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16 Nov 13 Caso modern microwave oven


The narrow, brushed stainless steel side control panel contributes into extremely clean look of the new mirror black glass, modern microwave oven from Caso. The HCMG25 makes a stunning design statement in your modern kitchen, while offering top rated performance, typically delivered by Caso convection microwave ovens.

The Caso HCMG25 microwave cooks, bakes, heats, defrosts, browns and grills. The 25 litre cooking cavity has 31.5 cm diameter glass turntable and the operation is done via easy to follow intuitive icon controls. Here are the main features of this Caso modern microwave oven,
– 900 watt microwave power
– 1,100 watt grill power
– 240°C hot air convection
– stainless steel interior
– 10 automatic cooking programs
The Caso Microwave HCMG25 is available from mid-November for € 200.


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20 Sep 13 ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki


This 120 cm range cooker from ATAG, the FG1211DA features two ovens, a versatile rangetop with 7 cooking zones and a full width storage drawer. The stainless steel double oven makes any aspiring home cook feel like a top professional chef.

The rangetop has 3 flat, matt black enameled cast iron pan supports and 7 cooking zones, with the range of power wide enough for every imaginable type of cuisine. The stainless steel Teppan Yaki, heated by ceramic elements, offers 2 temperature zones 2.4 kW each. The gas burners include,
– left front 1.40 to 3.50 kW wok
– left rear 0.45 to 1.75 kW standard
– left middle 0.35 to 4.60 kW wok
– right front 0.24 to 1.00 kW simmer
– right rear 0.75 to 3.00 kW power

The 85 liter left multifunction oven offers 8 heating functions – hot air, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, top and bottom heat + fan, large grill, small grill, grill + fan and defrost. The 31 liter right conventional oven has bottom heat, top and bottom heat, large and small grill and grill. Both ovens have 5 shelf levels.

Other key features and accessories of this ATAG range cooker with double oven and Teppan Yaki are solid metal knobs, robust metal handles, integrated ignition with thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas protection, digital clock / timer with LED display, triple glazed CoolTouch doors, 2 enameled baking trays and 3 cooking grids. Sells for around € 6,900. ATAG.


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17 Jul 13 Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven with double infrared heating saves time


The new Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven provides instant heat, making preheating a thing of the past. The double infrared heating works magically, with the Far infrared heating used to efficiently cook the outside of the food, while the Near infrared heating penetrates the food and cooks the inside. You get delicious, evenly cooked food in a fraction of the time, when compared to a typical countertop cooking oven.


Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven comes with Quartz & Ceramic double infrared heating, Auto Cook menu with 6 preset cooking modes including Toast, Waffle, Roll, Pizza, Quick and Hash Brown, 25-minute digital timer, 250°F to 500°F temperature range, removable crumb tray, reminder beep and interior light. Price is around 0. Panasonic. Previously, Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set.


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16 Jun 13 Dacor Discovery IQ wall oven with Wi-Fi connectivity


The 30″ Discovery IQ wall oven comes with the integrated controller, built on a Samsung 1GHZ processor and 512MB DDR2 RAM. The first Dacor oven to feature Wi-Fi connectivity, the Discovery IQ brings the latest technological advances for the kitchens running on the Android OS platform. The unique controller is also equipped with stereo sound and a PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processing unit, delivering an exciting multimedia experience through a 7″ LCD glass touch screen panel.

The Discovery 30″ wall oven belongs to Dacor 9th generation of 30″ built-in ovens. The graphic user interface is easy to use. It was developed in close collaboration betwenn Dacor and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. With the built-in Discovery IQ Controller you can access the Dacor Discovery IQ Cooking Application and Guide, while in the same time downloading other popular applications through the Google Play Store, researching new recipes or viewing cooking video demonstrations through a home Wi-Fi network.

The Discovery IQ Controller with interactive cooking application and guide can also be accessed remotely throughout the home with your Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smart phone. Built-in cooking guide allows the IQ to completely eliminate the guesswork when cooking everything from restaurant-grade meals to family recipes, empowering you to make a wide range of dishes to perfection with the simple touch of a finger. Just select the desired recipe from the display menu, insert the dish, initiate the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest. And when the desired cook time is reached, the oven will place the dish on warming mode, keeping food warm until ready to serve.

Once a dish is ready to serve, the IQ will notify you via text message or push notification. Should the wall oven encounter a problem or require maintenance, IQ will notify you with an error message and an automated report will be sent to Dacor for troubleshooting. To ensure optimal IQ and oven performance levels, automatic system updates and self-diagnostics will be downloaded directly to the IQ Controller via Wi-Fi from the Dacor server.

Some of the core features of the 30″ Discovery IQ wall oven are,
– Guided Cooking, Quick Start Guide, My Modes, Slow Cook Mode, Personal Recipe Storage
– 4.8 cu. ft multirack oven with GlideRacks to move heavier dishes in and out
– Dacor exclusive 4-part Pure Convection System for superior heat distribution
– GreenClean Steam Technology which cleans light build-up in 30 minutes

The new Discovery 30″ wall ovens with exclusive IQ Controller should become available sometime during the summer, ,500 for a double and ,500 for a single wall oven. Dacor.


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14 Apr 13 Luce multifunction single oven


Designed by Makio Hasuike, the 60cm wide and tall multifunction Fast Clean Mono Control oven comes with a simple single dial that is used to set the temperature and timer, and select from 30 cooking programs.


These 30 cooking programs divided between 16 intelligent and 14 standard ones. The former are Bread, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Fish Fillet, Fish En Papillote, Tarts, Shortcrust Tarts, Brioche, Cake, Desserts, Paella, Pilau Rice and Yoghurt. The latter include Multi Level, Variable Grill, Fan Grilling, Proving, Pastries, Pizzas, Roast, Fish Slow Cooking at 75°C, 85°C and 110°C, Defrosting, Eco and Pasteurization.

The Luce multifunction single oven features High Definition Cooking which employ a unique range of advanced heating technologies for a perfect heat distribution. The extremely efficient oven also comes with LED door lighting, halogen internal light, Fast Clean Pyrolytic Cycles, 24-hour electronic programmable timer with time and temperature control, and triple glazed Cool Touch door. Luce by Hotpoint.

Luce built-in coffee machine
Hotpoint Luce Direct Flame hobs


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19 Mar 13 Grundig EcoChamp multifunction oven


Styled similar to the Grundig multifunction oven with steam function but in fingerprint-free stainless steel, the elegant Grundig EcoChamp GEBM 34000 X is a sleek multifunction oven, which consumes 40% less energy than a typical ‘A’ rated model. It features an animated LCD display and 12 heating / cooking modes, including an option for gentle thawing, Eco Hot Air, Keep Warm function and Pizza.


Cleaning the Grundig EcoChamp GEBM shouls be a breeze, as the oven comes with removable clean-glass inner door, removable multilevel side racks and the smooth enameled interior. The 65 liter GEBM 34000 X also has booster function for quick heating, interior light that turns on when door opens, baking tray and roasting grill. Price is € 1,070. Grundig.


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21 Feb 13 De Dietrich oven collection with interactive display


This 60 litre De Dietrich oven comes with proprietary Eolyse air purification system that reliably removes even the most persistent smells. The DOP1190B features Intelligent Control System with 15 automatic cooking programs, cooking guide with 60 recipes and 9 low temperature cooking modes – all digitally controlled and observed trough the TFT Animated touch screen display.

Also available in stainless and white, the pyroclean De Dietrich oven comes with electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, auto-safety shut off, child lock, cool-touch glass door, removable glass inner door and high grade enamel interior for easy cleaning, and 2 interior halogen lights. For your convenience, 2 anti-tip shelves, full width meat pan, grill shelf, rotisserie with trivet, multiposition telescopic shelf, deep low temperature cooking tray and baking tray are included.


The De Dietrich DOM1195B is Premium Collection compact multifunction microwave oven with interactive illuminated display and 40 litre cooking capacity. 13 oven functions, 11 pre-programmed recipes and 7 defrost options allow you to experiment with your cooking creativity. This elegant appliance neatly combines the 1.75 kW grill and 1.00 kW microwave, offering unlimited cooking possibilities. Key features are digital temperature control, electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, child lock, drop down grill for easy cleaning, enamel interior, interior light and cookery book. Comes with full width meat pan with grill trivet, anti-tip shelf, and glass tray. Other finishes are stainless and white.


The 40 litre De Dietrich DOS1195B is compact oven with steam function, 1 litre electronically controlled water receptacle, 1.00 kW microwave, 1.75 kW grill, digital temperature control and digital touch controls, 14 pre-programmed recipes, 3 defrost options and 8 pre-prepared dishes. The interactive display oven has electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, child lock, high grade easy clean enamel interior, cool-touch glass door, full width meat pan with grill trivet, anti-tip shelves, baking tray and shallow meat pan. Also available in stainless steel and white. De Dietrich.


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03 Feb 13 Wood burning pizza oven – Margherita by Forni USA


Forni USA, the US distributor of Italian made Fontana Forni wood burning ovens and grills, is adding all-steel Forno Toscano Margherita to its line. Available in spring of 2013, the modern interpretation of traditional brick oven combines the speed and efficiency with the authentic touch of old world cooking.

Crafted in Italy from the highest quality stainless steel with rock based insulation, this oven heats up to required temperature in just 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to cook directly on the cooking stone to obtain incredibly crispy brick oven crust. Forni USA is sure, the solidly welded yet very portable Toscano Margherita will become its best selling wood burning pizza oven. For more information visit Fontana Forni USA.


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13 Jan 13 Oranier Artemis Vertiko oven


At 78%, Oranier Artemis Vertiko isn’t among the most efficient Oranier wood burning ovens, but it certainly makes up in design and looks.


The sleekly built 6.0 kW wood burning oven features two massive natural stone elements with stainless insert and large rectangular window that allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of hot flames. Oranier Artemis Vertiko is designed to use outside air that is led directly into the oven combustion chamber. Price is around € 2,100. Previously, Arkona wood burning stove from Oranier.


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31 Dec 12 Retro coffee machine and microwave oven from Restart


If you like the cool retro look of Restart antique appliances, you can now have it in built-in 60cm wide coffee machine and microwave oven. Can be yours in any RAL color or, by special order, entirely in in burnished brass.


Inside of the retro coffee machine and oven are modern and very advanced Miele systems. The coffee machine can make espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino from already ground coffee or whole beans, and features self cleaning cycle and 15-bar pump. You can also create and store several custom profiles, so everyone has espresso or latte exactly to his or her taste . Both ‘A’ rated retro appliances come with Miele Navitronic control display that guides you in plain text in some 20 different languages.


Built-in retro microwave oven offers 15 methods of cooking, including microwave plus, thermovent, grill, top and bottom heat, bottom heat, grill and fan, intense cooking, roasting, automatic, thaw and 4 combined modes. You also get numerous presets programs and over integrated 100 recipes. Restart.



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