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20 Nov 11 A Show Exclusive with Mike Vasilantone from Vastex

Vastex International introducing the “New” Econo Red 154 and “New” V2000 one color Press.

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21 Jun 11 Mike Tyson Documentary Trailer

“Tyson” is acclaimed indie director James Toback’s stylistically inventive portrait of a mesmerizing Mike Tyson. Toback allows Tyson to reveal himself without inhibition and with eloquence and a pervasive vulnerability. Through a mixture of original interviews and archival footage and photographs, a startlingly complex, fully-rounded human being emerges. The film ranges from Tyson’s earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, to his rollercoaster ride in the funhouse of worldwide fame and fortunes won and lost. It is the story of a legendary and uniquely controversial international athletic icon, a figure conjuring radical questions of race and class. In its depiction of a man rising from the most debased circumstances to unlimited heights, destroyed by his own hubris, “Tyson” emerges as a modern day version of classic Greek tragedy. “Tyson Documentary Trailer” “Tyson Trailer” “Tyson Documentary” “Mike Tyson Trailer” “Tyson HD Trailer” “Tyson Trailer – Mike Tyson Documentary” “2009 Mike Tyson Documentary Trailer” “Legendary Nas tribute Mike Tyson Documentary Soundtrack” “crooked i shooting” “Boxer vs Bodybuilder” “Tyson Trailer (high quality)”
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18 Jun 11 Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959 part 3

In this engaging 1959 interview, her first on television, Ayn Rand capsulizes her philosophy for CBS’s Mike Wallace. The discussion ranges from the nature of morality to the economic and historical distortions disseminated about the “robber barons.” She also comments on her relationship with Frank O’Connor, provides some autobiographical information and gives her perspective on the future of America.
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15 Jun 11 Mike and Lenny on Jerry Springer

regarding the question I ask at 7:20, Mike and I were in a band together called The Dishwashers
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03 May 11 Dirty Jobs – High-Rise Window Washer – Mike On The Edge

Dirty Jobs returns Tuesdays @ 9pm EP on Discovery! Check out Mike’s funniest, grossest, goofiest, most ridiculous reactions: Window washing a high-rise office building sounds like just the job for Mike. He dangles precariously off the side in preparation for the dirtiest and possibly scariest job yet! In the October 13th episode of Dirty Jobs, Mike travels to Hawaii and joins the crew of Worldwide Window Cleaning where he harnesses up and hops into a bosun’s chair to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu.

Visit for more! Replace the washers in your shower faucet to stop annoying drips.
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Automatic drawers. Automatically better. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with Auto-Opening Freezer Doors This isn’t just a 4-door refrigerator. This is a refrigerator that automatically opens and closes its two freezer drawers with a touch. This is a 4-door French Door refrigerator with an ultra-accommodating, 13-inch tall ice- and water-dispenser. This is a refrigerator built with innovative features like humidity-controlled crispers. This is a refrigerator designed to make your life easier—now that’s something better.
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