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26 Sep 15 Boneco Air Purifier


The Boneco P500 Air Purifier provides highly efficient air purification at your home. Select a multi-stage filter that meets your needs – ALLERGY which is the standard one, BABY or SMOG. Whether at home or at the office, the P500 by Boneco blends in effortlessly with your everyday surroundings.

The Boneco Air Purifier offers high cleaning output with the airflow up to 280 m³ per hour, whisper-quiet operation, easy handling with the remote control, clear indication of the air quality in the living room. Boneco.


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20 Sep 11 Air purifier robot from Moneual


Rydis H800 is a self-moving air purifier robot, able to detect an air polluted area, suck dust and purify air. Once the air quality improves, the robot looks for another area to purify. Moneual superior 5-step air filtration system consists of dust, HEPA, deodorizing, Semi Alpha and impregnated activated carbon filters. Equipped with special Location Detection Sensor, the self moving air purifier provides clean indoor air in quiet, unobtrusive fashion.

Equipped with quite a few sensors and mapping system, this air purifier robot acts like a floor cleaning robot, with the key difference being of course, that is cleans air. And when the battery goes below a certain level, the Rydis H800 goes back to recharge. Moneual.


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28 Aug 11 Intelligent air purifier by Jata


With this slim and stylish intelligent air purifier from Jata, you get 8-stage air filtration and purification. The Prefilter removes large particles like dust and pet hair, followed by Positive Charging Wires that capture pollen, smoke and bacteria. Then you have Electrostatic Precipitator which magnetically collects particles as small as 0.01 micron. Oxygen Plus Filter absorbs odours and converts smog and active oxygen into pure oxygen. Innovative TiO2 photo catalyst filter destroys viruses and neutralizes toxic chemicals, while Cold-Catalyst-Oxidation swiftly decomposes viruses, fungi and volatile organic compounds.

After these 6 steps, the intelligent air purifier kicks in powerful UV Germicidal Lamp to eliminate any remaining bacteria and viruses floating in the air around you. Finally, its Negative Ion Generator emits over 1,000,000 negative ions per cm³ to freshen the stale air, returning clean and pure air into the room. The end result is your boosted immune system.

Other key elements and characteristics of the Jata air purifier include,
– air pollution sensor
– automatic speed adjustment based on the air quality
– washable filters
– effective air purification area of 45m²
– 4-position fan
– 8-hour timer
– silent operation and easy maintenance

Price for this intelligent air purifier from Jata is approximately € 240.


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