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21 Nov 11 Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Hair Set

For More Info or to Buy Now: Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Hair SetDon’t let your tresses get damaged from heat caused by using blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. This dynamic duo contains macadamia oil,… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #115287
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09 Jul 11 Automist – residential active fire protection ideal for kitchens

A breakthrough in home safety – an automatic fire extinguisher ideal for kitchens that controls residential fires. Automist is an award-winning safety device which mounts discreetly underneath a standard kitchen tap. It utilises “water-mist” technology which is already widely used in ships and factories. Water-mist is ideal for the kitchen and is an effective suppressant on both electrical and chip pan fires. By targeting the kitchen, Automist addresses over half of all domestic fires, and allows complete coverage of small bedsit and studio apartments. If a kitchen fire starts the system is triggered automatically by a wireless heat detector. It can also be activated by pushing a button. This starts an under-sink pump which drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the kitchen with dense fog, suppressing the blaze. Independent fire testing has demonstrated that the system can improve survivability by reducing both heat and exposure to toxic gases.
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05 Jul 11 Cell Phone Radiation Protection for Your Car & Home Part 1 When measuring microwaves from military and airport radar sources, 100% accurate readings can only be found with extremely expensive digital peak-hold meters. Why? Because analog devices begin to drop their reading immediately after the radar sweep passes. Thus, while an analog meter can show whether or not you are being exposed to radar EMFs, analog meters can’t show your true exposure. Although thousands of dollars to purchase, digital-hold meters capable of accurately detecting radar EMFs can be rented for several hundred to over a thousand dollars per month. Telephones and Answering Machines Telephones can emit surprisingly strong EMFs, especially from the handset. This is a problem because we hold the telephone so close to our head. Place the Gauss meter right against the ear piece and the mouth piece before buying a phone. Some brands emit no measurable fields and others emit strong fields that travel several inches….right into your brain. Answering machines, particular those with adapter plugs (mini-transformers), give off high levels of EMFs. Electric Razors and Hair Dryers Electric razors and hair dryers emit EMFs as high as 200 to 400 mG. This seems alarming, but we don’t know if this is worse (or better) than a chronic exposure to a 2-3 mG field. Some EMF consultants recommend that hair dryers not be used on children as the high fields are held close to their rapidly developing brain and nervous system. Estonia, Tallin

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