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18 Nov 11 Phoenix Tile Removal Crew: Our Virtually DUST FREE Thinset Removal (Saves Your Home!) Are you a homeowner or contractor faced with a difficult or health sensitive tile removal project? Is one of your biggest concerns the massive amount of cancer causing concretes dust that will find its way into your cabinets, drawers, closets, air ducts, walls, ceiling, bookcase, hutches, appliances, etc.? You’ve probably heard it will be a very long and dusty process. Does it worry you to know your tile removal project will take many (4-8 days) to complete, and that cleaning up from the mess will take weeks if not months to complete. This type of thorough cleaning will require a huge expense of your time and money. We have solutions for all those concerns. Our videos prove it. We have developed a proprietary tile & thinset removal system so advanced that we guarantee 99.99% dust free tile and thinset removal, and about 5 times faster than any other method currently in existence. Our system is designed to protect your homes contents so the air quality during the removal process remains safe and clean. I’m also willing to teach anyone about this system, including the type of equipment necessary to duplicate the extraordinary results in this video. Watch the difference our ceramic tile removal and thinset removal equipment makes when it comes to keeping things really clean. We have a patent pending tool accessory called the DustRam™ for our Bosch electric chipping hammers, CDCLarue PB-1250 Industrial Vacuums, CDCLarue Dust Grabber Shrouds, Modified Edco
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27 Aug 11 More reason Scottsdale & Phoenix should enforce Codes!

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Arizona… A place where retarded builders and architects who failed in more strict areas like California can come and build retarded houses with poor and unsafe access to HVAC equipment! Here are some more pictures from my picture archive synched together with music. I even included the adress’ to some of these jobs! Enjoy!
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14 Aug 11 We need Code Enforcement in Phoenix, AZ – Vol I

In the Phoenix area of Arizona (Maricop County), we have a serious problem with the lack (or practically NILL) mechanical, electrical, and safety code enforcement. The HVAC industry is full of undertrained installers and technicians and just outright HACKS! The HVAC contractors easily hire installers and technicians and send them out to install and service the equipment with no one to ensure they are properly trained or certified to do the job properly. When I was an installer and technician in another area I was used to my employer pulling the required permits and having inspections. Each job had a county inspector go over the work and require us to correct any problems. When I moved to Phoenix I was stunned with what I was seeing. This area is a massive HACK-FEST and there is practically no regulation as to how any of these HVAC companies operate. The customer himself is the only person to look over the completed job. And at that point it’s the contractor’s word over the customer’s. If we only could get this area to enforce these HVAC contractors to pull a permit and have inspections, we could stop 90% of this crap. These improper installs create problems with the performance of the equipment (actual efficiency verus the advertised efficiency) as well as proper and safe access for the technician and safety for the end user.

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11 Jul 11 Miele production plants incorporate sensors and actuators – Phoenix Contact Miele manufactures dishwashers and recently built two brand new production plants. Together, these two plants produce a total of 4000 dishwasher cavities daily. When it came to wiring sensors and actuators in their field installations, Miele trusted products from Phoenix Contact. Miele incorporated Phoenix Contacts’ new Speedcon® quick-locking system and its comprehensive product program. Because they were searching for a high level of efficiency, Miele also selected the cables from Phoenix Contact. This allows for shorter installation time and faster component replacement. The need for halogen-free cables was another appealing draw to Phoenix Contact. Overall, with Speedcon, Miele reduced connection time by 90 percent.

Fast cleaning, energy efficient Siemens dishwashers.

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21 Apr 11 Phoenix Alcohol Stove (Trangia knockoff) Boil Test #1

In this video I do a boil test on another stove I bought on ebay. The eBay ad called it a Phoenix Alcohol Stove and I bought it for . Weights: Burner w/simmer ring: 100g = 3.5 oz = .22 pounds Stand alone: 87g = 3.05 oz = .19 pounds Everything together: 188g = 6.6oz = .412 pounds Lab0162 Title: Phoenix Alcohol Stove (Trangia knockoff) Boil Test #1 Room temp: 54° Humidity: 36% Weather condition: Sunny Burner: Trangia knockoff Stove/Pot stand: Phoenix Alcohol Stove Pot: Boy Scout pot #1 Fuel: Denatured alcohol Amount of fuel: NA Amount of water: 2 cups Water temp at start: 55° Time to boil : 7 minute(s) 27 second(s) Time to run-out: NA Water temp at run-out: NA Note: No residue on bottom of pot. NA = Not Applicable / Not Available
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Watch the video of the Heta Classic inset stove and see the beauty of the flames dancing around the firebox. Watch how controllable this wood burning stove is by adjusting the secondary air slider to slow the stove and then bring it back to life by opening the air supply up.
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01 Apr 11 HVAC Training School, Phoenix AZ

The Refrigeration School Inc of Phoenix AZ provides HVAC school and Refrigeration training, Heating repair classes, Air Conditioning repair training, Ventilation System Training in Phoenix, Arizona
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20 Mar 11 HVAC Training School, Phoenix AZ

The Refrigeration School Inc of Phoenix AZ provides HVAC school and Refrigeration training, Heating repair classes, Air Conditioning repair training, Ventilation System Training in Phoenix, Arizona
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