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06 Jun 11 Noritz condensing unit: N-0842MC series product review

Introducing the NEWEST Noritz tankless gas water heater, the N-0842MC series. This unit is the latest in tankless water heaters featuring the new super-efficient CONDENSING technology. It is over 93% efficient compared to a traditional tankless which is about 83% efficient. This unit’s condensing heat exchanger is 100% stainless steel, unlike others which use copper/stainless with a non-stainless steel casing – which will corrode over time. The temperature stability is unmatched. The flow rates are unmatched. The water pressure is unmatched. The BEST condensing tankless available on the market today! CONDENSING technology’s higher efficiency significantly lowers the exhaust temperature, therefore less-expensive PVC can be used for its venting. Available in Natural Gas and Propane models only. ATTENTION!!! Traditional tankless water heaters CANNOT use PVC – it will cause the unit to fail and void the warranty. Category III stainless steel venting MUST be used on non-condensing traditional tankless water heaters. For more info visit:
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My water heater pilot light went out one day, and I had to figure out how to fix it. Turned out that the thermalcouple went bad, and had to replace it. It was only 6 bucks. Im sure im not the only sucker this happens to. Hope it helps someone. Enjoy!
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