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25 Dec 13 American Range Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker


The Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker from American Range is equipped with Straight Convection Technology. The convection bake fan is circled with a powerful ring heater and the hot air stream is straightened out with the help of American Range proprietary air directors. The result is shorter cooking times and more uniform heat transfer for multiple rack cooking.


Available in 3 models, the ARR-606GDGRDF, the ARR-6062GDDF, the ARR-606X2GRDF, Medallion range cooker offers 6 sealed gas burners with 11″ gas grill and 11″ gas griddle, and two 30″ electric self-clean ovens with electric infrared broiler in each. See Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range.

The main characteristics of the American Range Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker include,
– sealed burners deliver exceptional performance at every level setting and lift off to provide easy clean-up
– 3 sizes of burners to serve your everyday needs – 17,000 BTU, 13,000 BTU, 9,000 BTU
– variable infinite flame settings for all sealed top burners
– fail-safe system ensures re-ignition in the event the flame goes out
– continuous and flush commercial-grade cast iron grates allow for easy transfer of pots and pans across the entire cooking surface
– blue LED lights indicate flame and oven functions provided with every knob
– heavy metal die-cast black satin knobs with chrome bezels
– sealed Single Piece tooled stainless steel cook top can hold a gallon of spills
– electronic keypad with blue VFD display
– multiple functions include full power modes for Standard Bake, Convection Bake, Infrared Broil, or Warm modes for Dehydrate, Crisping and Proofing
– Traditional and Convection Bake can be controlled from 150°F to 550°F
– infrared energy from hidden bake and broil elements shine through high transparency glass ceramic windows
– 3,500 Watt Instagrill broiler reaches searing temperature in 3 seconds
– stainless steel air flow directors provide even distribution of convection air for uniform oven temperatures
– commercial grade high performance thermal insulation keeps kitchen cool
– 2 chrome racks glide at 5 cooking levels on heavy chrome side supports
– accommodates full size commercial sheet pan
– commercial grade porcelainized oven interior for simple cleaning
– programmable timed self clean for effortless oven maintenance

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23 Dec 13 Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher


The compact dishwasher from Electrolux Inspiration Range has a distinctive, modern look. This premium dishwasher requires little space, while its clean architectural lines, unique material and sleek handle gives it an iconic look that fits in any contemporary kitchen.

Available in stylish glossy white, black or red, Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher comes with the intuitive LED interface, discreetly hidden on the upper edge of the door. In spite of its compact design, you have 6 full settings and 6 auto programs activated at the push of a button. Electrolux.


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11 Nov 13 New glass splashbacks and range hoods by GDHA


Leading British cooking appliance manufacturer Glen Dimplex Home Appliances has launched a new range of glass splashbacks and hoods, specially designed to complement its existing range of freestanding, built-in and range cookers, as shown here with 110 cm wide Belling Classic range cooker in Jalapeno finish.

The splashbacks, made from 4 mm toughened glass, are available in various colours and finishes, including the full colour or monochrome Union Flag print, celebrating Stoves and Belling Made in Britain heritage, plus Black, White, Jalapeno Red and the exclusive Stainless Shimmer, which features a textured patterned glass with a silver finish to create a shimmering stainless effect.

The splashbacks are available in a range of sizes from 60 cm to 110 cm and include a 2 mm self-adhesive backing with a retrospective fit design making them easy to fit. Belling also includes an option for a fully functional utensil rail to complement the entire range.

Under cooking brand, Stoves, GDHA has also launched a range of complementary hoods that can be colour matched to its existing collection of Richmond and Sterling range cookers. Available in sizes 90 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm size options, the new hoods feature Black, Champagne and Hot Jalapeno trim to coordinate with the range cookers.

Recently from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances,
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08 Oct 13 Vogt range hoods


– 85 cm, stainless steel with black glass
– 3-phase I-Drive motor with maximum 800 m³/h speed
– edge extraction
– progressive 4-step touch controls
– 5-, 10-, 20-, 40-minute automatic after-stop air extraction
– air recirculation mode
– filter saturation indicator
– 2 LED lamps 4 W each, dimmable lighting
– stainless steel dishwasher washable grease filters


– 120 cm x 65 cm stainless steel with black glass
– centrifugal motor with maximum 600 m³/h speed
– edge extraction
– 4-speed remote control
– filter saturation indicator
– 2 LED lamps, 4 W each
– metal grease filters
– air recirculation mode




– 90 cm, stainless steel with black glass
– 3-phase I-Drive motor with maximum 800 m³/h speed
– edge extraction
– progressive 10-step continuously variable touch controls
– 5-, 10-, 20-minute automatic after-stop air extraction
– air recirculation mode
– filter saturation indicator
– 2 LED lamps 4 W each
– stainless steel dishwasher washable grease filters
– winter mode



– 90 cm, black and white
– external motor with maximum 650 m³/h speed
– edge extraction
– 4-speed touch controls,
– thermal sensor
– filter saturation indicator
– 5-, 10-, 20-minute automatic after-stop air extraction
– 2 LED lamps 4 W each
– stainless steel dishwasher washable grease filters



– 90 cm or 60 cm in stainless steel
– low noise Axial blower with maximum 850 m³/h speed
– progressive 10-step continuously variable touch controls
– 4 LED lamps 4 W each
– dishwasher-safe metal grease filter



– 60 cm and 90 cm, black and white
– energy saving blower with maximum 650 m³/h speed
– edge​ extraction
– 4-step touch controls
– thermal sensor
– filter saturation indicator
– 5-minute automatic after-stop air extraction
– 2 halogen lamps 20 W each
– dishwasher-safe metal grease filter



– 86 cm, stainless steel with black glass
– low noise motor with maximum 700 m³/h speed
– progressive 10-step continuously variable touch controls
– filter saturation indicator
– dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filters

More at Vogt. Previously, Frecan Regatta range hood.


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20 Sep 13 ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki


This 120 cm range cooker from ATAG, the FG1211DA features two ovens, a versatile rangetop with 7 cooking zones and a full width storage drawer. The stainless steel double oven makes any aspiring home cook feel like a top professional chef.

The rangetop has 3 flat, matt black enameled cast iron pan supports and 7 cooking zones, with the range of power wide enough for every imaginable type of cuisine. The stainless steel Teppan Yaki, heated by ceramic elements, offers 2 temperature zones 2.4 kW each. The gas burners include,
– left front 1.40 to 3.50 kW wok
– left rear 0.45 to 1.75 kW standard
– left middle 0.35 to 4.60 kW wok
– right front 0.24 to 1.00 kW simmer
– right rear 0.75 to 3.00 kW power

The 85 liter left multifunction oven offers 8 heating functions – hot air, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, top and bottom heat + fan, large grill, small grill, grill + fan and defrost. The 31 liter right conventional oven has bottom heat, top and bottom heat, large and small grill and grill. Both ovens have 5 shelf levels.

Other key features and accessories of this ATAG range cooker with double oven and Teppan Yaki are solid metal knobs, robust metal handles, integrated ignition with thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas protection, digital clock / timer with LED display, triple glazed CoolTouch doors, 2 enameled baking trays and 3 cooking grids. Sells for around € 6,900. ATAG.


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18 Sep 13 Electrolux Poggenpohl Gourmet Range


Electrolux is launching a new range of super premium kitchen appliances to be offered with Poggenpohl Goldreif kitchens, positioning Electrolux as the preferred partner of the Poggenpohl Group. The new Electrolux Gourmet Range will be made available as a built-in component of Goldreif kitchens, a brand which is being reintroduced by Poggenpohl this autumn. Tested by professional chefs, the Electrolux Gourmet Range complements the company ultra-luxury Electrolux Grand Cuisine Appliances and the premium Inspiration Range.


The Electrolux Gourmet Range represents company first offering within the super premium segment. Even more significant, this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership and a new series of initiatives that Electrolux and the Poggenpohl Group will drive together in the future.


Electrolux Gourmet Range combines modern stylish design, cooking functionality and enhanced performance. Sous-vide capability is offered through a vacuum sealing draw and combi-steam oven that offer precision temperature settings to the nearest degree. The range also includes a side by side refrigerator and wine cooler as well as an induction wok and teppanyaki hob. Exclusive design is ensured throughout with the considered application of steel and glass to provide an aligned visual identity and premium professional appearance. Electrolux.



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28 Aug 13 Berbel Cubeline range hood


The innovative Berbel Cubeline brings together design and technology, creating a stunning result and showing the kitchen in a new light. The hood features inspiring effect lighting, or depending on the version, changing mood light behind the unique semi-transparent Betec safety glass, creating a really cozy kitchen ambience.


Available in 60 cm or 90 cm models with 750 m³/h fan, Cubeline has energy-saving LEDs for perfect illumination of the hob, electronic control via user-friendly ThinCoder knob or convenient remote control and dishwasher safe collection tray.


Berbel Cubeline comes in
– stainless steel
– white or black decorative glass
– custom RAL decorative glass without effect lighting / mood light
– optional single colour effect lighting or mood light colour change
– optional extremely low-energy and low noise EC motor


More from Berbel,
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25 Aug 13 AEG ducted Eco range hood switches to recirculation mode


The new eco friendly range hood combines exhaust and recirculation modes, thanks to AEG variable ventilation function, which lets you switch the hood fan between outside exhaust and recirculation, depending on the environment in your kitchen.

The new AEG range hood has 2 separate channel. In the summer, you can get the smells and the warmer air outside with the exhaust function, while in the winter, the air stays in the room, purified using the recirculation mode through active carbon filters.

The new Eco hood features brushless motor, reducing energy consumption by 60%. The integrated LEDs also contribute into energy savings. The range hood will be available this November in island, the X99464MI2 and wall, the X99464MK2 models for around € 2,300 and € 1,700 respectively. AEG.


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17 Aug 13 Belling Fanned Gas range cooker


The new Belling range cookers feature proprietary Fanned Gas technology from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, delivering improved cooking performance and perfect baking results. The Belling fanned gas cooker collection offers a unique combination of radiant and convected heat, providing the even cooking temperature of a fanned oven with the moist cooking environment of a gas oven.

Keen bakers will enjoy the accuracy and even temperature distribution delivered by the collection, which promises just a +/- 5°C temperature variance versus the typical one of 19°C in a conventional oven, ensuring a perfectly even bake.

The new fanned gas collection is available in both 55cm and 60cm size options and features an On / Off switch, allowing you to switch seamlessly between conventional gas or fanned gas cooking.

The Belling FSG55TCF Fanned Gas range is a 55cm wide twin cavity cooker with fanned gas oven and gas grill. It features a 4-burner gas hob, including a large 4.0 kW wok burner, cast iron pan supports, push button ignition and lid. The main oven has a usable cooking capacity of 69 litres and features a side-opening glass door for ease of access.

The larger Belling FSG60DOF is a 60cm double oven with fanned gas in the main oven. It has all the features of the FSG55TCF with the addition of a separate conventional oven, fanned gas main oven, glass lid with auto shut off and LED clock programmer. Belling. Previously, Built-in double gas oven.


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07 Jul 13 EuroChef Verona True White range cooker


The 36 inch Verona range cookers in True White are designed for homeowners who want the best white finish in their kitchens. That is in addition to everything else of course, the Verona quality cooking appliances bring to the table, things like exquisite design, old world craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and performance.


The 36 inch Verona range cookers come in 4 popular configurations – dual fuel, all gas, double and single oven. Besides being offered in a True White color, this range is available in stainless, matte black, antique white and burgundy. Among the key features you will find,
– 5 sealed gas burners including a 16,000 BTU center burner
– electronic instant burner ignition
– flame failure safety device
– porcelain coated cast-iron grates and caps
– European turbo-electric convection fan
– infrared broilers in all gas cookers
– full-size drop down storage compartment
– multifunction programmable ovens with touch control digital clock and timer in dual fuel ranges

According to Melissa Haber, EuroChef Director of Sales and Marketing, there has been an incredible resurgence of color appliances in the marketplace along with a great trend toward white kitchens, so combining one of the most popular color choices for today kitchens with the most successful size option from Verona was a natural expansion to the collection. EuroChef USA. Previously, ILVE 36″ professional gas cooktop by EuroChef.


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