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21 Nov 11 Pushups for People who can’t do Pushups

Here are some simple exercises you can try to help you with your pushups
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20 Sep 11 Fox’s Varney: “What [Poor People] Lack Is the Richness of Spirit”

Earlier this month, Jon Stewart skewered Fox Business host Stuart Varney for suggesting that poor people weren’t really poor, because they owned kitchen appliances like refrigerators.
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Jesse playing one of Days N Daze’s best songs in my kitchen.

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04 May 11 Dryer Vents Ruin Homes and Make People Sick by Marko Vovk

Many dryer vents are poorly installed. These units can cause major house damage form the high indoor humidity they produce. Leaking dryer vents also cause high indoor airborne particulate that can make people sick. This video teaches the basic dryer vent 101 concepts. For more information on homes please go to wwwhouseinvestigationcom.z
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28 Apr 11 Inclined Bed Therapy Helps People With Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI and Spinal Cord Injury

Could Sleeping on an Inclined Bed have a dramatic positive affect on our health? Is sleeping on a flat bed safe? To find out more about this exciting discovery visit my web site: My Blog Or search the web using Andrew K Fletcher or inclined bed therapy. New IBT Forum: Postural Therapy Currently conducting a 3rd study for people with multiple sclerosis CCSVI A new forum has been set up Will all the answers to our many serious health problems be found in a pill or injection? Please help to get the word out there in doing so help someone by showing them this very important video. This discovery was brought about by questioning how trees lift water to their leaves without any pump. Answer: Evaporation from the leaves alters the density of the sap at the leaf. Gravity pulls the heavier sap down causing the more dilute sap at the roots to be pulled up. Denser sap is utilised in the trees ever increasing bulk and any sap reaching the roots is re-diluted by the water pulled in from the soil by the tension applied to the water molecules. Now apply this to lung function: Breathing out becomes very important, exhaling also MUST alter the density of the fluids in the lungs and gravity MUST act on the density changes! Please dont forget to rate the video and please help people and send a link to this important video to people who need to know about this discovery You can host or post the video on your site

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