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16 Mar 14 Palazzetti Lady Fire wood burning stove


The latest from Palazzetti, the traditional style Lady Fire wood burning stove has sturdy steel structure for solid, uncompromising build, and is entirely clad in beautiful, decorated ceramic. Lady Fire features Palazzetti dual combustion Magnofix firebox with almost silent opening mechanism, the VDF patented system for perfect draught management and the rounded door with large glass window for panoramic view of the fire.


Palazzetti Lady Fire offers just under 8.0 kW heat output at 81% burning efficiency and is available in 4 stunning ceramic models – Mikonos, Capri, Ischia, Boston. Palazzetti.

Hi Fire panoramic fireplace from Palazzetti
Pellet burning stove from Palazzetti
Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves


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25 Oct 12 Hi Fire panoramic fireplace from Palazzetti


The beautiful Hi Fire from Palazzetti is a contemporary panoramic fire place, characterised by innovative technical features that reflect the latest trends in modern fireplace design. You can set Hi Fire in the centre of the room or mount it on the wall – whatever your choice will be, the wide panoramic view of the fire, a glossy black glass and Palazzetti Hot Stone shell surely make the fireplace a focal point in the house.


Besides being aesthetically pleasant, the versatile Hot Stone is ductile and transformable material, capable of storing a lot of heat which is gradually released into the environment, keeping you pleasantly warm for quite sometime. The heart of the fireplace is a gas-fired Monoblocco model firebox, fully backed by Palazzetti. It is produced according to the most stringent industry regulations, giving your instant peace of mind. And thanks to the coaxial vent pipe of Hi Fire, the panoramic fire place does not draw air in from the room. Palazzetti.


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20 Oct 12 Pellet burning stove from Palazzetti


Designed in collaboration with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the new Ecofire pellet stove, La Graciosa brings its beautiful form and advanced Palazzetti pellet burning technology into modern European homes. Featuring Agatha hearts and bright colours, La Graciosa is a fully-automatic and programmable pellet burning stove.


La Graciosa evenly and constantly distributes heat through radiation and natural convection. With its rounded lines made in ductile Hot Stone, this pellet stove accumulates the heat and yields a little at a time, pleasantly heating the home even after the stove has turned off. Palazzetti incorporated digital control panel, automatic ignition and integrated programmer with up to 6 customised programs that allow you to set daily and weekly operating hours. In addition, the pellet burning stove comes with room temperature probe to maintain the set temperature constant.

Other key features include integrated interface for external thermostat, large self-cleaning ceramic glass door, integrated and centralized ash-collecting system in a removable drawer, aesthetically pleasing, cool-touch handle, adjustable 400 m³/h tangential fan and remote control. Palazzetti. Previously, panoramic fireplace.


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