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07 Jan 15 Chazelles wood metal fireplaces

Chazelles Frog

The wood burning, modern wall mounted fireplaces from Chazelles are made of high quality metal and offer sweeping views of roaring flames.

Chazelles Kylen

Though not overly efficient, these wall fireplaces bring a clean minimalist look and are perfectly suited for smaller contemporary living spaces. Chazelles.

Chazelles Vinkle


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09 Apr 14 Custom metal range hoods from Vogler


Designed by Aaron Vogler of Vogler Metalwork & Design, these custom metal range hoods are made of nickel plated, powder coated and otherwise finished metals including copper, bras, bronze, pewter, zinc, steel, iron or stainless. Currently, Vogler offers 15 distinct models of metal range hoods, all available in the above materials. You can see most common finishes and textures here. If you have your own ideas, contact Vogler Metalwork & Design and tell them what you want. Previously, copper hoods by Vogler Copperworks. Besides the metal range hoods, the company make countertops, sinks, outdoor projects, fireplace hoods and custom items.












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07 Nov 11 Ruthenium Metal – Invulnerable to Aqua Regia

We show the element ruthenium and the interesting property that it is immune to hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Even when combined to make the gold-dissolving acid “Aqua Regia” the element ruthenium is completely immune to it. So how do you dissolve ruthenium? Interestingly, ruthenium can be dissolved in a very simple household chemical: bleach! This gives a glimpse into complex “rock paper scissors” game of chemistry. A substance like gold might be immune to bleach, but vulnerable to acid. While another metal, might have the opposite reactivity, being completely immune to acid, but vulnerable to bleach.

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17 Oct 11 Baileigh Sheet Metal Brakes, Box and Pan Brake, Metal Forming Machines

Baileighs sheet metal brake line is regarded as an industry standard in HVAC and metal fabrication shops throughout North America and parts of Europe. Each sheet metal brake has been articulately designed and constructed to offer value and profit to the fabricator for a reasonable investment that will offer your organization decades of use. Please read on for further details or click above on the category you wish to explore. Baileigh offers one of the most extensive lines of sheet metal brakes on the market today. We have metal bending brakes from 24 inches up to 13 feet in length. Capacities range from 22 gauge down to 10 gauge mild steel. We offer standard manual leaf or programmable hydraulic type metal bending machines. Our machines can be broken down into two classifications, straight brakes or box and pan brakes. Our machines are all are constructed with the best quality steel on the market and designed for years of service. Where needed we use heavy duty truss rods on the lifting apron and upper beam. Depending on the machine we use springs, counter weights or hydraulics to help lift the apron. Our sheet metal brake machines have lubrication points where needed and have hardened fingers and surface areas where needed. Sturdy floor frames are standard. The manual straight and standard box and pan sheet metal benders clamp the material with the top beam with the finger or die. Then the counter weighted assist helps the operator lift the bottom apron to complete the
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10 Sep 11 Porous Metal & MIM : DigInfo

DigInfo – Using their MIM, Metal Injection Modeling process, Taisei Kogyo is making a new type of porous metal which allows for the control of pore size to as small as 1 micro meter. In the MIM process metal powder is mixed with space holder agents and binder elements to create the porous structure. Specific agents and binder elements, which are removed during the third stage of the MIM process, are used to create different chemical reactions and make different porous metals. Many types of metals can be used in this process such as Titanium, Steel and Copper with a wide variety of applications such as air bearing systems, and systems that distribute heat well such as the body of space ships and air conditioning systems.

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08 Sep 11 Geothermal Energy Heating and Cooling Solutions (Haley’s Metal Shop)

Geothermal Systems are a new method of heating and cooling your home or office while eliminating fossil fuels and improving your carbon footprint. Haley’s Metal Shop in Biddeford Maine talks about the installation process and the benefits to having a Geothermal system, as well as the Geothermal systems they’re currently installing in their own offices.
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20 Aug 11 Fujioh 30″ T-shaped metal liner for BUF series blowers —

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13 Aug 11 Micro Metal Muff – Demo by Dave Weiner – Distortion with Top Boost – Electro Harmonix Visit the all-new EHX site! For the Micro Metal Muff, go to The classic Metal Muff, housed in a smaller die-cast enclosure with simplified controls. 15dB boost and cut around a carefully selected mid frequency guarantees huge scoop gains. Switch selectable top boost ranges. A wicked sound. A metallurgist’s dream.
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***For screening times visit – *** OPERATION 8: Deep in the forest . On October 15, 2007 activists around New Zealand woke to guns in their faces. Black-clad police smashed down doors, dragging families out onto roads and detaining some without food or water. In the village of Ruatoki, helicopters hovered while locals were stopped at roadblocks. Operation 8 involved 18 months of invasive surveillance of Maori sovereignty and peace activists accused of attending terrorist training camps in the Urewera ranges — homeland of the Tuhoe people. Operation 8 asks why and how the raids took place. How did the War on Terror become a global witch-hunt of political dissenters reaching even to the South Pacific? Currently screening around the country! To find out when and where visit us at:
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08 Aug 11 Bonding Metal Piping

Exposed metal piping systems in a building should have zero voltage between them, and a low-impedance path to ground. In many homes, all of this may be ensured by bonding hot and cold water pipes, and gas pipe, to each other where they converge at the water heater (if gas-fired). Contrary to popular belief, water is a poor conductor, and some fittings at or inside water heaters could insulate the hot and cold piping systems from each other. So intentional, solid metal connections between all pipes ensures a robust current path. The path to ground is ensured ONLY IF THE ELECTRICAL SERVICE HAS BEEN PROPERLY GROUNDED AND BONDED. There should be a grounding electrode conductor from the service disconnect equipment to a metal water service entrance pipe (if metal and installed through earth), and to a supplementary driven ground rod or other electrode. Additionally, the connection to the water pipe should include a bonding jumper that maintains the connection, even if the water meter is removed for servicing. The electric service bonding connects the electric utility grounded conductor and the local grounding system to local earth, equalizing any voltage that might otherwise exist between the utility ground (potentially 100’s of yards away) and local ground. Such concerns do not arise often (or obviously) during normal use, but localized voltages around lightning strikes, induced at-a-distance (without need for direct strikes) will cause less damage if local bonding in your
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02 Aug 11 Metal toaster by VillaWare


The stylish 2-slot metal toaster by VillaWare accommodates slices of every shape and size, so you can toast your favorite breads to perfection. The Keep Warm function help you serve at the ideal temperature. The highlights of this VillaWare toaster are its durable full die-cast metal body with sleek brushed finish and expandable toast slots that accommodate a slice of up to 5 cm thick.


The metal toaster comes equipped with full-size crumb tray for easy cleaning and sound indicator to inform when toasting cycle is complete. Self-centring guides ensure even toasting on both sides of the bread. For your convenience, the toaster also features Cancel and Defrost buttons, and manual toast-lift, so you can monitor your toast without cancelling the toasting cycle. Finally, VillaWare toasting technology recognizes temperature and adjusts cycle time accordingly to deliver best toasts. Price for the metal toaster is around £80.

VillaWare espresso maker
Compact toaster from Bosch
Commercial 2-slice toaster
Automatic toaster by Clatronic


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