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23 Aug 11 AC7STAR Xx RoK :: Final Gears of war Montage

(Yes I am aware that his name is no longer Actstarr, but the intro took FOREVER to render, so I just left it as is.) This will be Ac7star’s last montage until Gears of War 2. He goes out with a bang, combining consistent multikills and nasty blindfires with some very fliud but simple editing by Gearsopedia’s own Skull Kidd/Haedache. A short, but sweet montage.

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04 Aug 11 ll AC7STAR .::Final Sniper Montage::.

so this is my final montage with a big thanks To Haedache AkA Skull Kidd xX SUBSCRIBE TO HIM make sure u do and i hope u enjoy this Rate Comment Subscribe
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25 Jul 11 COMMENTARY FACEPLATE MONTAGE After tonight, I will not be making any faceplates for anyone until I figure some sort of “heating” arrangement.

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DA TROOFS Dog Balls Shayne Eldridge Derek Gustaw Stinky Feet Scott D’Amico Jon Cos Nolan Waller Reid Vail Carson Lower Dylan Shanklard Songs: It’s A Fight – Three Six Mafia Killa Season – Cam’ron Filmed By: Derek Gustaw Additional Filming: Kevin Tio aka Stinky Feet Shayne Eldridge Scott D’Amico
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19 Jun 11 Skate 2 Bail Montage: All My Friends Are Dead

My first Skate 2 montage, well infact my first montage ever. Me and a friend (The special guest, Domg1994) made a Skate Crew named Bone Breakers as we always do Hall of Meat online and I just thought I’d make this. In case you’re wondering my Gamertag is xIIBuZZKiLLIIx, same as my YouTube channel. – Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!
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Here are some action clips of my Inglis on a permanent press cycle. I haven’t bypassed the mercury safety switch so you’ll only get a little glimpse of the spin cycle. Hope you enjoy it.

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12 Jun 11 LaCoz3 – Halo: Reach Montage 1

Subscribe to my backup account for more Halo videos: This is LaCoz3’s 1st Halo: Reach montage, edited by himself. The gameplay ranges from average to flat out amazing, and overall, it’s great, featuring lots of sick sniper multikills, including a RIDICULOUS back to back to back exterminations killtrocity on Pinnacle. The editing is also really good, showcasing a lot of well done syncing and theater work. Similar to the gameplay, it has its off moments with some overdone effects and unnecessary emphasis, but is great overall. The soundtrack varies quite a bit and was pretty hit-or-miss for me, but I liked it overall. Also, I found this montage really amazing because it’s 11 minutes long and all from one guy for both the editing and the gameplay. Similar to Sandman’s 1st, this montage is definitely another contender for best Halo: Reach to date. Enjoy! “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead Like this quote? Then consider becoming a Gamer For Change by going here:
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****Sorry about the clips that don’t have transitions, messed it up while rendering the video**** Filmed a few random clips with Crispz on Daggerspine- Cyclone BG, most clips were taken on one day; 1/11. While playing an undergeared alt. Mmr in 2s is 2450 and 3s is 2560. As for the opponents… their mmr ranges between 2100-2500 but their skill level does not haha. Expect to see a some mistakes on our end as well., we just started playing together. More to videos to come in the future, with better opponents, and more quality clips.

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16 Apr 11 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Recon Montage

Hey folks, this is my third Bad Company 2 montage. My last two were more intended as trailers for the game, but this is the product of me experimenting with using weapons in ways they probably weren’t intended to be used. Namely, using and abusing the M95 to be deadly at all ranges. There are more practical rifles to use, especially in hardcore mode. The GOL, for example is faster to scope in and reload with no other drawbacks. But let’s be honest: none of them make that pleasing, beastly roar that the M95 does. And if it isn’t fun to fire, I’m probably just not gonna be that into it. ============================================= Recorded with: Fraps Edited and rendered in: Sony Vegas 8 Music: Mona Lisa Overdrive v2 – Juno Reactor Platform: PC I suggest viewing in HD, because I went to all the trouble of rendering a pretty high resolution version so that you could :) Aren’t I nice. Shut up bitch-tits, that was rhetorical. ============================================= PC Specs for those who have asked: OS: Windows XP Pro CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6700 @ 2.66GHz GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4870 (512MB RAM) RAM: 3GB Corsair DDR2 Motherboard: Asus P5Q SE Plus Her name is Shodan, I built her myself :) If you speak ill of her, she’ll strike you down like the pathetic bag of flesh you are.

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