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This is a original 1971 Buick GSX 455 car. Yes this is a original, NOT A CLONE, 1 of only 124 ever made in 71 that includes 350, 455 and 455 stage 1 cars all together. This car is registered in the GSX registry. This car was not known to exist until it was discovered a little while ago. There are 3 known so far out of all 1971 GXS’s to have a paint code of 62 which is Bittersweet Mist. The others Bittersweet Mist GSX’s are restored one is only a 350 engine and 350 auto tranny car. The other is a stage 1 455 car. So this is the only 455 engine 1971 GSX made in the color Bittersweet Mist to date. I have talked to the original owner and have a document that has been signed by him and notorized stating that this is a true 1971 GSX, which he bought on march 12, 1971. I have the original protecto plate This car is a 4owner car, and can be traced to every owner and all the owners are still alive. This was bought brand new at Key Buick & Opel in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/12/71. It stayed in Florida until mid 1979, then it went to the last of the 3 owners in Alabama where it stayed until about a month ago 2/1/08. Now it resides with me here in Pa. This was always a southern car and is about 98% rust free. It has just a little around the back rear window and a pin hole in the rear seat pan and where the battery box is, that was because of a leaky battery but thats it. I have alot of picture of the doors, trunk, floors, fenders, rad support, frame, etc and all of that is 100% solid
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01 Nov 11 Home made corn burner – how to build a burner and get it lit!

After seeing various corn stoves and furnaces for sale, I wanted to figure out how to burn it myself. It turned out to be rather difficult to get it right, so I decided to put up a video to help anyone else who might want to try it out. I had to shorten the video to fit within the 10 minute limit, but if anyone wants to see the full version of the first lighting and subsequent flameout, just let me know. Always good info to be found in failure! This is just straight field corn that you buy at any feed store. The trick it HEAT and then airflow. The margin for error is very small and it will flame-out instantly if you let the fuel supply drop too much. Not enough air creates a lot of smoke but can usually be recovered by adding more air. Be patient, after a couple of days you will be burning corn at will.

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31 Oct 11 home made solar air heater/update

home made solar air heater, outside is 15 degrees temperature comming out of system 65+ degrees,definatelly recommend this heater to anyone, total cost £5 for black paint
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24 Oct 11 Home made induction heater. We have 3kW! :)

Testing home made induction heater in a bit more power. Reached 3kW in peak (not in the movie). Problems with cooling: when water in bowl reached 70C it begins to boil in the coil. So it was emergency shutdown. I want to reach such power level to melt this damn hex nut. My home power line is 230V one phase. To complete the test i need 3F power and more amperes. See in the movie that there is voltage drob at higher currents. More info at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center, Dryden Flight Research Center NASA’s high-risk, high-payoff Hyper-X Program is ready to attempt its greatest challenge yet – flying a “scramjet”-powered X-43A research vehicle at nearly 10 times the speed of sound. Officials have set Nov. 15 or 16 for the flight, which will take place in restricted US Naval airspace over the Pacific Ocean northwest of Los Angeles. This will be the last and, by far, the fastest of three unpiloted flight tests designed to explore an intriguing alternative to rocket power for space access vehicles. Supersonic combustion ramjets – or scramjets – promise more airplane-like operations for increased affordability, flexibility and safety for ultra high-speed flights within the atmosphere and for the first stage to Earth orbit. The scramjet advantage is that, once they are accelerated to about Mach 4 (four times the speed of sound) by a conventional jet airplane engine, it is believed that they can be flown in the atmosphere up to about Mach 15 without having to carry heavy oxygen tanks as rockets must. Also, rockets tend to produce full thrust or nearly full thrust all the time; scramjets can be throttled back and flown more like an airplane. The scramjet concept is simple: Accelerate the vehicle to about Mach 4 by a conventional jet engine, then start the scramjet engine (which has few or no moving parts) by introducing fuel and mixing it with oxygen obtained from the air and compressed for
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24 Oct 11 Bowfishing Reel Made From a Soda Bottle

A homemade bowfishing reel made from a 20 oz soda bottle, a rubber chair tip, some nuts and washers. I made this reel for a homemade PVC pipe bow. Before the video is over you and I get out on the water to test it’s function.
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22 Oct 11 Free piston Stirling Engine made with no lathe

This is a model free piston Stirling engine made from glass cyringes, tubing, cans, JB Weld epoxy resin, some metal cuttings, wood blocks, plumbing pipe joint, old CPU heatsink, Neodymium magnets, repair washers and some assorted o-rings. The only power tool used was an electric drill. With it I drilled holes, cut glass (with a circular diamond cutter) and approximated work that is normally done by a milling machine.
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21 Oct 11 Home made Foam Cutter

A hot wire foam cutter made from a #10 guitar string, a 24V/2A transformer, and a dimmer switch. A compression spring held by washers on a screw keep the wire constantly taught as it heats.

This is a balance test experiment with a DIY camera stabiliser.designed solely for the Creative Vado camera. It is designed to be symmetrical, to try and avoid problems with dynamic balance which arise from asymmetrical designs. I tried to keep the overall size and weight to a minimum. I built this from aluminium, with steel washers as counterweights. I used my own original WSCLATER gimbal design.comprising a universal joint and ball bearing. More details –

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10 Oct 11 Lighting Home Made Waste Oil Stove and Watching it Burn

Lighting Home Made Waste Oil Stove, made from 25 Gallon Air Compressor, and Watching it Burn 85% Used Motor Oil mixed with 15% K2 Kerosene.
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I’ve been trying really hard to share the joy of camp craft with with my children. We don’t live in the woods like I did as a child, and in some ways I feel like they’ve been cheated. My love of the outdoors was almost unavoidable, but if I’m going to instill this in my kids then I’m going to have to work hard to make sure they get those experiences. One way I’m trying to do that is by creating a camp experience right in our back yard. I’m turning it into a place where I can teach them some basic outdoor/camping skills, and also experiment with repurposing household items to suit the needs of the camp. In this video you’ll see one of my simple coffee can stoves. The small stove, combined with a small cast iron skillet, makes a great way to cook up some camp burgers for my friends and I. It’s just another experiment in simplicity.

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26 Sep 11 Dumpster delivery truck that I made, 1/34 scale

I modified a toy truck I have to become a dumpster truck that works with the First Gear WM front loader. I decided not to bother with music, so you can listen to music of your own if you want to as the movie plays…I added the WM decals to the truck AFTER I filmed the video, so they’ll only show up in the photos. And then two years passed between the time I added decals and when I took those still pictures, so they look kind of crappy on it now, but oh well. In this video you’ll also see my 2yd. dumpsters and the 6 yard one I made that also work with the front loader. If you’re interested I can make another video showing those being emptied by the First Gear truck. Enjoy and comment please!
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19 Aug 11 Bus & Truck washing made easy Bitimec Speedy Wash A 225 LX Gas or Diesel

Bitimec Speedy Wash A-225-LX: Ideal for 24/7 work, this workhorse machine will keep on going all day. The diesel or gasoline washers are totally self enclosed large vehicle wash systems used by small to large fleet owners and a favorite of ‘Contract Washers’ who can purchase a custom made trailer to move the machine (set up or down in 5 minutes) from job to job.

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