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28 May 14 AEG OKOKombi Plus washer dryer and OKOMix washing machine


AEG introduces the first ever washer dryer with heat pump technology, the ÖKOKombi Plus, and its most efficient, high performance washing machine ever, the ÖKOMix.

Designed for the most efficient combined washing and drying performance in the world, the ÖKOKombi Plus uses 40% less energy compared to other ‘A’ energy rated washer dryers. It is best in class when it comes to energy and water usage, and the ‘A -40%’ energy rating equates to a saving of up to £70 per year in energy costs alone, compared with an ‘A’ rated model.

In addition to its very high efficiency and performance, the robust yet gentle ÖKOKombi comes with the 9 kg Protex Soft Drum that has tiny rounded holes, enabling it to treat even the most delicate of fabrics, like silk and wool, with the utmost care and attention.

Heat pump technology also enables drying at around 70°C, which is much lower than in conventional washer dryers and tumble dryers that use standard condenser technology. This means that fabrics are handled incredibly gently and are subjected to less heat during the drying process, meaning they are much less likely to shrink and fade. These superb performance and fabric care attributes have been certified with the Woolmark Blue accreditation, meaning that you can safely wash and dry Hand Wash Only garments to an exceptionally high standard.

The ÖKOKombi Plus also features the soft steam programs to deliver fluffy, crease free results, making ironing incredibly easy and hassle free. Steam is also the perfect solution for freshening up worn-once items and for giving delicate garments the attention and care they deserve.

Up to 6 kg of laundry can be washed and dried non-stop in one single cycle. All you have to do is activate the drying program at the start of the wash cycle, and drying will begin automatically when the machine has finished washing. This means that there is no need to separate the laundry or manually start the drying program.

AEG ÖkoKombi Plus L99695HWD 9+6kg washer dryer is equipped with the Permanent Magnet Inverter Motor which is up to 50% more efficient than a standard inverter motor, and is incredibly durable and very quiet. This washer dryer also employs the SilentSystem Plus for incredibly quiet operation.

The OptiSense system automatically adjusts program settings to maximize performance and minimize energy and water consumption, ensuring colours stay rich and vibrant for longer and energy costs are kept to a minimum.

Other features include,
– AutoOff automatically switches the machine off 10 minutes after the wash cycle ends
– intuitive LCD touch control and stainless steel panel
– 1,400 rpm max spin speed
– 5 year warranty
Price for the AEG ÖkoKombi Plus L99695HWD is £1,300.


The new AEG ÖKOMix washer offers an ‘A+++ -50%’ energy rating and Woolmark Platinum Accreditation. This washing machine comes with the innovative Pre-Mixing technology and the ÖKO Inverter Permanent Magnet Motor. You can wash everything from large 9kg cotton loads to the most delicate of Hand Wash Only garments such as silk and cashmere, while keeping a green conscience.

Unlike with the majority of washing machines that mix laundry, water and detergent together, so the detergent takes a rather long time to dissolve and get to work, with ÖKOMix Pre-Mixing technology, the detergent is first added to water to make an instant, concentrated wash mix. Then AEG DirectSpray system delivers the mix directly into the heart of your laundry, where it begins to work immediately. This results in a more thorough, yet gentle wash, that uses less energy and is just as effective at 30°C as it is at 40°C.

A full 9 kg load of soiled laundry can be washed perfectly at ‘A+++ -50%’ in under 3.5 hours, while smaller loads will be cleaned using the optimum amount of time, water and energy, as determined by the ÖKOMix washer many intelligent sensors. In comparison, other models available today promising the same extraordinary energy efficiency rating can take as long as 7 hours to complete the same wash.

The ÖKOMix washing machine comes with the Woolmark Green certificate for its exceptionally gentle care of woolen and cashmere garments. It treats all Hand Wash Only garments, no matter how expensive or delicate, with expert care.

The designated steam program can refresh Dry Clean Only suits and dresses, saving time and money.

The AEG L89499FL ÖKOMix washer perfectly complements the AEG ProSteam dryer, with matching large glass door, control panel and sleek silver frame. The LogicControl touch display is made of high quality stainless steel and has an anti fingerprint coating. Thanks to the intuitive menu guide, the washing machine is also extremely easy to operate.

The ÖKOMix washer features 16 programs including Super Eco, Delicates, Dry Clean Only. Price is £800. AEG.


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03 Jan 13 Oranier Astra Plus steel stove


The modern steel stove from Oranier comfortably heats around 144 m³ of living space and burns 40cm wood logs, producing 7.0 kW heat output at 80% efficiency. The environmentally clean Astra Plus can operate continuously for up to 24 hours.


The precision controlled Oranier steel stove automatically adjusts air when burning wood logs or coal briquettes. The specially designed heat storage helps to keep your dwelling warm up to 10 hours after stove stops burning.

Astra Plus door comes with the Oranier multipoint locking system which prevents the fire door from being distorted by high heat – in addition to creating airtight seal against an unwanted airflow, thus maintaining stable wood burning. Available in black steel with gray, burgundy, terracotta or white tile insets.

Wood burning ovens from Oranier
Wood burning stoves – Oranier 90th Anniversary Edition


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16 May 12 Miele vacuums with AirClean filter bag plus Sealed System


The Miele patented AirClean Filter-Bag plus Sealed System ensures improved indoor air quality, making homes healthier and cleaner. Tested by an independent laboratory the proprietary cleaning system captures and retains over 99.9% of harmful pollutants – an average of 21 times more than popular HEPA-filtered bagless vacuums. On average, the leading HEPA-filtered bagless vacuum cleaner emitted over 175,900 lung-damaging particles per minute during comparative testing.

Bagless vacuums equipped with only a HEPA filter, and not Sealed System technology, do not effectively prevent particle emissions during vacuuming. Additionally, harmful, toxic matter is released into the air when bagless vacuums are emptied into the trash, creating noxious air indoors.

When using any vacuum without a Sealed System or one without a proper filtration system, carbon is emitted from the machine. This fine particulate matter, invisible to the naked eye, is left suspended in the air we breathe. Particles measuring 0.3-0.5 microns have a greater likelihood of being inhaled into the lungs, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream or remain embedded in lung tissue. While your floor may appear cleaner, the air you take in may not be.


A common misconception is that bagless vacuums are more environmentally-friendly than those requiring bags. Given the data, bagless vacuums significantly contribute to infusing the air with harmful particles, suggesting it is not at all hygienic to employ these machines. Additionally, many bagless machines require more frequent emptying than those with bags, further contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Miele AirClean Filter-Bags are made of a durable, nine-layer electro-static fiber which grabs fine particles that can leak through lesser quality bags. An Auto-Sealed collar, which fits snugly around the bag, is made of durable plastic that snaps shut when the bag is removed, eliminating the possibility of dust escaping, thus the Miele Sealed System. Some are concerned about the impact of vacuum cleaner bags on the environment. Given the potential health risks associated with bagless vacuums it would appear the trade off is a worthy one. To prevent illness and the spread of unhealthy debris, it is critical to employ protective bags with a Miele AirClean Sealed System. Miele.


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28 Sep 11 Solac Squissita PLUS


If Solac Neo Espression Supremma is not exactly the espresso machine you are looking for, consider elegant, capable and far less expensive Solac Squissita PLUS CE4550. Finished in sleek titanium color, the Squissita PLUS comes with 18 bar pressure pump, which is ideally suited for coffee extraction and does not break the cream.

Solac CE4500 and CE4490

The Solac espresso coffee machine features exclusive built-into-filter double cream system, designed to prevent the free flow of the coffee and increase the pressure required to brew the coffee, Comfort Clean filter holder that needs no accessories to make one or two cups, cup warming tray, super silent QSD technology, stainless-steel steam nozzle, stainless-steel boiler, DDS System that releases residual pressure after extracting the coffee and gets rid of the annoying drip, and removable 12-litre water tank with water level indicator. In addition, Solac Squissita PLUS can be used with different sizes of cups as well as single-dose coffee pods and ground coffee. And you can add two-position foamer accessory for preparing exquisite cappuccinos, and latte machiatos. Seen in stores for as little as € 90. Solac.


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17 Jul 11 PEX Fittings, 07950: PLUS MANIFOLD 8 PORT W/VALVES

PEX Flair-It Plus plumbing manifolds are an excellent choice for both plumbing repair or new construction. Compact modular design is simple and contains no O-rings. Easy to use, expand and repair if necessary. Flair-It Plus manifolds are lead-free and do not rust, corrode or change the taste of water. Visit our website for additional information or call 800-842-2543.
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11 Jun 11 Raclette grill – Steba RC3 Plus Chrome


The Steba RC3 Plus Chrome grill comes with the natural stone plate which becomes hot in an instant, allowing you to cook without fat. This versatile raclette grill also has 8 small enamelled pans that are dishwasher safe, puncture- and scratch-resistant. Its turnable steel plate features grill pattern, ideal for all sorts of meat and flat surface which is perfectly suited for vegetables, fish and crepes. Other features of Steba RC3 raclette grill are 26 x 26 cm grilling area, temperature selector and on/off switch. Price is £116.

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30 May 11 Jadakiss Im an Animal Freestyle 50 cent diss Plus Lyrics

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27 Feb 11 AEG ProTex Plus washer and dryer


The new AEG laundry pair, ProTex Plus washer and dryer will provide the highest quality results and do it with the gentlest care. Part of the innovative AEG New Collection, the ProTex Plus offers excellent washing and drying efficiencies, and variety of programs to satisfy laundry needs of the most demanding consumers.


Highlights of AEG ProTex Plus washer include,
– special sensing system controls automatically water, energy and duration
– AEG unique Advanced Washing Technology wets clothing quickly and evenly, and prevents over-concentration of detergent
– specially designed honeycomb drum offers excellent care for textiles, and due to the combination of small holes and large perforated surface, protects the fabric and allows excellent washing and efficient flushing
– large 70-liter drum allows you to clean everything you need
– integrated weight sensor helps with precise loads and correct detergent doses
– stainless steel control panel, stylish knob and touch display on top models
The new AEG ProTex Plus washers are priced between € 870 and € 1,250.


The 118-litre drum of the ProTex dryer takes up to 9kg and features modern heat pump technology to deliver perfect drying results. It is also equipped with a new extra quiet inverter motor, which ensures gentle operation suitable for the most soft and delicate fabrics such as wool, silk and cashmere. Advanced air management system dries the clothes uniformly and wrinkle-free. The new AEG dryers are priced from € 600 and € 1,300.



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17 Feb 11 Maytag Jetclean Plus Dishwashers

Every detail in a Maytag dishwasher, from the rack finish to intense cleaning cycles, is made to deliver superior strength, maximized space and reliable performance.
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