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28 Oct 11 Rear Loader

Rear Loader
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13 Aug 11 Blanco front loader

This machine is i think a Beko in Blanco clothing. Blanco manufacture a range of stoves and dishwashers. It works on the same principal as a european Beko. Its another of my friends machines NOT a replacement for the whirlpool. Please excuse noisy friends.

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29 Jun 11 Curbside Pickup – Front Loader Garbage Truck

I started getting my garbage picked up in 2005 with these frontloaders with a carry can in front. Only one operator needed with this setup, instead of 2 or 3 persons with a rear loader garbage truck. This is a McNeilus Front Loader, and it looks like an Atlantic Series, truck.
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01 Apr 11 The CAT & The Rear Loader

Green Waste Management
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21 Mar 11 My Laundry in the Front Loader Washers

My laundry in the front loaders at the laundromat.
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Using a Fabric Softener option provides more water during rinse to properly distribute fabric softener. Learn more tips at
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