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04 Sep 14 Braun food processor from Tribute Collection


The new Braun food processor, the KM 3050 is a versatile 3-in-1 food processor, mixer and jug blender. With this Tribute Collection kitchen machine, you have all 3 systems in 1 compact appliance.

Whenever you need something stirred, mashed, mixed or grated, the Braun machine takes the center spot on your kitchen countertop. It can easily handle up to 4 kg of dough.

The food processor is equipped with 900 watt motor, powerful yet extremely quiet. The variable speed with auto pulse function offers excellent performance. Choose from 15 speeds and several durable stainless steel discs for grating, slicing and shredding.

The machine also comes with a unique wide mouthed feeding funnel for easy and convenient filling of all fresh ingredients through the top.

The Braun Food Processor, the KM 3050 offers clear design language with its simple geometric shapes, and white and stainless colour combination with shades of green. Price is € 340. Braun.


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07 Jun 14 Koenic food processor


The Koenic food processor, the KCH200 has an output of 200 watts and 5 removable stainless steel inserts, offering the versatile solution for freshly prepared meals and saving your time in the kitchen.


Delivering grated, shredded, cut or sliced fresh food ingredients directly into the bowl, the Koenic food processor does all the work. Large loading aperture allows you to process sizable fruit and vegetable pieces. Comes with the feed attachment and blade cover for safe handling. Easy to clean. Price is approximately € 35. Koenic.


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21 Aug 12 Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro food processor with variable slicing


With its extra wide feed chute, the 2.0 kW Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro food processor takes food of all kinds and sizes, enabling you to cut longer slices and making processing faster and easier. You don’t have to anymore chop potatoes into smaller pieces to fit into the chute. In fact, being 14cm at its widest, the feed chute is large enough to accept whole potato. In addition, Breville equipped the food processor with the variable 24-setting slicing disc, so you can select the slices from a paper thin 0.5mm all the way up to a thick 8.0mm.

Kitchen Wizz Pro comes with stainless steel processing tools made of highest quality material, including small and large processing bowls, fully adjustable slicer, julienne blade, chipping blade, reversible shredding blade, whisk discs, dough blade, quad blade and mini blade. The reinforced stainless steel disc shafts hold the attachments steady during use, allowing for more precise cutting angles and heavier loads. Its four-blade quad processing knife performs much faster than the two-blade one, cutting the slices quickly in the extra large 2.5 litre bowl. You also have the mini processing bowl, ideally suited for small quantities.

The Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro food processor also features dishwasher safe parts, safety locking system, non-slip feet, kitchen timer and heavy duty direct drive induction motor with a 25 year guarantee. Price is around 0 AUD.

Breville Wizz mixer
Breville Ikon blender
Breville hand held fod processor
Breville blenders


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09 Nov 11 Biodiesel Processor Version 2.0

Second revision or part 2 of our processor project. Fixes and modification included inclosing the processor in a workshop to cool and keep the humidity at bay when it’s humid outside. Also nice in the summer to keep it cool and warm in the winter. Added 2 extra tanks for oil to water wash the oil before processing to remove other water, food contaminents and other debris. Also added a tank for glycerol by product. That by product will then be distilled via a heat exchanger using hot water from a water heater and a condensor to cool the methanol vapor. We hope to recover 30-50% of our methanol for use on the next batches. Also hooked up a “autowash” pipe that autmatically drains the water off the bottom of the wash tank during mist washing so I can turn it on and leave it washing for 1 to 2 days without needing to monitor it. Finally the workbench is a great help in preparing the batches, tracking batches and usage.
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For Sale Unique House Grecia Costa Rica Unique 4 Bedroom 3 1/2 Bath on Beautiful Property with Views, Gardens and Privacy would make an excellent choice for a family home. Lots of Room for additional buildings, expansion as well as more gardens! It has a great courtyard with a hot tub and solar heated 30m indoor/outdoor pool, with gas cooking, large outdoor teak deck, and upper sunset deck. Lots of light on the interior of the home keep it bright and welcoming. Hot water throughout the house by 2 water heaters A fabulous kitchen with granite countertops and included modern appliances. There is a wet bar area with pass-thru as an added feature for those dinner parties. The guest bedrooms are on the other side of the home offering more seclusion whether it’s family, friends or clients. It is one of its kinds! This residence is about 15 – 20 minutes from the center of Grecia on a quiet road with beautiful views and tranquility. A river is found below with a green area. It is gated and very secure. This is a nature lovers dream. Price in USD 9.000 call (00506)8801-4112 or email
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03 Nov 11 Multi Pro Excel Food processor FP980 by Kenwood

For more information please visit: With over 60 years of expertise in making food preparation products, Kenwood has developed the multipro EXCEL, a striking, bold and powerful food processor for the serious cook. The multipro EXCEL demonstrates the pinnacle of high quality food processing, and introduces the unique TOTAL SYSTEM. This sytem means that the food processor, 1.5L glass liquidiser and glass multi mill can all work from one drive at optimum speed, offering true versatility in a space-efficient footprint. Whether creating a large feast or preparing small quantities, the multiple bowl system (4L, 2.9L & 1.75L) provides extra convenience and with an impressive 55 possible functions, this food processor can master numerous culinary tasks with professional results. *Kenwood products, accessories and attachments vary between country. Please visit to view a full list of our products.
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10 May 11 Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor Combining the Cuisinart tradition of culinary excellence with groundbreaking innovation, the Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-cup food processor sets the bar for the next generation of kitchen appliances. With a 4-cup work bowl nested inside the big bowl, plus the adjustable 6 position slicing disc and reversible shredding disc, it provides home chefs with multiple food processors in one! The exclusive SealTight Advantage System is designed to deliver maximum bowl capacity and clean processing and pouring. The 12-cup food processor is equipped with 1000 watts of peak power and a variety of accessories that make every meal easier to prepare. It is truly the finest food prep appliance available for today’s modern kitchen.

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