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23 Sep 11 Floor cleaning robot – Moneual Rydis R750


Moneual Rydis R750 measures just 8cm at height – the lowest in the world, and can vacuum rooms autonomously or driven by tilting a video game like controller. This floor cleaning robot easily navigates under the coffee tables, beds and couches. Equipped with a powerful 3-step vacuum system and smart sensor system, the vacuum cleaner robot sucks up fine dust and ticks through, while navigating carefully yet briskly with the help of various safety and anti-collision sensors. And with the special quieter mode, you can clean at night.


The Moneual Rydis R750 floor cleaning robot comes with twin side brushes, attached to the sides to facilitate cleaning in hard to get nooks and corners, auto voice guidance system with over 55 voice guides to keep you informed on current status and errors, removable large capacity dust bin and RF remote controller for convenient control of R750 anywhere in the house. Rydis.



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20 Sep 11 Air purifier robot from Moneual


Rydis H800 is a self-moving air purifier robot, able to detect an air polluted area, suck dust and purify air. Once the air quality improves, the robot looks for another area to purify. Moneual superior 5-step air filtration system consists of dust, HEPA, deodorizing, Semi Alpha and impregnated activated carbon filters. Equipped with special Location Detection Sensor, the self moving air purifier provides clean indoor air in quiet, unobtrusive fashion.

Equipped with quite a few sensors and mapping system, this air purifier robot acts like a floor cleaning robot, with the key difference being of course, that is cleans air. And when the battery goes below a certain level, the Rydis H800 goes back to recharge. Moneual.


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