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22 Nov 11 HeaterZone com – Heater Cable Installation On Your Roof presents a “how-to” install heater cable on your roof for snow melting, roof de-icing, and and ice dam prevention. The video goes through the steps of calculating the amount of heater cable required for your project, the layout and design of the heater cable, and finally the installation.
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We all want to have hot water when we are RVing, but not too hot. Many RVs come with a fixed water heater thermostat set on 1400F and that is just too hot for many people. If this is the case for you, watch Stew Oleson find out the solution: to exchange the fixed thermostat for an adjustable one so you can lower the temperature to where you find it comfortable.
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13 Nov 11 Fujitsu ductless split air conditioner & heat pump installation

Fujitsu ductless split air conditioning system installed in 130 years old house in NJ, Seven indoor units (ducted concealed ceiling) installed in the attic to preserve same old look in the house, each room individually controlled, System provide heating and cooling (heat pump) all year round comfort,
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13 Nov 11 SKProTool Concrete Anchor Installation Tool

The first tool on the market designed to help professional plumbers, carpenters and HVAC contractors install anchors into concrete, masonry and brick. This revolutionary tool cuts the installation process by 300% and significantly reduces the risk of injury or damage to material.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 In this HD video you can see and hear the new Lennox SLP98V gas furnace go through its start up and operating sequence, including the transition from burning gas to using the heat pump. This unit is equipped with the new iComfort controls.
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04 Nov 11 Ultimate Portable Ice Fishing House Build Series: The Art of Hyfax Runner/Glides Installation

Installing Hyfax runners is probably the toughest and miss understood steps in building these Cadillac fashioned portable fish house. Watch as Shackbash (from guides, or should I say ‘slides’, your way to an easy installation of Hyfax runner glides on your new extreme portable build. This video includes all the need “little” details you will be needing answers for when it comes to installing Hyfax runners on your fishhouse. Mega Tip Number One: Note the drill bit Shack is using and the size he details within the video. No heat guns need, no blow dryers to plugin, no mess, no injury, no hassles and of course no worries, just fit and finish, looking smooth and cool and done correctly. Sit back as we help you get on the ice or into ice fishing here in Minnesota or the Midwest.
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25 Oct 11 Facts about Geothermal Explained – Installation NY CT NJ PA

Enhanced Geothermal TOTAL GREEN – Engineer, Design & Install residential and commercial heating and cooling NY, CT, NJ, PA 845.774.8484 2 min 30 sec
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16 Oct 11 Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Installation Video

Learn how to easily install the Quiet Cool whole house fans in your home. Save money and energy on your air conditioning bill.
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A boat ride along the Brunei River and into Kampong Ayer (Water Village) with glimpses of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque undergoing a face lift and the Sultan of Brunei’s main palace of residence, Istana Nurul Iman. From Wikipedia “From a distance the water village looks like a slum. It actually enjoys modern amenities including air conditioning, satellite television, Internet access, plumbing, and electricity. Some of the residents keep potted plants and chickens”. Good ol’ wiki. Music: ‘Letting Go’ by Nitin Sawhney (Beyond Skin – 1999)

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15 Oct 11 SOLARHOT SolVelox Installation – Old Model

How to install a SolVelox solar hot water pump station on a standard electric water tank.
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10 Oct 11 JetSolar SS20 solar pool heater installation ground mount

Installation demo of how to install JetSolar SS20 solar pool heaters. Frame assembly and tube installation are covered.

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04 Oct 11 Plumber, Gas Line Installation in Indianapolis IN 46217

IGW specializes in service and installation of natural gas lines. There are many applications that IGW runs gas lines for. Some of these applications are gas fireplaces, water heaters, ranges, barbecue grills, landscape lighting, firepits and garage heaters. IGW also specializes in service of gas fireplaces and barbecue grills.

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03 Oct 11 Mr. Slim eight zones split Air conditioner installation in NYC

Mitsubishi 8 zones heat pump provide heating and cooling from one device. Split-ductless air conditioning heat pump has been the primary solution for cooling and heating interior space. Mr. slim eight zone ductless split system has three main components: indoor units, an outdoor unit and controllers. Installation is easy as 1, 2, and 3, Mounting the indoor units and outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant lines to branch box and making a few electrical connections., An easy installation for eight zones system means you will be quickly enjoying the comfort Mr. slim provide
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