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25 Dec 14 Siemens iQ700 steam oven


The new ‘A+’ energy rated Siemens iQ700 CS658GRW1 steam oven belongs to the Siemens iQ700 line and comes with innovative Home Connect iOS app.


The 47 liter compact steam oven has 15 cooking functions including 4D hot air, hot air Eco, top & bottom heat, top & bottom heat Eco, fan grill system, full width grill, small area grill, pizza setting, frozen special, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking, preheat, drying and keeping warm. In addition to those, the Siemens CS658GRW1 features 4 steam heating modes – steam cooking, regeneration, fermenting and, thawing. See Siemens iQ 700 multi function oven.

Other characteristics are TFT touch display plus for easy readability and intuitive operation, rapid heating, external steam generation, 30°C to 250°C temperature range, LED interior lighting, clock, timer, empty water tank indicator, descaling and auto cleaning cycles. This Siemens iQ700 steam oven will be available early in 2015 with suggested price of € 2,318. Siemens.


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16 Nov 14 Siemens iQ700 French Door fridge freezer


This innovative French Door design of Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer offers many functional benefits and also looks very cool. With its expressive eye catching linear design the iQ700 French Door refrigerator is a real attention getter.


Its impressively orderly interior shows ingenious use of space and includes technical features that are simply state-of-the-art – Siemens vitaFresh keeps food fresh 3 times as long, the iceTwister delivers a constant supply of ice cubes and noFrost means never having to defrost again.

The French doors with solid, vertical bar handles on top, 2 drawers with integrated horizontal handles on the bottom deliver the smartly planned space allocation The new Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer is available with fronts in frameless black glass or high-quality stainless steel, offering a truly distinctive mark on your kitchen.

The iQ700 fridge freezer has 5 very clear benefits for better storage conditions. The doors need less space to open, ideal for tight spaces or small kitchens. Second, in spite of the divided doors, the interior is a single contiguous space with room for platters and other large items. The third benefit is that the entire refrigerator compartment is in an ergonomically accessible position, so foods that are frequently needed are at eye level and easy to find. On the other hand, frozen foods are stored for the long term in the 2 drawers at the bottom, which and that brings the fourth, can be conveniently filled and emptied from above. Last but not least, the French doors save energy – often only one side needs to be opened, so less cold air can escape.

The proprietary Siemens cooling system also meets the highest standards. With vitaFresh, the iQ700 uses technology from professional refrigeration facilities. It extends the storage time for all foods by cooling them almost to the freezing point. A dry climate zone keeps fish, meat and soft cheeses fresh much longer at just over 0°C. In the vitaFresh Dew Point zone with its high humidity, salads and most fruits and vegetables retain their vitamins, nutrients and fresh appearance much longer. That saves time for the owners of Siemens French Door refrigerators as they can shop less often.

Other convenient extras include the long lasting and energy efficient LED interior lighting and the iceTwister integrated in the freezer section. And thanks to noFrost, no unwanted frost can form on the walls or the stored food, so defrosting can be struck from the list of unloved household chores. Available spring 2015 in 2 models – Siemens KM40FAI20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with stainless steel front and Siemens KM40FSB20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with black glass front. Siemens.


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