUG. Previously, V-ZUG induction cooktops.


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15 Sep 13 Dacor Renaissance induction cooktops


These efficient, eco friendly Renaissance Induction cooktops from Dacor use 90% of the energy they generate for cooking. The stylish 36″ and 30″ induction cooktops offer a perfect combination of advanced engineering, craftsmanship, performance and precise control. The new Dacor Renaissance induction cooktops are equipped with SenseTech Induction Technology to automatically detect the presence and size of your cookware.

It matches energy transference with no residual heat loss, keeping cookware handles and the kitchen cooler. Unlike traditional cooking surfaces that heat up and stay hot long after the meal has been prepared, the glass-ceramic surface of the Dacor induction cooktop retains only the lingering heat from the cookware and that heat dissipates rapidly when the pan is removed. Better yet, induction cooks faster than gas or Dacor electric cooktops.


The Dacor Renaissance induction cooktops is the perfect choice for the modern, energy efficient kitchen. Designed and manufactured in California, the 36″ induction cooktop with 5 cooking zones and the 4-zone 30″ cooktop are available in black ceramic glass. They feature precise, touch-sensitive electronic controls with a power setting for every cooking need, from warming and melting chocolate to stir-frying or bringing water to a rapid boil.


The key elements of the new Renaissance induction cooktops by Dacor are,
– Intelligent Burner Layout to maximize cooking convenience by enabling larger pans to be within easy reach
– Power Boost to bring large quantities of food to cooking temperature faster by increasing the induction element power
– SenseTech Induction Technology to automatically detect the presence and size of your cookware and match energy transference with no residual heat loss, it turns off automatically within 30 seconds if no pan is detected or if a non-conductive pan is present
– Residual Heat Indicator Light to illuminate for safety when the corresponding cooking zone retains residual heat from the cookware, heat will dissipate rapidly when the pan is removed

The 5-zone RNCT365B induction cooktop zone wattage / power boost wattage,
– two 8″ elements with 1.85 kW / 2.50 kW
– one 11″ element with 2.40 kW / 3.70 kW
– one 7″ element with 1.40 kW / 1.80 kW
– one 9″ element with 2.30 kW / 3.20 kW

The 4-zone RNCT304B induction cooktop zone wattage / power boost wattage,
– two 8″ elements with 1.85 kW / 2.50 kW
– one 7″ element with 1.40 kW / 1.80 kW
– one 9″ element with 2.30 kW / 3.20 kW


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06 Jun 13 Dacor induction range cooker


Manufactured in California, the new Renaissance 30″ induction range from Dacor blends sophisticated styling, advanced engineering, quality craftsmanship and robust cooking performance, reflecting the needs and life styles of the most demanding homeowners of today. This very functional induction range offers induction cooking surface, Dacor unique Four-Part Pure Convection oven, a glass touch control panel with the choice of handles and stainless steel exterior.

The Renaissance induction range joins the two recently introduced Dacor ranges, the 30 inch Distinctive gas range and 30 inch Distinctive electric range. The new Dacor range comes in 4 slide-in and 2 freestanding models,
– RR30NIS and RR30NIFS slide-in ranges are compatible with the 30 inch wide Dacor ERV3015 Renaissance Epicure raised ventilation
– RR30NIS and RR30NIFS slide-in models for slide-in or island configurations that come with 3.25″ side panels
– RR30NS and RR30NFS freestanding ranges that come with a 6″ backguard and full-depth side panels

The 30 wide induction rangetop features 4 induction SimmerSear zones for powerful and precise heat distribution, including two 7.75″ zones 2.80 kW each, and a pair of 5.5″ induction elements 2.20 kW each. Other main rangetop characteristics are,
– 11 power settings in each zone for a wide range of temperature control
– 3 preset options to instantly switch between melt, simmer or sear
– SenseTech induction technology to automatically detect the presence and size of the cookware
– Auto Switch off within 30 seconds if no pan is detected or a non-conductive pan is present

The self-clean 4.8 cu.ft. oven has Dacor exclusive Four-Part Pure Convection System, which consists of the 2.20 kW convection element, baffle, fan and filter, allowing you to cook with hot air for even and consistent cooking without hotspots as well cook multiple dishes without flavor transfer. It is also equipped with 3.10 kW broil element and 2.50 kW hidden bake element. The large oven has two 7-position GlideRacks and you can cook two 20 pound turkeys in just 2.5 hours. Choose from 6 cooking modes – Pure Convection, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Bake and Broil.

The Dacor Renaissance induction range cooker comes with easy to use angled glass touch control panel, featuring Delay Timed Cooking, Automatic Hold, clock, 2 timers and 10 key touch pad. In addition, the oven GreenClean steam-cleaning technology cleans light oven build-up in 30 minutes without the use of high heat or harsh chemicals. Other key elements include digital temperature probe, safety lock feature to disable control panel keys when the oven is not in use, residual heat indicator lights, clear tempered glass oven window, halogen lighting and Sabbath Mode. Price is around ,300. Dacor.


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05 Dec 12 All glass cooktop – Eisinger Profi-Line induction hob


This is something the industry has never seen before – the induction hob made entirely of glass. The EIK 870 T from Eisinger comes with particularly innovative integrated operating elements as they allow you to control the Profi-Line table top hood conveniently via the hob.

The all glass panorama induction hob is designed to support the best possible extraction performance. This unique flush-fitting hob has 4 cooking zones ranging from a universal zone to a 16cm diameter hob for smaller pans. The possibilities are virtually endless. The 3-piece set of pots from WMF Switzerland comprises a 16cm and 18cm saucepan with handle and lid and a 20cm casserole pan with lid. You can order your set free of charge together with your induction hob. All Eisinger cooker hoods are operable via remote control. This world first is ideal for those who want the cooker hood to disappear and kitchen odours to vanish nonetheless.

Key features of this all glass cooktop include residual heat indicator, child lock, timer, overheating protection, safety shutdown, Keep Warm function, pause function, combined function, touch control panel. Eisinger.


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07 Nov 12 OTTO coffee maker and its induction cooktop


You can now buy OTTO 240 volt, specifically developed induction cooktop for AU5. The 110 volt US version will be available somewhere in the middle of 2013. The US customers can buy the OTTO espresso maker now and use gas while waiting for the induction hob. The shipping to the USA is AU5. OTTO itself sells for AU0.


The best position for a gas flame is within 1.25″ radius of the OTTO center. Focusing heat as close to the center of the boiler as possible delivers the best results.


OTTO brewing system is completely sealed and is independent of the body, with steam and water passing freely between the body and brewing system, and occasionally exiting between the head, boiler and body. It is normal for water to pass between the body and the boiler at OTTO base. This is avoidable by filling the boiler accurately.


All the vital internal components of OTTO coffee maker as well as the body and coffee jug are made of stainless steel, save its steam assembly which is a precisely machined brass.


Other key features of OTTO induction cooktop are,
– a built in alert, sounding at the start of the extraction
– touchscreen controls
– an automatic power cut out
– 5 independent heat settings, ideal for suitable kettles and cookware
– small A4 page sized footprint


You can buy OTTO induction hob here. The shipping rates are here. And here is the OTTO itself.


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30 May 12 30″ induction range cooker by ILVE


The high performance, high style Italian range cookers by ILVE are now readily available for the North American consumers. This energy-efficient 30″ induction range cooker has digital clock and timer, full width warming drawer, triple-layer glass heat-insulated door, high-density glass-wool panels for heat retention and sealed glass induction rangetop.

The induction range cooker features 4 powerful induction zones with Boost function, providing unmatched flexibility and control – 1.85 to 2.50 kW left front and rear elements, 1.40 to 1.89 kW right front element and 2.3 to 3.20 kW right rear induction zone. Other key elements of the rangetop are electronic ignition, pot sensor, child safety lock, and overheating protection.

The 3.0 cu. ft convection oven saves you preheating time, and comes with 3.20 kW bake element and 2.50 kW broiler, so you can enjoy Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Grill Baking and Baking. As a factory only installed optional accessory, you can get a full width rotisserie. EuroChef.


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12 Mar 12 Samsung portable induction hob


The new portable induction cooking hob from Samsung is a sleek and space saving kitchen appliance. This tabletop cooktop is the world first colour portable induction hob, available in Capri Blue, Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black and Cream White. You can cook meals with ease regardless of where you are.


The portable induction hob has a sleek, slim design and rounded shape to give it an easy grip. The hob comes equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring a unique iPod-like groove touch wheel that allows you to change power levels by drawing a circle on the hob with your finger.


The portable induction hob boasts a range of innovative and user friendly features to help with the cooking, including pan detection technology, a safety system with anti-overflow functions, boost function, a safety shut-off feature, residual heat indication, a child safety lock, 15 power levels, auto water boiling and Keep Warm functions. Price is around € 290. Samsung.


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24 Oct 11 Home made induction heater. We have 3kW! :)

Testing home made induction heater in a bit more power. Reached 3kW in peak (not in the movie). Problems with cooling: when water in bowl reached 70C it begins to boil in the coil. So it was emergency shutdown. I want to reach such power level to melt this damn hex nut. My home power line is 230V one phase. To complete the test i need 3F power and more amperes. See in the movie that there is voltage drob at higher currents. More info at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center, Dryden Flight Research Center NASA’s high-risk, high-payoff Hyper-X Program is ready to attempt its greatest challenge yet – flying a “scramjet”-powered X-43A research vehicle at nearly 10 times the speed of sound. Officials have set Nov. 15 or 16 for the flight, which will take place in restricted US Naval airspace over the Pacific Ocean northwest of Los Angeles. This will be the last and, by far, the fastest of three unpiloted flight tests designed to explore an intriguing alternative to rocket power for space access vehicles. Supersonic combustion ramjets – or scramjets – promise more airplane-like operations for increased affordability, flexibility and safety for ultra high-speed flights within the atmosphere and for the first stage to Earth orbit. The scramjet advantage is that, once they are accelerated to about Mach 4 (four times the speed of sound) by a conventional jet airplane engine, it is believed that they can be flown in the atmosphere up to about Mach 15 without having to carry heavy oxygen tanks as rockets must. Also, rockets tend to produce full thrust or nearly full thrust all the time; scramjets can be throttled back and flown more like an airplane. The scramjet concept is simple: Accelerate the vehicle to about Mach 4 by a conventional jet engine, then start the scramjet engine (which has few or no moving parts) by introducing fuel and mixing it with oxygen obtained from the air and compressed for
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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