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06 Nov 11 james douglas zeroing airgun scope

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02 Sep 11 Laguna Hills CA James J. Marx Plumbing

Sudden clog? Or considering a new sink? Either way, call James J. Marx Plumbing. Serving California’s Orange County, Marx and his crew of certified technicians can replace your water heater, unclog your drain, remodel and repipe your bathroom, inspect your sewer and more PLUS they can do it 24/7 and they’ll clean up after themselves when done. Visit us
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At the IBS in Vegas, Amy looks at an energy-saving water heater heat pump. Thisvideo is part of This New House show hosted by Amy Matthews . SHOW DESCRIPTION :In This New House, a new magazine-style series on DIY Network, co-hosts Amy Matthews and This Old House’s Kevin O’Connor bring viewers inside homes across the US that feature innovative building materials, techniques and gadgets. The best part: Kevin and Amy demonstrate how homeowners can make their homes smarter with the touch of their do-it-yourself buttons.
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