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18 May 14 Panasonic microwave steamer oven


Panasonic NN-CS894 combines a steamer, an inverter microwave, a grill and an oven in one sleek compact countertop appliance. This microwave steamer oven helps you retain all vitamins and minerals with healthier and tastier dishes.


The Panasonic Steam Combi oven features advanced Combi function that lets you combine several cooking processes for healthy and mouth watering results. The 32 litre oven comes with the integrated 650 ml water tank so no external water connection is required. Beautiful finish, 2-level convection cooking, intuitive controls and ease of cleaning. Panasonic.


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24 Apr 14 Samsung microwave oven with SLIM FRY technology


Designed for healthy eaters, the elegant Samsung MC28H5135 Smart Oven offers a sleek, premium design to seamlessly fit any modern kitchen decor. The transparent black Crystal Gloss handle and dial, combined with an ice blue display that brightly illuminates the settings and clock, create a beautiful, stylish exterior.


The microwave permits guilt-free enjoyment of fried foods. You don’t need a deep fryer or a skillet. Instead, Samsung SLIM FRY function combines a grill with warm air circulation, cooking food that is crisp outside and flavorful inside – without additional oil.

Once frying is done, you can easily cook fresh vegetables, seafood, pasta and more. With the simple push of a button, Samsung unique Smart Moisture Sensor determines interior air humidity for natural texture and original taste of ingredients.


This Samsung Smart Oven comes with 14 recipes preprogrammed for your convenience. So you can easily cook everything – from green beans to brown rice, boneless chicken breast to fresh salmon steaks. The result will be moist and flavorful food.

Other key features of the Samsung microwave oven with SLIM FRY technology include,
– 900 Watt microwave
– 1.5 kW grill
– 2.1 kW hot air with 40°C to 200°C range
– 6 power levels / 6 heat settings
– 28 liter cooking interior made of scratch resistant ceramic enamel
– Eco mode
– Quick key for immediate start at full power
– 35 cooking programs, including yogurt / yeast dough preparation
– 32 cm glass turntable
– child lock

Price for the Samsung MC28H5135 Smart Oven is approximately € 340. Previously, Samsung Blue Crystal washer.


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10 Feb 14 Candy EGO retro microwave ovens


The new 25-liter retro Candy microwave, the EGO is available in 7 models. There are 5 Candy EGO G25D microwave models in white, orange, green, silver and chrome with 3 operating modes including microwave, grill and combi mode, and 6 automatic programs. There are also 2 EGO C25D microwaves in white and silver with 7 operating modes and 8 automatic programs.


Key features of these 900 watt EGO retro microwave ovens include 1.0 kW grill, Express Start function, electronic controls, digital clock, timer, auto defrost, easy to clean interior and 5 power levels. Price ranges from € 170 to € 200. Candy. Previously, Candy Futura microwave grill.



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16 Nov 13 Caso modern microwave oven


The narrow, brushed stainless steel side control panel contributes into extremely clean look of the new mirror black glass, modern microwave oven from Caso. The HCMG25 makes a stunning design statement in your modern kitchen, while offering top rated performance, typically delivered by Caso convection microwave ovens.

The Caso HCMG25 microwave cooks, bakes, heats, defrosts, browns and grills. The 25 litre cooking cavity has 31.5 cm diameter glass turntable and the operation is done via easy to follow intuitive icon controls. Here are the main features of this Caso modern microwave oven,
– 900 watt microwave power
– 1,100 watt grill power
– 240°C hot air convection
– stainless steel interior
– 10 automatic cooking programs
The Caso Microwave HCMG25 is available from mid-November for € 200.


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01 Mar 13 Panasonic Genius Prestige microwave


The new Panasonic NN-SE982S Genius Prestige microwave features an electrostatic touch dial with blue LED backlight, which allows you to drag the finger on the circular sensor pad to select menu choices. The modern design also includes a blue LED display adding to its stylish look. In addition to the blue dial control, there are one-touch and quick-access buttons for popcorn, Sensor Cook, Sensor Reheat and Turbo Defrost.


The NN-SE982S Genius Prestige microwave oven features Panasonic Inverter Technology, which provides constant energy flow that variably adjusts the power intensity so food is cooked evenly. Other microwaves use 100% power all the time, but repeatedly turn the energy on and off in lower power settings. Instead, Panasonic consistent and precise heat provides more control while cooking, reheating and defrosting. One-Touch Sensor Cook, adjusts power levels and calculates cooking times automatically, making reheating and cooking a variety of foods even easier, and Inverter Turbo Defrost allows to defrost foods extremely fast by using a sequencing system that incorporates the Inverter low-power delivery feature.

Other features of this compact Panasonic microwave include multilingual Menu Action Screen that acts like a professional chef, guiding you in the kitchen with scrollable step-by-step cooking instructions in English, Spanish, or French, Keep Warm Feature which keeps food temperatures at a constant level ready to serve without overcooking, one-touch Quick Minute Feature that automatically sets the time in increments of 1 minute and optional matching trim kit accessory for built-In Installation. Price for Panasonic Genius Prestige microwave is 0.


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31 Dec 12 Retro coffee machine and microwave oven from Restart


If you like the cool retro look of Restart antique appliances, you can now have it in built-in 60cm wide coffee machine and microwave oven. Can be yours in any RAL color or, by special order, entirely in in burnished brass.


Inside of the retro coffee machine and oven are modern and very advanced Miele systems. The coffee machine can make espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino from already ground coffee or whole beans, and features self cleaning cycle and 15-bar pump. You can also create and store several custom profiles, so everyone has espresso or latte exactly to his or her taste . Both ‘A’ rated retro appliances come with Miele Navitronic control display that guides you in plain text in some 20 different languages.


Built-in retro microwave oven offers 15 methods of cooking, including microwave plus, thermovent, grill, top and bottom heat, bottom heat, grill and fan, intense cooking, roasting, automatic, thaw and 4 combined modes. You also get numerous presets programs and over integrated 100 recipes. Restart.



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18 Dec 12 Multifunction microwave from Ariete


The cool looking 4-in-1 multifunction microwave from Ariete combines an oven, microwave, grill and bread machine. It comes complete with digital display for easy control of 10 preset programs, including a special bread baking, 7 cooking programs and defrost function.

This beautifully finished multifunction microwave features 1.3 kW oven, 1.0 kW grill, 0.9 kW microwave, 31cm diameter rotating plate and 25-liter cooking cavity. You can make 2 pounds of deliciously fresh bread. Other key elements are child lock, program end alarm, stainless steel interior and exterior. Comes with container, spatula and measuring cup. Price is around € 130. Ariete. Previously, retro coffee makers from Ariete.


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10 Aug 12 Microwave grill oven from Caple


The new built-in microwave grill oven, Caple CM119 combines conventional cooking methods with the speed and convenience of a microwave. With a 25-litre capacity, this combination microwave suits a variety of lifestyles from a single household to a family with enough cavity space for a medium-sized chicken.

This Caple microwave grill oven is stylish and versatile with 8 different functions and 5 power levels, making it a great choice for a busy kitchen. The Auto Cook menu enables you to select 8 different types of food, such as pizza, potato, meat and fish and this feature includes weight and power to give you excellent cooking results every time.


The CM119 Multi-Stage cooking feature allows you to set your microwave to multi-task for you so you can set your appliance to defrost then cook within the same function. Other functions, which will ultimately make your life easier in the kitchen, include Speed Cooking where you immediately start cooking with 100% microwave power at the touch of a button so there is no need to spend time going through menus and so on. Other key features include,
– digital controls and LCD display
– defrost by time and weight
– child lock
– 95-minute timer
– stainless steel cavity
– mark resistant finish
Price for the CM119 microwave grill oven from Caple is approximately £300.


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23 Jan 12 Whirlpool Limited Edition MAX Microwave


The Limited Edition Max Microwave was released to celebrate 100 years since Whirlpool establishment. This microwave comes with 6th sense technology and features both Steam and Crisp functions together for the first time. In addition, this microwave has an ambient lighting system to help quickly and easily identify which program the microwave is on. The White Light for example, indicates that the microwave is ready to use.

The MAX Limited Edition retains all the innovative features of Whirlpool popular MAX microwave range including the sleek design which allows it to elegantly fit in virtually any kitchen. The uniquely curved back allows it to be placed directly into corners, unlike traditional microwaves, freeing up a valuable worktop space.

The Whirlpool microwave comes in three finished – Moonlight, Platinum Bronze and Caffeine – and with an extensive range of high tech functions.


The Red Light indicates that the microwave is cooking using one of the following functions,
– 6th Sense Crisp, a quick and easy way to prepare deliciously crispy foods like bread, quiche and pizza
– Manual Crisp, an exclusive function of Whirlpool microwave ovens, which uses the patented Crisp plate, 3D microwave system and quartz grill to provide perfect crispy and crunchy food, both on the surface and on the underside in just a few minutes
– Microwave, Whirlpool 3D patented microwave distribution system, the only one able to guarantee the perfect three-dimensional distribution of microwaves inside the oven
– Quartz Grill, a fast, efficient self-cleaning grill that reaches high temperatures in very few seconds and uses less energy than a traditional grill yet cooks 3 times faster
– Combi, microwave and grill combination that ensures browning results as good as those expected from a traditional oven


The Blue Light means the 6th Sense Jet Defrost function is in operation, taking advantage of Whirlpool exclusive 3D microwave distribution system to ensure high-speed, uniform defrosting, due to the three-dimensional movement of the microwaves that easily reach every part of the food.


The Green Light indicates that the 6th Sense Steam function is in use, carefully controlling the steaming process to cook vegetables, fish and many other types of food in the healthiest possible way.

In addition to ambient lighting, the MAX Limited Edition Microwave features flat mirror glass door and integrated handle for the sleek modern style Whirlpool is known for. The smart round back makes the oven compact externally but very spacious internally. With a width of just 39cm, the clever design means the Limited Edition MAX can hold plates up to 28cm in diameter, leaving you more usable space without any bulk.


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02 Nov 11 How To Cook In Microwave

Tips on Microwave Cooking

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