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29 Sep 15 Amica Platinum built-in oven


The new Amica built-in oven, the EB 13578 W belongs to Amica New Platinum Line. Featuring a white front and a straight steel handle, this oven also comes with the Duo halogen lighting and retractable, illuminated control knob.

The multi function Amica Platinum oven offers 11 cooking functions and boost heating, easy to clean cool-touch triple-glazed door and ‘A’ energy rating. See Amica Hansa oven.

This 66 liter oven also has Steam Clean function, smooth all-glass inner door without crevices with the printed temperature table for optimal cooking and baking processes. Amica. Previously, Amica Scandium oven.


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18 Jul 11 Fairy Platinum Dual Action Tab TV Advert

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17 Jul 11 The All New 2010 Toyota Tundra!!! (Platinum!)

to Tundra lovers like me! and worldwide. *OMG! over 100000 views :D* Please comment about the Tundra and rate it! Here is a article about the new 2010 Toyota Tundra: Toyota has done a lot to make the Tundra competitive and appealing to Americas fiercely loyal full-size pickup buyers, from giving it humongous dimensions and big-rig styling to installing a stompin 381-hp 5.7-liter V-8. But has it done enough? Evidently not. At the 2009 Chicago auto show, two new trim levels and a new, populist-grade V-8 made their debut for the 2010 model year. Two New Trims At the low end of the Tundra range is a utilitarian Work Truck package that deletes many standard Tundra comfort features such as keyless entry, power side mirrors, cruise control, cloth upholstery, silver dash trim, and various gauges and courtesy lights. On the outside, the Tundra Work Truck will include a black grille surround and bumpers instead of chrome. The Work Truck will be priced 0 to 5 less than the base 2010 Tundra, although the pricing has not yet been finalized. At the top of the Tundra lineup is a new high-spec Platinum Package for Tundras ordered both in the gargantuan four-door CrewMax body style and with the big 5.7-liter V-8. For an additional 40, the Platinum adds heaps of comfort and styling features onto the Tundra Limited, including a new billet-style grille, unique 20-inch wheels, and a smattering of Platinum badges. The limo-sized interior is made even more sumptuous with luxury
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This video shows the great engineering that goes into DCS ranges and cooktops. Visit for more information on DCS appliances.
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02 May 11 fairy platinum dishwasher tab test part 3

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Where to find the model and serial number rating label for dishwashers. More tips at
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