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18 May 14 Panasonic microwave steamer oven


Panasonic NN-CS894 combines a steamer, an inverter microwave, a grill and an oven in one sleek compact countertop appliance. This microwave steamer oven helps you retain all vitamins and minerals with healthier and tastier dishes.


The Panasonic Steam Combi oven features advanced Combi function that lets you combine several cooking processes for healthy and mouth watering results. The 32 litre oven comes with the integrated 650 ml water tank so no external water connection is required. Beautiful finish, 2-level convection cooking, intuitive controls and ease of cleaning. Panasonic.


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02 Feb 14 Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine


This compact fully automatic coffee machine from Panasonic comes with 3.5″ color touch LCD screen for easily personalized selection, 15 bar pump, memory function, milk frother and 5-stage step less adjustable grinder, allowing you to prepare your favourite coffee drink at the touch of an icon.


Everything is adjustable with the Panasonic NC ZA1HXE coffee machine – coffee strength, size, temperature, amount of milk, amount of foam, grinding finesse. You have 5 coffee temperatures, 4 programmable memory slots, 1.4 liter removable water tank with 6-cup capacity, 1-liter milk tank, 2-cup function, removable brewing unit, cup illumination, automatic shutdown, integrated cord storage, water hardness tester, descaling function, milk system cleaner and water filter adapter. Price for the Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine, the NC ZA1HXE is approximately € 1,000. Panasonic.


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17 Jul 13 Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven with double infrared heating saves time


The new Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven provides instant heat, making preheating a thing of the past. The double infrared heating works magically, with the Far infrared heating used to efficiently cook the outside of the food, while the Near infrared heating penetrates the food and cooks the inside. You get delicious, evenly cooked food in a fraction of the time, when compared to a typical countertop cooking oven.


Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven comes with Quartz & Ceramic double infrared heating, Auto Cook menu with 6 preset cooking modes including Toast, Waffle, Roll, Pizza, Quick and Hash Brown, 25-minute digital timer, 250°F to 500°F temperature range, removable crumb tray, reminder beep and interior light. Price is around 0. Panasonic. Previously, Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set.


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26 Jun 13 Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set


The new modern breakfast set from Panasonic is made of high quality stainless steel and violet or grey glass. The set consists of coffee maker, toaster and electric kettle. Straight minimalist lines, overly simplistic, robust industrial look and sought-after features will certainly be appealing to the modern consumer.


The 1.4 liter stainless steel Panasonic kettle features Cool Touch exterior, Push Open lid mechanism, water level indicator, encased heater and washable lime scale filter. Design wise, the new kettles offer elegance, functionality, highest materials and finishes.


Ergonomic handles and spouts of this Panasonic kettle make for easy pouring and filling. Made to last, the kettle has blue LED indicator, 360° degree base, integrated cord storage and auto shut off. Price is 0.



The new robust 2-slice toaster is the perfect complement to Panasonic Breakfast Collection. It offers 7 browning levels, defrost and reheat settings, and a bread centering feature for optimal browning results with a variety of breads. Ergonomic side handles and stainless buttons allow for easy selection and use.


Made in stainless and transparent glass, these toasters come with stainless steel interior and Cool Touch exterior, Reheat, Defrost and Cancel settings, High Lift feature, buit in warming rack, automatic shut off and integrated cord storage. Price is 0.



The 8-cup Panasonic coffee maker features strong cubic shape, aroma selector, paperless filter and blue LED Indicators. Made in high quality stainless steel and glass, like the rest of the new Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set, it has anti drip function, auto shut off, water level gauge and integrated cord storage. Price is 0. Panasonic.



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01 Mar 13 Panasonic Genius Prestige microwave


The new Panasonic NN-SE982S Genius Prestige microwave features an electrostatic touch dial with blue LED backlight, which allows you to drag the finger on the circular sensor pad to select menu choices. The modern design also includes a blue LED display adding to its stylish look. In addition to the blue dial control, there are one-touch and quick-access buttons for popcorn, Sensor Cook, Sensor Reheat and Turbo Defrost.


The NN-SE982S Genius Prestige microwave oven features Panasonic Inverter Technology, which provides constant energy flow that variably adjusts the power intensity so food is cooked evenly. Other microwaves use 100% power all the time, but repeatedly turn the energy on and off in lower power settings. Instead, Panasonic consistent and precise heat provides more control while cooking, reheating and defrosting. One-Touch Sensor Cook, adjusts power levels and calculates cooking times automatically, making reheating and cooking a variety of foods even easier, and Inverter Turbo Defrost allows to defrost foods extremely fast by using a sequencing system that incorporates the Inverter low-power delivery feature.

Other features of this compact Panasonic microwave include multilingual Menu Action Screen that acts like a professional chef, guiding you in the kitchen with scrollable step-by-step cooking instructions in English, Spanish, or French, Keep Warm Feature which keeps food temperatures at a constant level ready to serve without overcooking, one-touch Quick Minute Feature that automatically sets the time in increments of 1 minute and optional matching trim kit accessory for built-In Installation. Price for Panasonic Genius Prestige microwave is 0.


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21 Nov 11 Panasonic 2011 Product Showcase

Panasonic New Zealand presents the 2011 product line-up, from our soon-to-be released refrigerators through to new Full HD 3D TVs. To learn more about the Panasonic TV range: Home Appliances: Home Theatre: Brought to you by

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26 Jun 11 Debut Event for Panasonic Beauty in Taiwan

On March 30, 2011, Panasonic Taiwan introduced the newly products of Panasonic Beauty series such as hair dryers, face steamers, shavers, ultrasonic-vibration toothbrush and massage sofa. At the debut event held in Taipei, Ms. Yukie Nakama who is a famous actress also appeared in the video.

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20 May 11 Panasonic Prototype Eco-House in Tokyo, Japan

Eco-friendly tech house with fuel-cell electricity, smart appliances, and more.

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31 Mar 11 Panasonic Flatbed Combination Microwave Oven NN-CF778S

Because our Flatbed combination microwave ovens don’t have a turntable, you can fit more in. And whether you’re roasting a chicken or baking cupcakes, Inverter technology and a variety of cooking methods will give perfect results each time. Home Appliances for Intelligent Living

This is the first video I ever made and it consists of a Union labor force that have lost their jobs to outsourcing. I personally do not blame Whirlpool. I understand that it is not their fault that they can not compete with foreign factories because our country taxes us and lets foreign countries thrive in our market. This is causing the destruction of creating jobs and will eventually lead to USA being a third world country. Also the Unions are also helping create their own demise by not being educated on the candidates that they support. The same candidates they supported shut down there retirement funds and stole their pensions and they continue to support them. This is not what 99% of my videos consist of and it is not my main focus. I did this as a practice project. I filmed it with a Canon XL1.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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