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This is a original 1971 Buick GSX 455 car. Yes this is a original, NOT A CLONE, 1 of only 124 ever made in 71 that includes 350, 455 and 455 stage 1 cars all together. This car is registered in the GSX registry. This car was not known to exist until it was discovered a little while ago. There are 3 known so far out of all 1971 GXS’s to have a paint code of 62 which is Bittersweet Mist. The others Bittersweet Mist GSX’s are restored one is only a 350 engine and 350 auto tranny car. The other is a stage 1 455 car. So this is the only 455 engine 1971 GSX made in the color Bittersweet Mist to date. I have talked to the original owner and have a document that has been signed by him and notorized stating that this is a true 1971 GSX, which he bought on march 12, 1971. I have the original protecto plate This car is a 4owner car, and can be traced to every owner and all the owners are still alive. This was bought brand new at Key Buick & Opel in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/12/71. It stayed in Florida until mid 1979, then it went to the last of the 3 owners in Alabama where it stayed until about a month ago 2/1/08. Now it resides with me here in Pa. This was always a southern car and is about 98% rust free. It has just a little around the back rear window and a pin hole in the rear seat pan and where the battery box is, that was because of a leaky battery but thats it. I have alot of picture of the doors, trunk, floors, fenders, rad support, frame, etc and all of that is 100% solid
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06 Nov 11 The Exchange at Auburn | “Life is good and it’s only getting better” | Auburn, AL Auburn Apartments for Rent | Exchange at Auburn Fairfield Properties strives to provide superior apartment homes and service to our residents. Exchange at Auburn Apartments 300 East Longleaf Drive Auburn, AL 36830 (334) 821-3301 The Exchange at Auburn provides housing to students attending Auburn University, Southern Union State Community College, and Tuskegee University. Here at THE EXCHANGE, we’re not talking dorm rooms and apartments with your aunt’s old couch, we’re talking a community designed around your lifestyle, created to give you everything you need to be exposed to during your incredible college experience. Why settle for any old apartment or a tiny dorm room — expose yourself to a lifestyle for navigating your own path. Indulge yourself into style and comfort to get to your ultimate destination YOUR LIFE at The Exchange, where Luxury is Exposed. Resort style swimming pools, game room, full size washers and dryers, multi cycle dishwashers, free cable television, internet access, and fully furnished! CHECK OUT OUR NEW DOG PARK! Experience the Fairfield difference and find lease with confidence. | http Google Map | Check in on Foursquare | YouTube Channel | Watch This Exclusive Video Tour @ Exchange at Auburn |
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04 Oct 11 Fingers of the Sun – Heaven only Knows

Heaven only Knows, off of Fingers of the Sun’s debut self-titled album. Clips selected by Nathan, Assembled by Marcus. Listen to the entire album here:
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These are the facts –from the Lazyboy -so help me God This is who we are, this is what we do, this is what it is – the bare facts of the life we live This is who we are, this is what we do, oooo–oh Did you know, that 1 out of 4 Americans has appeared on tv? Did you know, 61% of all hits on the internet are on sex-sites? Everyday 21 newborn babies will be given to the wrong parents The average person swallows 8 spiders in a year Cannabis is the most widely abused drug in the world The average person laughs 13 times a day Elvis was originally blond The average age of first intercourse is 15.3 years old The average erect penis is 5,2″ long – and 4,2″ circumcised Eskimoes use refrigerators to keep food from freezing 41% of all people take people with curly hair less seriously 20% of all females have had at least 1 homosexual experience Did you know, that there is no such thing as an anti-wrinkle-creme? This is who we are, this is what we do, this is what it is – the bare facts of the life we live This is who we are, this is what we do, this is what it is These are the facts of the life that we live This is who we are Bare facts of the life we live This is who we are, this is what we do, this is who we are, are, are, are, are… 22% of the time, a pizza will arrive faster that an ambulance in Great Britain 96% of all women have at one time in their life faked an orgasm 3 people die every year, testing if a 9 volt battery works on their tongue The ‘Guinness Book Of Records
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02 Aug 11 Excel Magic Trick #13: SUM or COUNT only certain items! SUMIF COUNTIF functions

See how to use the SUMIF and COUNTIF functions to add and count given a certain condition. With this trick you can add only the sales for the salesperson Tina — or count them! Also, see the super fast keyboard shortcut for naming multiple ranges. Count words text based on a Condition. Count words text based on criteria. SUM Values based on a Condition. SUM Values based on criteria.
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11 Jun 11 The hot side of prepping…Adults only.

Start thinking about your heating need for next year or for a emergency. Wood stoves can be purchased now for a deep discount if you check around. Wood needs to be split and stacked so it can dry for your next season.

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16 Mar 11 DRYER VENT CLEANING only $55 across north Tampa Bay! 727-422-0005

RELIABLE APPLIANCE REPAIR specializes in dryer vent cleaning because its the one service we can provide which could save your home and your life! Lint-clogged dryers or vents are the leading cause of house fires in the US with over 18, 000 fires in 2008 alone. RELIABLE will thoroughly clean your vent line and the dryer cabinet, ensuring that a spark will not have any fuel to work with. We use a high powered vent-line brush to free all the lint from the sides of your venting, much like a roto-rooter would clean your plumbing lines. Then, we use a heavy duty vacuum to capture all the lint, leaving you with no messy clean-up. If needed, our technicians even have the parts to change out your vent transition or provide new clamps for your system. RELIABLE is proud to be able to provide you peace of mind as regards this leading cause of house fires for only . All technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured for your protection. Call us today to have this vital service performed. We serve NW Hillsborough, West pasco and North Pinellas Counties from our office in Holiday. Communities served include: Town & Country, Carrollwood, Lutz, Odessa, New Tampa, Land o’Lakes, Hudson, Spring Hill, Trinity, tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Dunedin , Clearwater and more. 727-422-0005 Check us out on the web for more information on this and other services we provide.
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