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07 Nov 11 Rite in the Rain 25 meter Zeroing Target for M-16A2 / M4 / AR-15 Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Rite in the Rain” M-16A2/ M4 25 Meter Zeroing Targets. Used by US Military, these waterproof targets allow you to set your 300 meter Zero while shooting at 25 meters. Battleboy Surplus Rite in Rain Web Page: Battleboy Surplus 5% off discount code: “Sootch00” Battleboy’s YouTube Channel: Rite in the Rain Tactical Products: Thanks for watching~

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06 Nov 11 Rain Water Hog install NJ Water Harvesting Rain Barrel

Visit Rainwater can be used for watering your garden as well as for toilet flushing, laundry washing and bathing. Rainwater stored in food grade HOGs can be used as an emergency potable water supply. Rainwater is soft water, which means that it wont cause a build up of calcium in your plumbing like hard water can. You can drink rainwater as long as your roofing material does not contain toxic materials. You will need to add a first flush diverter to the fine screen filter in the Inlet kit. Dont let your rainwater go to waste – the Rainwater HOG is functional, efficient and visually discreet rainwater storage! New Jersey is considered to be a “water rich” State, with an average rainfall of 45 inches per year. However, demands on our limited water supply due to population growth and development have increased greatly, making water conservation a prudent step for New Jersey’s citizens year round. During the peak irrigation months of April to October, when we experience hotter, drier summer conditions, it is even more important to conserve water in order to avoid mandatory water use restrictions. Summer outdoor water use increases as people wash cars, fill pools, and water lawns and gardens. Water conservation allows more water to remain in our streams, lakes and rivers for recreational uses and aesthetic enjoyment while also providing habitat for our wildlife. QUICK TIPS FOR CONSERVING WATER Install water conserving showerheads and faucet aerators

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