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02 Aug 11 Excel Magic Trick #13: SUM or COUNT only certain items! SUMIF COUNTIF functions

See how to use the SUMIF and COUNTIF functions to add and count given a certain condition. With this trick you can add only the sales for the salesperson Tina — or count them! Also, see the super fast keyboard shortcut for naming multiple ranges. Count words text based on a Condition. Count words text based on criteria. SUM Values based on a Condition. SUM Values based on criteria.
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07 Jun 11 Robot unloads items from a dishwasher.

This video shows STAIR (STanford Artificial Intelligent Robot) unloading items from a dishwasher autonomously. Using machine learning algorithms, the robot is able to understand the image, and pick up objects—even the ones that were not seen before. This video is 3-x speed. More details at:
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21 Apr 11 How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances, Pots, Pans or Other Items. Depending on what it is you are trying to get off of stainless steel there are several different techniques you can use to clean it. This video demonstrates the three best ways to clean any stainless steel item or appliance.

Before you purchase that next rangehood for your kitchen, you should consider these four important factors – suction, noise, lighting and aesthetic appeal. In this video, Rob Sinclair from E&S Trading takes you through the different styles of rangehoods currently on the market. To watch Part 2 of these videos, click: For more visit:
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