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07 Nov 11 Rite in the Rain 25 meter Zeroing Target for M-16A2 / M4 / AR-15 Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Rite in the Rain” M-16A2/ M4 25 Meter Zeroing Targets. Used by US Military, these waterproof targets allow you to set your 300 meter Zero while shooting at 25 meters. Battleboy Surplus Rite in Rain Web Page: Battleboy Surplus 5% off discount code: “Sootch00” Battleboy’s YouTube Channel: Rite in the Rain Tactical Products: Thanks for watching~

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03 Nov 11 Know Your Firewood- Moisture Meter Test-Part 2

How do you know if your firewood is ready to burn? What can you do to test it to find out? When you purchase firewood, what should you look for? Woody from Obadiah’s Woodstove’s shows you some tricks to help you over the learning curve so you too can burn wood like a pro. Avoid chimney fires from Creosote build up in your chimney. Protect your home and family with a few key tricks before you burn. *NOTE* WE WILL BE DOING A REVISION TO THIS VIDEO. THE PROPER WAY TO TEST YOUR WOOD WITH A MOISTURE METER IS FROM THE SIDE, NOT THE ENDS.
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The Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit is 100% cast iron for long life durability. Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit easily converts a 55 or 30 gallon drum into a highly efficient and economical wood burning heater. Features include a large, well fitting, gasketed feed door. A separate gasketed ash cleanout door engineered for easy clean ash removal. A cool touch cam-lock type door latch and two counter weighted spin dial draft controls. Combine these features with a down to earth price and you have a combination that is tough to beat.
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27 Sep 11 Mel Meter Review

To choose and buy your MEL METER: Important tips when using MEL METER: 1. It works best & is considered more accurate if left static (stationary) 2. Hold at the bottom of the meter while measuring emf/temp or using REM feature 3. Move meter slowly & gradually when measuring emf/temp or using REM feature Home appliances that give off EMF: Dish washers, electric stove, desk and halogen lamps, battery chargers, those little black cubes that plug into the wall to run things like answering machines and portable radios, transformer-powered appliances give off strong-localized fields, TVs, hot-air popcorn poppers, to see more lists just Google ‘EMF APPLIANCES’ Overview of what the MEL-8704R-REM does that makes it superior: 1. DETECTION by measuring EMF/temp fluctuations 2. MEASURING exact EMF in mG/tesla and temp in F/C 3. VALIDATION personal claims of feelings/noises and temp changes 4. DEBUNKING explainable cuases of high EMF or temp changes/levels 5. COMMUNICATION by utilizing the telescopic antenna REM feature 6. FLASHLIGHT by utilizing the red LED light feature If interested in William Ganong Cemetery (where I test all my equipment and techniques) simply read the description of this video: If interested in the Edison vs Tesla debate…. GOOGLE IT! Thanks for watching and reading!!!
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17 Sep 11 Brazing with Nitrogen using a Nitrogen Flow Meter

Brazing with Nitrogen to obtain Contaminate Free Refrigeration Lines !!! Also honing in Nitrogen Flow Gauge , to Conserve the Flow of Nitrogen !!!
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10 May 11 How to use the Trifield Meter to measure EMFs People don’t realize that the levels of wireless radiation are increasing day by day in our homes in our workplaces and in our schools. The only way you can fully appreciate the levels of electromagnetic pollution in your life is to measure it using an EMF meter. The Trifield 100XE EMF meter is a three axis meter which means it can easily measure and detect electromagnetic radiation from all directions without moving the meter round. It can measure: – AC magnetic fields – AC electric fields – and radio frequency microwave fields in this respect the Trifield 100XE EMF is 3 meters in one. Magnetic fields You can use the Trifield meter to measure the magnetic fields from a variety of sources. Just turn your meter onto the magnetic setting and holding it near to such devices as your laptop computer, your TV screen, your clock radio, transforming units, multi-socket extension units etc. you will be able to measure if the magnetic fields are at safe levels. Magnetic fields over 3 milligauss are considered dangerous. Electric fields Switch your Trifield meter onto the electric setting and walk slowly around your room. You will be able to measure such appliances as fluorescent lights, computer monitors, TVs, electrical ovens. This meter is particularly useful for detecting improper grounding of electrical equipment. You will be surprised to see high readings for electrical fields even when certain appliances are switched off, particularly if there is reversed
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