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01 Jul 14 Spartherm Magic fireplace insert


The new Spartherm Magic fireplace insert features 270° panoramic glass window so you can enjoy the flames from anywhere in the room.


You can install the gas exhaust from either the rear or the top of the fireplace. The rear fuel door and the remotely operated combustion chamber that rotates 180° allow for an easy access. You can install the Magic as wall-mounted, freestanding or as a room partitioning wall fireplace. Spartherm.


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17 Mar 13 Orved drawer insert vacuum packing machine


Orved Family Cuisson Insert vacuum packing machine comes with a 4 mc/h pump, offering a new and patented technical innovation for your modern kitchen. This chamber styled vacuum packer fits into a standard 36cm tall drawer. By sucking the air from packing bag, Orved Cuisson prevents the proliferation of molds and bacteria that shorten life of the foodstuffs under regular storage conditions.


The vacuum packing machine from Orved ensures perfect aromas, flavours and colors, and maintains vitamins, proteins and minerals – all while keeping texture and natural characteristics of the foods for a long period of time.



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31 May 11 Rangecraft UVCM Series 46″ W x 20″ D x 16″ H Ceiling Mounted Universal Insert —
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25 May 11 Rangecraft 40″ x 15″ wall mounted universal insert —
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22 May 11 Rangecraft UVWM Series 58″ W x 15″ D x 14″ H Wall Mounted Universal Insert, 1200 CFM —

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17 May 11 Insert Woodburning & Multifuel Stoves

Inset Woodburning & Multifuel stoves by Hwam & Nestor Martin The Open Fire Centre Yorkshire St Oldham Manchester Lancashire bordering Cheshire Derbyshire
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Part 2 of the REEPRO training video on the construction of an rocket stove, a efficient cook stove using 70% less wood than open fire. Video with detailed construction instructions. Please see part 1 here: The REEPRO project receives funding from the European Commission within the COOPENER Programme. The sole responsibility for the content of this videao lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Communities. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. The construction costs of this stove are about 1 USD in the Lao PDR. Produced in the frame of the IEE funded REEPRO project
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25 Apr 11 GE Monogram 46-1/2″ wide custom wood hood insert —
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28 Mar 11 Rangecraft 52″ Wall Mounted 600 CFMUniversal Range Hood Insert —
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