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12 Nov 15 Neff built-in coffee machine


The appearance of this Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is quite purist and characterized by the use of blackened glass and stainless steel. A high-resolution TFT display with ShiftControl offers a high degree of operating convenience. The lighting of buttons and coffee outlet as well as the concealed yet easily accessible containers for water, milk and coffee beans, allows for convenient operation. You have one-touch function for personalized milk mix beverage, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato and white coffee.

Neff also equips this built-in coffee machine with aromaDouble Shot for extra strong coffee without compromise in aroma and innovative sensoFlow heating system. You also have 3 grades of adjustable temperatures for coffee and 4 for hot water, making sure that your favourite drink is ready at the perfect temperature. See Siemens built-in coffee machine.

The machine lets you store 8 favourite beverages, prepare 2 cups simultaneously for all coffee varieties and its premium ceramic grinder automatically adjusts to bean variety. Other key features of this built-in fully automatic coffee machine are,

-19 bar pressure pump
– separate container for pre-ground coffee
– sully-automatic steam blast to clean the milk system after every beverage
– automatic quick rinse program when switched on or off
– removable drip tray including container for coffee grounds
– fully automatic descaling & cleaning program

Price for Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is around € 2,400. Neff.


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10 Nov 15 Siemens AvantGarde washing machine


The new Siemens AvantGarde washing machine, the WM14U640 is the touch operated tumble washer with the LED display. The most striking feature of the new Siemens washing machine is the 25° angled black screen for improved readability and ergonomics. Together with the wide black-rimmed porthole, the screen creates a coherent, very modern look.

The washer comes with Siemens proprietary i-Dos measuring system that dispenses the precise dose of detergent, based on the water hardness, load size, type and degree of soiling. This also saves water and energy. Price is around € 1,400. Siemens.


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02 Oct 15 Indesit MyTime washing machine


MyTime is the innovative washing machine from Indesitand is the first washer on the market with 6 Fast washing cycles for everyday use that are completed in less than 59 minutes.

The ‘A +++ -10%’ rated Indesit washing machine is equipped with the advanced Water Balance Plus technology that has a special sensor to measure the weight of textile in order to precisely regulate the flow of water. For small wash loads, the savings are quite high – more than 70% water, 50% energy and 35% more time.

The MyTime is available in 6 kg, 7 kg and 8 kg load models and features intuitive control panel for ease of use. Price ranges from € 410 to € 500. Indesit. Previously, Indesit Moon washing machine.


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03 Apr 15 AEG Magia Espresso machine


The new AEG Magia Espresso machine delivers strong and delicious coffee in compact form. This stylish espresso machine means you can create barista style coffee in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you need a quick cup for those early mornings, this machine gives you three coffee choices and two temperature settings, plus quickly delivers your morning pick me up without compromising on quality.

The Magia uses the Lavazza A Modo A Mio capsules, the No.1 coffee in Italy, for that authentic Italian coffee shop taste. Available in 3 stunning colours, whether you would like to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or complement your existing cabinetry, there is an AEG Magia perfectly suited for every kitchen.

AEG Magia Espresso Machine features 9 minute auto shut off function, Thermoblock Technology for optimum coffee temperature, dishwasher proof stainless steel drip tray and capsule compartments, one litre water tank, 10 capacity used capsule holder, 3 coffee recipes including espresso, espresso lungo and caffe crema, Favourite cup program, 15-bar pump pressure, height adjustable drip tray for different cup sizes and 2 different coffee temperature settings. Price is £130. Comes in Ebony Black, Rubin Red and Latte Cream.


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31 Mar 15 AEG Fantasia Lavazza cappuccino machine


AEG Fantasia Lavazza cappuccino machine is the perfect coffee maker designed for cappuccino and latte lovers. Yopu can now create authentic coffee shop cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your home. The AEG Fantasia makes frothy cappuccinos and lattes using the AEG steam and whisk system to ensure your milk reaches your desired foam texture.

Plus, a cold milk frothing setting means that you can make cold & ice coffees as well. Program your favourite cup mode so that your drink is ready quickly, and with a cooler espresso temperature and hotter café crema setting, you can ensure that you have your perfect creamy coffee every time. See AEG Magia Espresso machine.

The Fantasia uses the Lavazza A Modo A Mio capsules the No.1 coffee in Italy for that authentic Italian coffee shop taste. AEG Fantasia cappuccino machine comes with the 9 minute auto shut off function, Thermoblock Technology for optimum coffee temperature, 3 milk recipes including cappuccino, large cappuccino and latte, milk froth selector, large water tank, used capsule holder, adjustable drip tray and descaling alert. Available in 3 colours, Ebony Black, Rubin Red, and Latte Cream. Price is £170. AEG.


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06 Dec 14 Ariete Pastamatic machine, 1950 Edition ultimate pasta maker


This is your authentic Italian pasta maker that would satisfy the most demanding past lovers. The automatic Pastamatic machine from Ariete is a practical and simple to use must-have for every pasta enthusiast.


First, you prepare the dough, then the 1950 Edition pasta maker does the rest. You need water, flour, fresh eggs and spices, and within minutes, the machine prepares your favourite type of pasta. With 6 different attachments and a special disc you can make every type of pasta as well as professional grade cookies and tarts. Ariete.


Pastamatic Gourmet 1950 Edition kitchen machine with glass blender
Ariete Pastamatic Gourmet kitchen machine, 1950 Edition





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09 Sep 14 Philips Avance kitchen machine


Made of the highest quality materials with the pivoting agitator arm and a powerful 900 Watt motor, the Philips Avance HR7958 kitchen machine comes with a range of accessories to help you prepare cakes, breads, pizza dough, cookies, smoothies, salad, soups and more in no time.


The stylish, retro looking 6-in-1 Philips Avance kitchen machine features 7 speeds, pulse function and advanced planetary stirring system that rotates in a unique back and forth motion. The stirrer rotates with a slight offset to the central axis of the bowl, reaching throughout the bowl, so the ingredients are very thoroughly mixed.


The 4-liter metal bowl of this kitchen machine handles the largest processing tasks. The metal handle and splash guard make it easy and safe to operate and carry. The Philips Avance HR7958 sells for around € 370. Previously, Philips Avance juicer.


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06 Aug 14 Krups Latt’Espress fully automatic machine


This compact fully automatic machine, the Krups EA8298 Latt’Espress has a small footprint and delivers your perfect cappuccino at the touch of a button.

The Latt’Espress features the integrated, removable 0.6 liter milk container which you can store in the fridge. The container is connected to the steam wand and the steamed milk is transported directly to the coffee spout – Krups milk foam technology at its best. A single push of the button and the EA8298 conjures a perfect cappuccino with deliciously creamy milk froth.

You can easily adjust the milk and coffee quantities as desired. And the milk system is cleaned automatically – simply press a button and the entire milk system is thoroughly rinsed with hot steam.

Like all Krups automatic coffee machines, the compact EA8298 Latt’Espress is equipped with Advanced Thermoblock System. The stainless steel brewing chamber and hydraulic tamping system ensure the optimal processing and extraction of coffee grounds. From the first cup, you get the precise temperature and perfect taste. Krups automatic cleaning program cleans the entire system including the removable brewing head.


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04 Aug 14 Breville Oracle espresso machine


Breville Oracle espresso machine, the BES980XL is the first automatic manual espresso machine that allows you to prepare some incredible coffee right at home. You can now get the quality similar to the one achieved by Third Wave movement of specialty coffee, driven by artisan roasters and professional coffee houses.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine solves all the tricky aspects of making the highest quality espresso coffee at home by automating the most difficult tasks – grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing.

The Oracle is equipped with the integrated grinder and rotary tamp for seamless dosing and tamping in one operation. The tamp chamber of this automatic manual espresso machine encloses the portafilter to contain any mess. The fixed height motorized augur fan distributes and tamps the grinds into the portafilter, ensuring the correct volume of coffee is provided for each and every drink. All while a special torque sensor measures the resistance of the compacted grinds and automatically stops the operation at the ideal tamp force.

The milk texture is very important for a true coffee connoisseur and need to be adjusted for different drinks, from silky-smooth less textured latte to creamy more textured cappuccino. The automatic milk texturing system employs a dedicated pump that injects air directly into the steam, creating milk texture with the wand immersed in any position. The electronically controlled pump allows the air / steam ratio to be adjusted for different drink styles. A sensor in the wand stops the flow of air / steam when the desired milk temperature is reached.

Designed with the US consumers in mind, Breville Oracle features the one touch Long Black / Americano – just the coffee you get with your drip filter coffeemaker but of much superior quality without over extracted bitter and burnt flavour.

At the heart of this espresso machine is a dual stainless steel boiler heating system and embedded element group head featuring electronic Proportional Integral Derivative temperature control, ensuring the entire coffee making process maintains a precise consistent temperature and delivers the espresso shot within +/- 2°F. See Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine.

To make a perfect espresso you also need a near perfect pressure control. The Oracle dedicated espresso boiler temperature is adjustable for different bean roasts and origins. The separate steam boiler offers instant powerful steam on demand allowing coffee extraction and milk texturing simultaneously. Programmable low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine combines the taste benefits of an artisan manual machine with the simplicity of an automatic. Price is ,000. Breville.


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01 Aug 14 JURA J500 Anniversary Edition espresso machine


The Jura J500 Anniversary Edition features the high resolution, 3.5-inch color TFT display and the convenient rotary switch for self explanatory, intuitive operation. With the help of new animated icons, you can save and name up to 6 coffee drinks. Whether it is latte macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, your favorite drink is just a button push away. The espresso machine celebrates the 20th anniversary of JURA high quality technology and Impressa line.

The modern screen graphics not only make the coffee selection easy. The TFT screen, bright silver front, sleek black sides and high quality glass cup platform project sophisticated, contemporary design.

The new JURA J500 also features the Intelligent Pre Brew system, the ultra fast multilevel flavor grinder grinds, the integrated fine foam technology and the rapid thermoblock technology – all to ensure optimal preparation conditions and perfect taste. In addition, the JURA Anniversary Edition is equipped with programmable power saving mode ESM and the Zero-Energy Switch to eliminate unnecessary standby power consumption. Price is € 2,000. JURA.


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