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I have finally taken a huge 8 min video of my garbage day. its recycling and garbage week…. the driver was really nice to me and showed me how the computer works in his truck.. the company is WSN Environmental Solutions enjoy!
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One Wednesday during January 2009, I visited the City of Botany Bay when they still had the manual recycling collections with crates. Down in Botany everything is collected weekly, with the council removing the garbage and green-waste and Veolia taking care of the recycling. The truck in this video is what I believe to be one of Veolia’s (formerly Collex) original recycling trucks, specifically designed for the collection of bottles and containers. The truck is broken into four compartments: the top is for steel cans, aluminium, cartons and plastic containers, and the bottom three compartments (from left to right) are for clear, green and brown glass. The bottles are tipped into a ‘tray’ like section which spans across the rear of the truck where all the sorting takes place. I remember a lot of these types of trucks existed when recycling was first introduced, before MRFs started to really come into fashion. I hope you enjoy the footage of this rarely seen collection, it’d be great if you rated and commented, be sure to check out the second video of this and take a look at the other Botany videos. I’d also like to give a big thanks to the hard-working guys on the back of this truck, very friendly blokes and nice to have a chat to. With what I saw, they’re a speedy team and definitely deserve a cold beer at the end of the day! Body Make: Collex (now Veolia) Model: Kerbside Bottles Sorter Chassis: Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter Council: City of Botany Bay Contractor: Veolia

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11 May 11 Mega Man 6 (Anniversary Collection) Power Suit Navi Mode Part 1 – Flameman

That’s one heck of a title. Yeah, it’s more Mega Man, but I figured I’d try something a little different. If I’m gonna play the same old games, I may as well make it interesting. First off, this is the Anniversary Collection for PS2. I’m playing in Navi Mode, which means two things – first, you get nonsensical hints from Dr. Light. Second, you get the remixed Complete Works music, which ranges from pretty catchy to OH MY EFFING GOD MY EARS!. It seems like something happened to the MM6 soundtrack, some of the songs sound particularly awful. I pause along the way to let you see the good Doctor’s comments. The other thing is, this is a Power Suit run. I only use the Power Adapter. The advantages of the power suit include increased power, and the charged-up punch has some pretty interesting properties I’ll show off. Unfortunately, you lose some range, the ability to slide, and your jumping becomes a lot less responsive. There are a couple places I turn off the suit (one in particular), but for the most part it’s places where it’s not possible or almost impossible to pass with it on. Seriously, you want perfection, go watch a good player. The run starts with a password to get the Power Adapter immediately, but since we can repeat Flameman’s stage with the suit, that’s what I do. Commentary in annotations.
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TanDog has just released his first album ‘In space no one can hear you say good morning!’ on Crude Spanner. It can be found on itunes, Amazon and other good download sites now! An edit by TanDog of B/W Amateur Film produced in the 1930s in New Jersey USA. TanDog acknoledges the infuence of the work of Dorothea Lange in this edit. Original at – Thank you for collecting, collating and making this material availible. Number Twelve of the Ghost Dances series . In this series TanDog is extending to the visual, Stockhaousens ‘Spectrum of time’ theory where the ‘ranges of perception are ranges of time, and the time is subdivided by us, by the construction of our bodies and by our organs of perception’ (See the influential essay “How Time Passes”) Using these ideas to show the people within the films and the difference between them and us(or lack of). They are Ghosts of the past that we see, but dont hear, were flesh, but we can not understand. Music Composition, Samples and Synthesis by TanDog (All Rights reserved)

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16 Apr 11 X077 (Mega Update Today 7/7) – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow – Part 18

We close today’s mega update by obtaining a very awesome soul, experimenting with the damages and ranges of various weapons, and talking to Mina about more useless, but fun stuff.
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“What separates the Ultra X3 1000W Modular Power Supply from the many other’s that are on the market is it’s completely modular. Some power supplies within the 1000W range claim to be modular, but the main motherboard leads are still hard wired into the power supply. This power supply comes with a very quiet 135mm fan which provides fantastic cooling and means this it can be used in almost any environment. I also like the fact that the Ultra X3 line of power supplies ranges from 600 watts to 1600 watts. So the user can pick a model for their power requirements. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.”

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