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21 Nov 11 JOKHANG Tibet

Smoke from numerous sacrificial stoves fill the streets and squares of the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in the Trans-Himalayan Mountains. This City Of The Gods well deserves its lofty reputation. Its not only the political, cultural and economic centre of Tibet, it also has a religious heart. Barkhor Road is 800 metres long and encircles the Jokhang Temple, as well as nearby Tsuklakhang Square. The aroma of juniper rises from the sacrificial stoves placed along the sacred road. Traditional prayer flags billow in the breeze. Jokhang Temple has a mystic atmosphere and contains many images of daily religious life in Lhasa and was built as a shrine for a unique Buddha statue. The temple is still, more than 1300 years after its foundation, a much worshipped national sanctuary as well as a vibrant centre of Buddhism in Tibet and the revered home of the Dalai Lama.

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