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13 Feb 14 Houndstooth Collection from New Ravenna Mosaics


New Ravenna Mosaics introduces the Houndstooth Collection, designed by founder and creative director, Sara Baldwin. Handmade in Virginia, the Houndstooth Collection consists of 4 colorways, including a classic black and white, a luxurious gold and red, an iridescent purple and pink, and a pastel combination of aquamarine and white.


The Houndstooth Collection is a continuation of Baldwin’s explorations in designing mosaics inspired by textiles. Her prior designs have included ikat, suzani, paisley, kuba cloth, gingham, and plaid.

Houndstooth was originally created in the Scottish lowlands in the 19th century. The pattern was first used in American menswear in 1933 and has made a significant statement in the international fashion scene this season. Baldwin says, a classic pattern never really goes out of style. It is perennial, with cycles of popularity, like the one we are witnessing now. The broken-check pattern of houndstooth was a natural to adapt to mosaics. The challenge was to create unexpected modern colorways that allow you to see the traditional pattern with completely fresh eyes. This collection pays homage to my Scottish McCaleb family roots and my love of uninhibited color combinations.


The Houndstooth Collection is available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass, it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls. New Ravenna Mosaics tile is available in showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Dubai, and Russia.


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19 Jun 13 New Ravenna Mosaics new Delft Collection


New Ravenna Mosaics is proud to introduce the new Delft Collection in a blue and white palette of jewel glass. Dutch Deltfware was inspired by Chinese porcelain which was brought to the Netherlands by the United Dutch East India Company in 1620. Emulating the crisp and vibrant color combinations, the Dutch potters covered their earthenware pottery in a white tin glaze and used a cobalt, a metal oxide pigment, to add decorative motifs of daily life.


Inspired by both Asian and European ceramics, Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna Mosaics, has created five new mosaics depicting floral, 17th century French Chinoiserie and classical Roman pineapple border designs. Each uses the traditional hand cut method to shape individual pieces of glass and is made to order in the New Ravenna Mosaics studio on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Delft Collection is available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls. New Ravenna Mosaics.


Jewel glass water jet mosaic
Jewel glass and stone mosaic
Mosaic tile backsplash


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27 Jun 12 Erin Adams Collection for New Ravenna Mosaics


New Ravenna Mosaics, famous for its amazing mosaic backsplash designs, is proud to introduce their collaboration with product designer Erin Adams. Adams has been creating mosaics in a twenty year career that has also encompassed housewares and interior design. Known for her vivid palettes and experiments with stained glass, Adams celebrates folk art traditions to mid-century graphics while paying homage to the artists that have inspired her. In addition to the core selection of jewel glass colors offered by New Ravenna Mosaics, Adams has incorporated additional opaque hues and named them after the design icons she admires. Aalto, Girard, Knoll, Ponti, Zeisel and Eames all have a place in her personal color vocabulary. They certainly should find the way in your glass mosaic splashback.


The first Erin Adams collection for New Ravenna Mosaics includes twelve designs ranging from the continuous line mosaics inspired by Italian still life painter Giorgio Morandi to African textile kente cloth. Adams has playfully reproduced venerable Italian smalti in stained glass, replicating the shape of the legendary material in a riot of colors – all resulting in incredibly vivid mosaic tile backsplash.


Pop plays significantly in her treatment of objects from the natural world – flowers, coral, clouds, fish, and hearts. Erin Adams turns drops of water into mod cartoons, using black and white stone, artfully allowing the grout to play a significant role. She always wanted to create a happy and refreshing collection of kitchen backsplashes with the patterns in white and a contrasting grout color, as this allows the pattern to speak for itself in a clean and defined way. In the white mosaics grout becomes part of the design element.


The Erin Adams Collection for New Ravenna Mosaics in stone can be installed on floors and walls both indoors and out. The jewel glass mosaics are suitable for interior vertical installations.







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