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11 Sep 15 Cement tile in modern interpretation


clé introduces Cement tile, their modern interpretation of a century old tile legacy. Deborah Osburn, founder and creative director of clé has reimagined the hand crafted tile with an extensive collection of over 150 new patterns and shapes, created with 50 silky matte colors. Cement tile has been used throughout the world for over 100 years, recognized for its artistic heritage, durability, and natural materials.


Unlike glazed and fired ceramic, cement tile is is produced by layering concrete and cement into a steel frame. The pigmented cement is poured into brass molds, pressed and cured. Each tile is made individually, one at a time. Cement tiles at clé are available in squares, subway, hex, diamond, scallops and arabesques. There is a palette of 50 colors to choose from, producing endless options for customization. The clé Cement patterns range from Traditional and Classic to a bold Geo. New West patterns are influenced by traditional Native American designs. Shapes, colors and designs can be combined to create unlimited variegated and patchwork patterns.


Deborah Osburn feels that cement tile reflects our fascination with the beauty and resiliency of the hand crafted. Everything about cement is relevant to today’s design sensibilities. It’s rare to find a tile with this much versatility and with this degree of flexibility. But perhaps the single most significant item of interest to me about cement tiles is that even though they are growing in popularity at this moment in time, cement tiles have been a classic tile feature in other countries for over 100 years. That’s a long time to study the capabilities from both the design and the functional perspectives of a surface. If you’ve ever traveled abroad the chances are good that cement tiles have been a part of your favorite architectural setting.


Cement tiles from clé arrive hand polished and presealed. Osburn has recalibrated the thickness, offering a more slender 3/8″ thick tile, which enables a cleaner edge for wall installations, allows for greater alignment with adjacent flooring surfaces, and decreases the weight of the tile. The tiles can be installed indoors and out, on floors and walls.


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10 Jan 14 Modern freestanding gas range


This is what a modern freestanding gas range looks like, courtesy of Bosch. The very contemporary reinterpretation of a freestanding gas cooker, the 60cm wide 4-burner Bosch HGV74X456T features high quality materials with a heavy emphasis of glass and stainless steel. The sleek gas on glass range top and large glass front give the freestanding range an undeniably modern, chic look.

The multifunction 67 litre oven interior falls right into your view. You also have 8 cooking functions to bake, broil or grill anything you want. The sleek glass cooktop provides effortless cleaning. Dishwasher proof cast iron pan supports and a solid metal handle underscore the versatile burners as wells as the high standard of this precisely engineered modern freestanding gas range.

Key features of this 60cm Bosch gas range cooker include 2 standard burners 1.7 kW each, 1.0 kW economy burner, 3.6 kW wok, Fast Heat function, LCD display, flame failure safety feature, electronic clock, child lock, interior oven light, shelf support rails and full width drawer to store your utensils.

This modern freestanding gas range from Bosch, the HGV74X456T is available across the former USSR, Turkey and a few other nearby countries.


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18 Dec 13 Modern wall hoods by Sirius


Designed by Fabrizio Crisa, the SL 90 and SL 91 modern wall hoods will make a bold statement in any contemporary kitchen.


Both hoods, the 55cm wide SL 90 and the 80cm wide SL 91 are equipped with the 3-speed, 900 m³/h modern blower, sliding control switch, 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium grease filter. Made in the highest quality AISI 430 stainless steel and glass. Sirius. Previously, Sirius island range hood.





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16 Nov 13 Caso modern microwave oven


The narrow, brushed stainless steel side control panel contributes into extremely clean look of the new mirror black glass, modern microwave oven from Caso. The HCMG25 makes a stunning design statement in your modern kitchen, while offering top rated performance, typically delivered by Caso convection microwave ovens.

The Caso HCMG25 microwave cooks, bakes, heats, defrosts, browns and grills. The 25 litre cooking cavity has 31.5 cm diameter glass turntable and the operation is done via easy to follow intuitive icon controls. Here are the main features of this Caso modern microwave oven,
– 900 watt microwave power
– 1,100 watt grill power
– 240°C hot air convection
– stainless steel interior
– 10 automatic cooking programs
The Caso Microwave HCMG25 is available from mid-November for € 200.


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28 Sep 13 Skantherm Vision modern stove


Designed by Sebastian Büscher, the unusual Skantherm Vision is a modern wood burning stove reminiscent of a contemporary TV set. The clever and puristic design brings the fire into you direct line of vision. With its 6.0 kW heat output, 78% burning efficiency, advanced tertiary air technology, cool-touch handle and ability to run independently from ambient air, Vision wood stove from Skantherm becomes an instant highlight of your living room.

Skantherm Emotion wood stoves
Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove
Skantherm Archetyp iron stove


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28 Apr 13 Ortal modern gas stoves and fireplaces


Made by Israeli based Ortal, these modern Eco friendly gas stoves and fireplaces come with high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs, while providing plenty of the radiant heat to keep your dwelling warm. The contemporary fireplaces use direct vent technology, electronic ignition and require little maintenance.


Ortal offers 60 modern fireplace and stove models for you to choose from, in an array of sizes and designs to suit every architectural need, integrating heat into the aesthetics of life. Ortal USA.







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08 Feb 13 Modern fireplace stove – Neio by Fonte Flamme


With its decorative front panel, Fonte Flamme Neio looks like a typical decorative modern fireplace and not much of a stove, designed to pleasure your eyes with burning flames while providing little or no heat. But don’t be misled by the appearance – the contemporary styled Neio has clean minimalist curves and yields 17 kW, burning 50cm long logs.


With over 74% efficiency, this modern fireplace stove will keep your dwelling warm and cozy. Easy to clean and maintain. Fonte Flamme. Previously, outdoor fireplace designs.


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29 Jan 13 Modern wood burning stove from Future Fires

Future Fires Panoramic FX1

The Panoramic FX1 is the modern wood burning stove from Future Fires. This beautiful, clean-burning stove is DEFRA approved and suitable to heat smokeless zones. Built in South Yorkshire, Panoramic FX1 and Bollente are some of the best looking and functional modern wood burning stoves, manufactured in the UK. The contemporary wood stoves come in 15 colours to match any decor and style – Satin Black, Metallic Grey, New Sky Blue, Metallic Mahogany, Charcoal, Emerald Green, Adobe Tan, Gold, Metallic Black, Honey Glow Brown, Patriot Blue, Mojave Red, Pewter, Sunset, Shimmering Rose.


The large modern wood burning stove, Panoramic FX1 burns carbon-neutral seasoned hardwood logs, and can be converted into a multifuel stove with the purchase of a conversion grate. The stove modern elliptical design features one of the industry-largest and easy to clean glass doors, providing an astonishing view of the burning fire.

With its 8.0 kW heat output, panoramic view, super-efficient vermiculite lined firebox and preheated airwash technology, the eco friendly Future Fires FX1 brings captivating aesthetics and physical warmth into your house. You can buy this modern stove for £1,588 with a 5-year guarantee and free delivery throughout the UK.


Future Fires Bollente

The multifuel Bollente is the other modern wood burning stove Future Fires is currently offering. Bollente is engineered for the smaller living spaces and can be installed as a free standing stove or a fireplace. The highly efficient elegant stove offers contemporary design, pleasing lines, large and easy to clean viewing glass, Future Fires preheated air wash facility, 5.0 kW heat output and 5″ flue with either top or rear fitting. Listed at £1,599 with a free delivery and a 5 year guarantee.

Other modern wood burning stoves,
Oranier Artemis Vertiko oven
Oranier Arkona wood burning oven
Oranier Astra Plus steel stove
Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology
Soapstone injector stoves from NunnaUuni


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29 Dec 12 Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology


The Contura traditional Swedish stoves go back to the dawn of 18th century when shortage of wood suitable for burning triggered an energy crisis, forcing Swedes to come up with the imposing slow burning stoves, capable of heating large living spaces with high efficient wood burning and relatively low heat output. Today, Contura tiled stoves combine traditional design with modern technology, keeping warm living spaces up to 90m², while yielding no more than 4.0 kW at 87% efficiency.


Contura stoves come in many sizes and styles, and whether you choose a modern or classic style, the same time tested technology will deliver. The fan equipped Swedish stoves push the heat quickly from room to room, spreading it uniformly around the house. A heavy, heat retaining cast core and long multichannel flues allow these stoves to store heat and keep rooms warm up to one day after the fire is extinguished. Contura.



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11 Dec 12 Modern pellet stoves – Catania and Lucca from Haas + Sohn


Lucca and Catania are ultra modern designer pellet stoves, executed in space saving flat screen format, and compact enough to be installed against a wall, making them ideal for small hallways and foyers. Both versatile pellet burning stoves are also perfect for corners, thus offering maximum flexibility when setting up. having 6 optional flue pipe outlets on the sides, top and back.


With only 80cm wide, 110cm high and 43cm deep – the latter makes these modern pellet stoves 16cm deeper than Wanders Vidra, the space requirements are still very low. The good-looking and durable enamel surfaces are scratch-resistant and very easy to clean.

The Catania and Lucca utilize outside air for combustion and are independent from ambient air. Both are extremely quiet when running, ensuring maximum comfort even in continuous, daily use.


Other key benefits of the Haas + Sohn modern pellet stoves include,
– fully automated infinitely variable control
– up to 8.0 kW heat out put and 92% efficiency
– Haas + Sohn Clean Technology
– fuel quality recognition
– 24-hour continuous operation for continuous heating
– extra large storage container and ash trays
– safe operation

Wood burning range cookers
Compact Adonis fireplace with flat screen


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