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31 Oct 14 Siemens iQ 700 multi function oven


Siemens iQ 700 is the built-in single multifunction oven with high resolution TFT colour display. Combining stainless steel and black glass design, the 60cm Siemens HB78GB590B makes a striking impression in your kitchen.

Functionally, this Siemens oven features advanced cookControl with 68 automatic cooking programs that are going to help you to achieve perfect results. The main 14 cooking modes give you every opportunity to prepare healthy and delicious meals. You can work with hotairEco, 3D Hot Air Oven Cooking, Defrosting, Full Width Surface Grill, Center Surface Grill, Hot Air Grilling, Intensive Hot Air, Conventional Oven, Bottom Heat, HydroBaking, Intensive Conventional Heat, Keep Warm, Plate Warming and Low Temperature Cooking.

The iQ 700 is also super efficient, carrying energy rating of ‘A -30%’. Other features of this Siemens built-in oven include digital temperature display, illuminated retractable control dial, activeClean, softClose, heating-up indicator, actual temperature display, residual heat indicator, control panel lock, door locking option, automatic safety switch off, electronic oven clock timer, automatic on/off programmer, 2 interior lights, smooth enamelled oven interior, full glass inner door, heat reflective glass, memory setting, fast pre-heating function, Sabbath setting and 5 shelf positions. Seen in stores for approximately € 1300. Siemens.


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03 Nov 11 Multi Pro Excel Food processor FP980 by Kenwood

For more information please visit: With over 60 years of expertise in making food preparation products, Kenwood has developed the multipro EXCEL, a striking, bold and powerful food processor for the serious cook. The multipro EXCEL demonstrates the pinnacle of high quality food processing, and introduces the unique TOTAL SYSTEM. This sytem means that the food processor, 1.5L glass liquidiser and glass multi mill can all work from one drive at optimum speed, offering true versatility in a space-efficient footprint. Whether creating a large feast or preparing small quantities, the multiple bowl system (4L, 2.9L & 1.75L) provides extra convenience and with an impressive 55 possible functions, this food processor can master numerous culinary tasks with professional results. *Kenwood products, accessories and attachments vary between country. Please visit to view a full list of our products.
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21 Oct 11 Autodesk Inventor Multi Body Make Components

Whether you’re designing airplanes, appliances, or industrial machinery, this complete guide to Autodesk Inventor 2010 shows you how to produce and manage build-worthy 3D virtual prototypes from the ground up. Inventor experts Curtis Waguespack and Loren Jahraus not only pack this reference with veteran insights and valuable engineering principles, they also cover topics that are rarely documented elsewhere. Find it at
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How to measure the electricity individual appliances use with the Kill-A-Watt EZ by P3 International at
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06 Aug 11 Bench Pressing on the Powertec Multi System at

The Bench Press is one of the most popular weight training exercises. The leverage bench press on the Powertec Multi System will allow you to go absolute failure and beyond with complete safety. More info on Powertec Multi Systems can be found at: In this video Brad goes through how you can target different areas of the chest muscles. Make sure you watch the Shoulder Press video too as this goes through lifting techniques and rep ranges that apply to the bench press.
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06 Jun 11 Suffolk Wolsey Woodburning and Multi Fuel Cast Iron Stove distributed by Pevex Enterprises Ltd

The Wolsey stove (ST246) is a single arched door full cast iron stove which is rated at a nominal output of 10KW. This stove features one handle control of the secondary and tertiary air and also direct air induction allowing connection to a fresh air intake. For a large stove it is particularly controllable and this can be seen by watching this 2 min video. The flue connection is uniquely designed and located right at the back edge of the stove allowing for easier installation and forward projection of the stove into the room. Top and rear flue is available with this collar. The ashpan sits in an ashpan assembly under the stove and is accessed by a small door on the front. This is an attractive stove with a large arch window and reeded side panels allowing for a generous quantity of wood to be loaded. The stove features one handle air operation which controls the air through the fresh air inlet giving exact and precision control of airwash and tertiary air. Primary air is controlled by opening or closing the grate to allow air to pass through. The stages of the video shows the following: 1. Primary, secondary and tertiary air fully open and the stove is blazing away. 2. We close the primary air by shutting the grate….stove slows down. 3. The secondary and tertiary air is shut off with the lever at the back of the stove….notice how responsive the stove is by shutting down almost instantly. 4. The stove is starved of oxygen and is slumber mode. 5. Air is reintroduced
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This is the Rocket Stove warmed up and smoke free…starting to put out some heat. The wood strips burn down into the fire. Rusty spot on the top of the barrel is the hottest part of the heater. You can put a skillet on it for cooking…

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22 May 11 How to light a fire in a wood burning or multi fuel stove. Featured stove is an Esse 200.

Chris at Fahrenheit Stove Installation & Chimney Services in Leeds shows you how to light a fire. The stove is an Esse 200 at Monk Fryston Stoves. As you can see it’s very quick and easy. The most crucial bit is having access to dry wood. Start with smaller pieces and build it up. Check out
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These stoves are designed to save fuel by blossoming fast without the aid of a primer tape on the outside or a dish underneath. These stoves are strong enough to support the largest pan. My stoves are pressed together and crimped without the need for rivets or glue. They do not need to be primed and will blossom in about 10 seconds. 1 ¼ oz of fuel ( Heet or denatured alcohol ) will burn for 12 minutes. 2 cups of water will come to a rolling boil under 6 minutes. Measured burning time is with a pan on top of stove. The fuel will burn out faster without a pan.

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