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14 Nov 13 V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washer with heat pump


The first washing machine to feature a heat pump, V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP is likely the world most energy efficient washer of today. The Adora SLQ WP warms the water using a traditional heating element and a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump. The result is almost negligible energy consumption and ‘A+++ -40%’ energy rating.


You can choose among 3 different EcoHybrid stages – the water can be warmed by the heat pump alone for optimum energy efficiency, largely by the heat pump or in equal parts by the heat pump and heating element. This washing machine can even use water heated through solar power. In addition, the new V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP also consumes very little water, only at around 9,900 liters per year, due to its highly advanced, sensor controlled washing cycles, and the extremely efficient patented V-ZUG drum.

Featuring 8kg drum with 25 cm porthole for easy access, the new Adora is easily controlled via its full colour, 10-language touch display. There are 14 main programs – Whites / Coloureds 20 – 95°C, Woollens 30°C, Hand Wash 20°C, Cold Wash 20°C, Sprint 40°C, Steam Anti Crease, Sprint 20°C, Anti Mite, WetClean, Sprint 30°C, Types of Fabric, Sprint 60°C, Extra and Eco, as well as 7 additional settings – Degree of Soiling / Soaking, Easy Care, Pre Wash, Temperature Setting / Energy Saving, Spin Speed / Stop After Rinsing, Skin Protection and Appliance Hygiene.

V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP also comes with the patented Vibration Absorbing System, reducing the noise to a whisper quiet 71 dB in the spin cycle. Other features include,
– remaining time display
– reversible door
– 1,600 rpm maximum spin speed
– pivoting operating panel
– up to 24 hour delayed start
– turbidity sensor
Price for the V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washer with heat pump is around £3,000.

V-ZUG Adora SLQ washer
Adora washer and dryer system by V-ZUG


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18 Nov 11 Faulty txv and pump down

Call to a bulk milk tank that is used as an ice builder, the iced water is pumped through a plate heat exchanger to cool milk. It was slow to cool because one of the three expansion valve had failed, you can see how the liquid line feeding the bad one is cold due to there being no flow in the pipe. The pump down was aa bit tricky because the compressor has a bad head so it leaks back when its stopped, you can hear it whistle after a few minute sometimes. Forgot to film the new txv once installed….
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13 Nov 11 Fujitsu ductless split air conditioner & heat pump installation

Fujitsu ductless split air conditioning system installed in 130 years old house in NJ, Seven indoor units (ducted concealed ceiling) installed in the attic to preserve same old look in the house, each room individually controlled, System provide heating and cooling (heat pump) all year round comfort,
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22 Oct 11 Reversing Valve Eval Haier Heat Pump

The reversing valve would stick in defrost mode sending cold air into the house activating the emergency heat. After the heat pump was shut off for about an hour it would operate normally until the next defrost cycle. This model heat pump did not have a timed defrost mode so the wire controlling the reversing valve was detached and the unit was watched for excess frost build-up, at which time the wire was reattached to initiate a defrost cycle or the unit was shut off until it thawed. I posted this because I couldn’t find any postings on reversing valves. Enjoy
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Brazing a copper joint with Silphos rod and a tiny acetylene turbo torch tip. To show the color of the copper when it is ready to be brazed. Do not breath the fumes from this process.
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21 Oct 11 Heat Pump Wiring & Mechanical Settings

Video describes the steps to install your Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat when you have a heat pump. The Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat works with the Schlage LiNK System.

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16 Oct 11 Danfoss air/water heat pump DHP-AX – How works?

This video shows how the new DHP-AX works. With a DHP-AX (air/water) heat pump there is no need to dig or drill. Instead you take the energy straight from the surrounding air using an air handling unit. Danfoss DHP-AX makes use of the energy in the outdoor air. It is so efficient that it is able to convert the energy down as low as -16°C. This is the perfect solution for those of you who do not want to, cannot or are not permitted to drill for rock heat, because it does not require any bore holes. Just like our rock heat pumps, it produces both heat and hot water and can reduce the costs of heating your house by up to three quarters. Vancouver plumbers tips for how to light a pilot light on gas appliances. Watch our demo to see how to do everything in sequence for electric and manual. Lighting a pilot light can be a frustrating job which requires co-ordination or a long match, or one of those long BBQ bic lighters. One thing to keep in mind is that gas appliances like furnaces and boilers should be inspected every two years. There are parts that wear out and need replacing every so often. A dirty furnace can be a fire hazard if too much debris collects in the chamber. Neglected gas appliances are inefficient which increases your natural gas bill. You should also change the air filter on your furnace 3 or 4 times a year. If clean air is a concern, you may also want to consider other options like more efficient air filters, or having your entire air duct / heating system blown clean. For professional help call: In Ur Town Plumbing — 778-829-1448
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14 Oct 11 Daikin Quaternity ductless Heat pump

Daikin quaternity installation video in High Bridge NJ, Both systems 12000 and 15000 Btu installed in two stories house provide heating and cooling, heat pump type, Daikin’s Quaternity series is the first in North America to offer one of the highest energy efficient (Up to SEER 26.1) heating and cooling solution with additional features for controlling humidity to a relative set point, along with an air cleaning function.

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02 Oct 11 Installation of Heat Pump , Air Handler , and 15 KW Strip Heat

Installing a American Standard Heat Pump & Air Handler , with 15 KW Strip Heat for Emergency Heat !!! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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12 Sep 11 How To Make A Pump Action Crossbow Part 1 – Plans and Materials

Crossbow Plans Link – UK prod Links – US Links – For Aluminium plates search eBay for – Aluminium plate, or Aluminium sheet, you can also find it at your local scrapyard or dump. You will also need: One plywood board, 42cm x 25cm x 12mm or any wood this size. One plywood board, 42cm x 25cm x 3mm or any wood or material this size. One plywood board 10cm x 5cm x 12mm Two aluminium plates, 37cm x 10cm x 2mm , or any hard materials, including hard wood, plastics, other metals (you can use steel, but it will make this a very long hard job) One aluminium plate 17cm x 11cm x 2mm (must be some kind of bendable metal) Two aluminium plates 12cm x 4.5cm x 5mm thick. (sides of pump handle) One aluminium plate 11cm x 5.5mm x 12mm , can be aluminium or tin or steel (for Nut and Trigger) One aluminium plate 6cm x 6cm x 12mm, can be aluminium or tin or steel One aluminium or steel Tube – 12cm x 22m thick (round) One piece of wood – 12cm x 22m thick, (to fit inside handle) One 10cm x 6mm bolt with 22mm or 25mm washer and nut Sixty x 25mm screws that can be counter sunk Six 4mm thick 22mm self tapping screws Two 10cm x 5mm nails 10 washers 12mm with 5mm hole Two 10cm x 5mm bolts with nuts Three 5cm metal tubes with 5mm or 6mm hole (overall size thickness is about 8-10mm) Two 10mm or 15mm tension springs (4mm thick) 10cm of thin wire (1mm or 2mm) One
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16 Aug 11 Filtrete 3M50 How to set the thermostat to work with heat pump systems

In this segment we will discusses the correct way to set the thermostat switches to work with your HVAC system. Also covered is the on-screen HVAC set up. How to choose the correct set-up for your system. Three options are discussed that cover from single to multi-stage systems.

In this segment we will discusses the correct way to set the thermostat switches to work with your HVAC system. Also covered is the on-screen HVAC set up. How to choose the correct set-up for your system. Five options are discussed that cover from single to multi-stage systems.
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