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09 Jun 15 Fagor pressure cooker


Fagor premium pressure cooker is the electric pressure cooker that offers the capability to not only pressure cook and rice cook delicious meals, but it can also simmer, sauté, steam and brown foods in this all-in-one cooking vessel.


Available in 6 quart and 8 quart capacities, this pressure cooker prepares your meals to perfection with just a touch of buttons, and has breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in up to 70% less time than traditional cooking methods. The cooker will be sure to be a staple in any kitchen space.

Panel has preprogrammed functions with recommended preset timings that can be easily adjusted. Pressure Cooker high and low, Rice Cooker with White Rice, Brown Rice and Risotto options, and additional cooking assist function with Simmer, Sauté, Steam and Brown.

The premium pressure cooker from Fagor also features the 4-digit LED screen with soft-touch control panel with added plus and minus button as well as high and low pressure signals that will go solid and beep to inform the user that pressure has been reached. Other attributes are,
– pressure cook time up to 99 minutes
– keep warm up to 12 hours
– time delay up to 6 hours
– self-locking lid that will not open when pressure is inside the cooker
– automatic pressure release setting regulates the pressure inside the cooker
– anti-overheating system for a safe and user friendly pressure cooker
– removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe


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19 Nov 11 Aquila TD302REC – High pressure washing with 95% recycling

Unique high pressure washing in a closed system with more than 95% recycling of the water consumption. Clean the floors inside a building using a high pressure washer, without having to empty it out first. Remove down trotten chewinggum without hassle and remove graffiti without polluting the surrounding environment with toxic paint waste.

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08 Nov 11 Bending PVC Pipe with Air Pressure – (Cataclyst) and Chris Powell

UPDATED: MORE INFORMATION ******* Please contact me if you have any questions! ——-Contact Page The motor I used was actually a loaner from a friend, it is about 400 dollars, but is far beyond what the bender requires, it could have turned steel. You need any low speed 20-60rpm (but not necessarily adjustable) decent torque motor . If you’re just bending a couple of lengths you might simply turn it by hand. I was bending over 100 12 foot lengths of pipe. For the tube that runs through the rubber stopper, we used lamp rod, which we cross threaded, and loaded with lots of Teflon tape. You would be much better off taking a quick release air coupler to a machinist and asking him to make you 2 threaded tubes that the coupler can screw onto (1 for backup). You could also tap it yourself if you have the tools. You’re going to drill out your stopper and run the tube through, put a nylon washer, steel washer then lock washer on either side and tighten down the exposed hex nut once you put it in the end of your pipe to squish the rubber stopper into place. The other side is simply a hex nut, with a nylon washer, steel washer, then hex bolt that clamp the stopper into place. You want your steel washer to be as close in diameter to the inside of your pipe as possible, and you want the interior diameter of your nylon washer to be as close to your threaded tube size as possible. (you want to have to turn it on) This is documentation of a process for
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Oct 11 Pressure Washing Paving Algae Jet Wash Turbo Nozzle

Cleaning paving to remove slippy algae using a turbo nozzle lance from a Honda Diesel Pressure Washer with a Cat Pump 45, 17 litres per minute. Turbo nozzle is a Suttner 90 Degrees.
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16 Oct 11 Pressure Cooker Reviews Pressure cooker reviews can be very helpful if youre thinking about investing in one of these handy kitchen appliances. Whether you want to replace an old one youve had for years, or whether youre new to pressure cooking and want to be sure you make the right choice, there is no substitute for pressure cooker reviews written by real people who have actually used the cooker that youre considering buying.

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26 Aug 11 How to determine Blower Speed using a Manometer to obtain correct Static Pressure Tryin to figure out STATIC VS. CFM Utilizing my new MA-LINE Digital Differential Manometer . Determining my blower tap speed , to obtain correct flow : 3 ton drive VS. 2.5 ton HP

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29 Jul 11 EPA TEST REVIEW-TYPE 3(Low Pressure)

Download: BLOG: HVAC SOFTWARE: ULTIMATE HVAC/R BOOK COLLECTION: SCRIBD: (View my qualifications as a HVAC expert) DOCSTOC: ( (YOU TUBE) SUBSCRIBE!NEW HVAC/R VIDS WILL BE POSTED SOON!!!) And yes no more stupid questions I am a EPA certified Hvac Tech. EPA TEST FOR REFIGERANTS-ANSWER KEY 2ND Edition Revised and Expanded (Over 300 Questions! 50 pages) COVERS ALL PARTS COVERS ALL PARTS My document covers over 300 questions that are guaranteed to come out in the actual exam. All parts are covered. The answers to the EPA TEST FOR REFRIGERANTS-ANSWER KEY are relevant to all EPA test questions. 2nd edition applies only to the revisions I made to the document to increase the size of the printing and nothing else(+a link to my site). PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT ON MY VIDEOS. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE FUTURE WEBSITE ARE ALSO WELCOME. Many of you are downloading and not saying thanks.WTF? EPA Section 608 Technician Certification
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26 Jul 11 Car Wash Basics : Car Washes & Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, or power washers, make great car wash tools by shooting a stream of water on the vehicle to loosen dirt and mud. Learn about pressure washers from a car wash owner in this free video on professional car washing. Expert: Dowell Jones Contact: Bio: Dowell Jones is the owner of Firehouse Car Wash and Detail Shop. He has been in the car wash industry for more than ten years and has owned the Firehouse for more than two. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
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14 Jul 11 problems with the pressure washer

describing what is wrong with the pressure washer

This is a quite simple “Open Tray Error” fix. We are going to skip the “Open your console” garbage and get straight to fixing. Please know that this will void your warranty and that I am not, in any way, responsible for any damage done to your Xbox 360 console or dvd drive. This fix will work assuming that the laser is not burnt out and dirty, damaged, etc.. You are going to need 2 nylon washers and a twist tie from a loaf of bread. 1. Open the dvd drive (or whatever you call it) 2. Push the laser back to the center where it will for sure read the disc. Now you can stop here but please continue as it will result in a more permanent fix. 3. Take your nylon washers and snip a little slit in them, then snap them on the rail and push them to the back by the metal bracket and the motor. Be sure they are behind the motor as it will help ensure them remaining stationary. (I don’t know how thick the washers are, I’m going to guess 1mm. If you can’t tell just take two washers and line them up with the bottom of one of the long screws. If both the bottom of the screw and the two washers are the same size, you are in the money!) 4. Take the twist tie and remove any of the papery, plastic garbage so you only have the wire. Take the wire and put it through the holes in the washers and in the metal bracket they are in front of and tie them together nice and tight. This will probably take some effort so be sure to use enough twist tie to make it easy (you can always trim it down later

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27 Jun 11 Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Plant and Seasoning Oven

VPI is a process in which Bamboo/ Timber is impregnated with water containing preservative. This helps in preventing from fungi/ other insects attack. Seasoning is a moisture removal process. This again helps in preventing from fungi/ insects attack. The two treatment process ensures a much longer life of Bamboo/ timber.

In this movie you can see the pyrolysis oven working. This movie is prepared for low bandwith connection!
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