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08 Mar 14 Ariete Look & Toast toaster


The Look & Toast is the Ariete toaster with a transparent window that lets you see the colour of your toast any time. Bread is toasted gradually and evenly with halogen lamps. If you don’t like the toasts, the thermostat can be adjusted to the required level. The automatic switch off and slice eject system prevent any chance of burning.


The 900 Watt Ariete Look & Toast toaster also has defrost, heat and bagel functions. Other features of the dual slice Ariete toaster include timer, heating function, reset control, crumb tray. Price is around € 50. Ariete.


Toaster Brunch and Toast Time toaster
Russell Hobbs Easy toaster
Grundig modern toaster, White or Black Sense


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18 Nov 11 Make-Up Atelier Paris: Make Up Tutorial – Moulin Rouge Look

Make-Up Atelier Paris on Facebook: Maquillage par Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formations professionnelles en Beauté & Mode, Maquillages Artistiques, Télé, Cinéma & Théâtre, Effets Spéciaux & Prothèses. Adresse: 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Téléphone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 Pour plus d’informations: Make up by Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Make-up formations for Beauty & Fashion, TV, Cinema & Theater, Special effects & Prosthetic Appliances. Address 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Phone number: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 More information: Maquiagem por Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formações para profissionais em Beleza & Moda, Maquiagem Artística, Tv, Cinema & Teatro, Efeitos Especiais & Próteses. Endereço 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Telefone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Oct 11 New Look for New World


New World has injected some vibrant colour into the kitchen with the introduction of an eye catching new Colours Collection of built-in ovens. Available across a choice of sizes and fuel types, the Colours Collection features a range of single and double built-in ovens which contrast black glass with a brightly coloured trim available in metallic purple, blue, green, red, and for those looking for something extra special, an ultra-shiny chrome finish. The new design ovens are also available with the more traditional finishes of white, black and stainless steel.

The collection comprises of the NW601F, an ‘A’ rated single 60cm single electric fanned oven with electric fanned grill, defrost function and drop down door or, for the keen baker looking for a trade-up, the fully programmable NW601FP.


For those looking for additional capacity, New World offers the NW701DO, a 70cm electric double oven which can be built-in or under. ‘AA’ rated for energy efficiency, the double oven features a fanned electric oven, a top conventional oven, dual circuit grill and drop down doors. Alternatively, regular entertainers or large families may wish to choose the NW901DO double oven, which at 90cm offers even more cooking capacity and creative space.

Chefs who prefer to cook on gas have also been well catered for with the launch of the 60cm gas single oven NW601G which comes with an electric grill. Like the electric models, consumers have the option to go bigger, choosing from the 70cm NW701G with separate gas grill, or the 90cm NW901G built-in gas double oven with gas grill. New World.


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09 Aug 11 The Bushcooker A First Look

I got the Bushcooker last Friday and was able to take it out for a spin. So here you go the Bushcooker, Bush Buddy Ultra and The Honey Stove.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Jul 11 HVAC A look at my goodman AC unit and my honeywell 4000 thermostat

I was bored as hell so I wanted to make a video of my goodman and honeywell thermostat
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. installing a new hybrid heat system.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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03 Jul 11 Youtube Poop: Does that look like help to you?

Learn life lessons the hard way – the SONIC way.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Erst waschen und dann Trocknen in den beiden Trocknern die nu wieder gehen ————————————– First washing, then drying in my 2 tumble dryers

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19 Jun 11 A closer look at the Sogang University Dormitories

***UPDATE*** As of Spring Semester 2009, all foreign exchange students will be placed in the newly constructed dormitory, not the Bellarmino Dormitory, which is shown in this video. Before I came to Sogang, I couldn’t find any decent pictures of the dormitories. Now that I’m here, I can tell you that they are very very small. There is virtually no storage space for your clothing, you are not supposed to flush toilet paper (you are supposed to instead put the used toilet paper in a trash can next to the toilet) and men can not go onto the womens floor – not even in the break area. **Not shown is the break area, which has a couch or two, a table, microwave, sink, TV and ironing board. On the plus side, the dorms are relatively inexpensive (about 00 USD per semester) it’s close to campus, and each floor has a washer and a dryer – dryers are not common in Korea.

Tyler, Texas is a city of about 100000 people in East Texas. This store opened just before Thanksgiving 2009. It is a Huebsch store with the new Galaxy 600 high speed extract washers. It has the top end Card Concepts mag-stripe card system. There is 1-Huebsch 80-pound washer, 4Huebsch 60 pound washers, 7-Huebsch 40 pound washers, 7-Huebsch 30 pound washers & 16 Huebsch Horizon 20 pound front load washers. There are 8-45 pound Huebsch stack dryers with 8-30 pound Huebsch stack dryers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Jul 10 What To Look For When Buying a New Oven

What To Look For When Buying a New Oven

An oven is one of the most common kitchen appliance that is used in various forms of cooking, such as the following:


Ovens are generally grouped into 2 common kinds: gas ovens and electric ovens. Then there are also microwave ovens (uses microwave radiation to cook or heat food) and convection ovens (uses a circulating fan to move hot air around the food inside the oven).

With this range of choices, not to mention the variety of features and designs available in ovens, shopping for one can be a difficult task. Below are some guidelines that you need to consider – helpful hints that will help you buy the right oven.

1. The location. Whether ‘freestanding’ (set in a range) or ‘built-in’ in walls (known as wall ovens), make sure that you measure the size of the oven against the location where you plan to have it installed. The location should not only have enough space; it should also be sturdy enough to support the unit.

2. The capacity. The “actual” size of the oven is defined by its capacity. The oven capacity refers to the amount of food or the size of the container that it can hold. The ‘size’, therefore, that you need to consider when buying an oven is the size of its interior (the cavity). Note that some ovens seem large on the outside but are actually smaller inside.

There are many things to consider when deciding on a particular oven capacity to buy. Some of them are the following:

Family size:

The amount of food you need to cook at one time (i.e., the oven capacity) depends on the number of people in your family. Below are some of the recommended oven capacity (in liters) for various family sizes (denoted by the number of members):

2 members – less than 29 liters
4 members – 20 to 29 liters
6 members – more than 30 liters


The oven capacity should also depend on how you intend to use the oven. An oven that will be used for actual and all types of cooking will naturally require a higher capacity than that which shall be used as a mere supplement (such as defrosting or reheating food).


Make sure that the dishes (such as baking sheet, pan, and other cookware) that you regularly use will fit comfortably (and circulate freely) inside the oven.

3. The controls.

The control panel is where you manage and control the functions and operations of your oven, which can be any of the following:

Analog – mechanical switches that use knobs. Are less expensive but more durable; can also be less precise, since everything is set manually.
Digital – electronically-controlled push buttons. The most common nowadays, they can be more expensive and less durable; but they have more accurate and precise settings, since everything is set automatically.

Different ovens have various (and sometimes complicated) control panels, but all of them generally include these basic components:

Clock or timer displays – properly sets the length of time for cooking
Temperature settings – allows you to set the temperature for cooking.
Thermostat – senses and maintains a set temperature to stop or further the flow of heat. This prevents an overcooked food and an overheated oven.
Oven light – enables you to see the interior of the oven to check the status of the food the you are cooking.

4. Additional components. Some ovens may come with additional components, such as the following:

Oven rack – allows you to place more than one dish in the oven at the same time; should be thick and durable.
Rotisserie – a removable grill with a turning spit; for better and uniform grilling.

5. The add-on features. In addition to the basic functions, most ovens today are designed with additional (and advanced) features, some of which are as follows:

Clear-view window – it enables you to watch the cooking process without having to open the door.
Self-cleaning option – found at the control panel, pushing this button enables the oven to clean itself.
Lockout feature – can be a button in the control panel or a door lock switch, it prevents misuse or unintended and accidental operations, especially when cleaning the control panel or when there are children in the house.

6. The price. Of course, everything is greatly affected by the price, so it is important for you to set the amount that you would like to spend.

With these guidelines, you will surely be able to find the oven that is perfect for your money’s worth.

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