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21 Nov 11 Panasonic 2011 Product Showcase

Panasonic New Zealand presents the 2011 product line-up, from our soon-to-be released refrigerators through to new Full HD 3D TVs. To learn more about the Panasonic TV range: Home Appliances: Home Theatre: Brought to you by

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27 Oct 11 Interlink Supply Product Demonstration SX-12 (AW104)

HYDRO-FORCE SX12 The latest technology for cleaning tile and grout! The SX-12 blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough hard surfaces. The rotary arm spins to create amazing soil blasting power working from 700 to 2000 psi, while the vacuum ports pick up all the waste. The SX-12 is ready to work with truckmount carpet machines, pressure washers and vac systems, or the HydroForce high pressure portable extractors. Works with front-to-back and side-to-side motion. Works on uneven stone or tile surfaces or smooth concrete. Light-weight. Non-fatiguing: glides easily over the floor. OTHER GREAT FEATURES INCLUDE: Ergonomic, comfortable hand grips Easy-pull trigger 5-year full replacement warranty on poly base unit Split vacuum for even and complete water pick-up High-grade ceramic swivel – rebuildable! Low profile: gets under counters Unique airflow system allows use on portables or truckmounts – both with excellent solution recovery Stiff nylon brush with skirt – great for stone & concrete Patent Pending

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25 Oct 11 Dell Studio XPS 1640 – Review by Product Feedback (Part 2/3)

This video is a complete review of the Dell Studio XPS 1640. It discusses the main build quality, design and heat related issues concerning the laptop. This is a must view for all those keen to purchase on of these laptops. Please make sure to check out the other parts. The review doesn’t discuss the full hardware performance as each system can be customized when ordering from Dell. This is the second Dell Studio XPS 1640 the other was replaced under manufacture warranty due to dead pixels. It is running Windows 7 Home Premium with all the latest drivers installed. This review is also applicable to the Dell Studio SXPS and XPS 1340. Part 1 – Unboxing & First Impressions Part 2 – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay The Hardware Specifications 16″ 1920 x 1080 RGB LED Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHZ Centrino 2 1 GB ATI Radeon 4670 4 GB DDR3 Memory 1066 500GB HDD DVD / Blu Ray / Burner Webcam Dual Array Illuminated Keyboard Touch Sensitive Keys
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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07 Oct 11 32 Special Product Overview from Hornady® Hornady, the leader in ballistic technology, brings you an innovation in ammunition performance featuring state of the industry elastomer Flex Tip Technology that is SAFE in your tubular magazine. Its higher ballistic coefficient delivers dramatically flatter trajectories for fantastic downrange energy increases and amazing bullet expansion at all ranges.
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05 Oct 11 INNCOM Product Overview

Tom Grimm, VP International, provides a description of how INNCOM solutons can help hotel owners and operators achieve higher levels of guest satisfaction, reduce operating costs and gather the data for better operational decision making.

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03 Oct 11 Brill Razorcut 38 Push Reel Lawn Mower Product Review The Brill Razorcut 38 Push Reel Lawnmower is a perfect push reel mower for your lawn. This video takes you through the many aspects and attributes of this push reel mower, shows it in action, and has an overall in depth look at different types of features for the lawnmower. The brill Razorcut 38 weighs only 17 pounds, features a silent cut design, cuts with 5 blades, the cutting height ranges from 15mm to 45mm (0.7 inches to 1.8 inches), and the cutting width is 38 cm (hence the razorcut “38” – this is also 15.2 inches). The Brill Razorcut has a sleek and well crafted strong handle and is durable. It may not be the best choice for St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia grass – so be sure to watch this demo as to why we explain why. For more information on this great reel mower, please visit the web address listed at the top of this product description. Thank you.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Sep 11 Perfect Pomades (and more!) for Ladies and Gents~Layrite Product Review

Here’s my promised product review for Layrite products. These pomades are the best I’ve found for hi shine w/out the grease and hi hold without stiffness. You can purchase it from several locations and some salons/barber shops. But I find that ordering from the actual website can save you money since they offer free shipping on two items or more: Pricing ranges from 11.99-14.99 for the 4 oz pomade and other products. A large 32 oz container of the pomade is available for 79.99. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Sep 11 Game AquaQuik Solar Above Ground Pool Heater Product Review

The Game AquaQuik Solar Pool Heater is perfect for your above ground swimming pool. It’s a great economical heater unit that delivers comparable results as other heating units.
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11 Sep 11 York Air-Conditioning Product Showcase – Richmond, VA

Product showcase featuring Chris Baker, VP of Virginia Air Distributors, and Chip Tarkenton, Channel 8 Sports broadcaster, featuring York Heating and Air-Conditioning Products and their Spring 2008 promotion.
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22 Aug 11 RV Product Spotlight: Surge Guard presented by RV Education 101 This RV Product spotlight is an excerpt of Mark’s RV Garage Episode #5 by RV Education 101 Portable Surge Guard: Available in your choice of 30 Amp or 50 Amp- Surge protection is protection against voltage spikes on power lines. These voltage spikes can cause severe damage to electronic and electrical equipment. With today’s RV coming equipped with sophisticated and sensitive electronic equipment, a few short seconds of faulty power can damage appliances and electronics in the RV like stereos, satellite systems, microwaves, televisions, refrigerators and computers. The TRC Surge Guard family of power protection devices are designed to protect your RV’s electrical system and sophisticated electronics from the dangers of faulty electrical power. Surge Guard offers total protection with three individual safety circuits. It checks the power pedestal for damaging mis-wire conditions and has a warning indicator for reverse polarity, dangerous current on ground wire and pedestal mis-wiring. It offers Solid state full mode surge protection and Automatic over and under voltage protection. Standard surge protectors do not provide protection for over and under voltage or open neutral conditions, The surge guard is weather-resistant, so you simply plug it in to the power pedestal and plug the RV power cord into the surge guard. When your RV has thousands of dollars worth of electronic appliances and equipment it only makes sense to protect your

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