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03 Aug 15 Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 36″ French Door Refrigerator


Introducing the next generation in Fisher & Paykel refrigeration. With new flush-fit design and the ability to easily slide into existing kitchen spaces or be integrated behind kitchen cabinetry, these family-size refrigerators offer a seamless look to the kitchen while providing excellent food care with ActiveSmart technology.

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations accordingly to deliver a consistent and stable temperature. Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily use means that it only uses the energy needed to keep your food fresher for longer.

Contemporary kitchens are living spaces. Part of this evolution is increasingly refined design, flush fit cabinetry and appliances that enhance ergonomics as well as provide options to either showcase through crisp stainless steel or combine through custom panel finishes. Our built-in series is designed to be seamless.

The Humidity Control System, together with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart Technology, creates the perfect microclimate for your produce.

Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments, including when the doors are opened and when new items are introduced, ensuring temperature in each compartment is kept constant.

Independent variable-speed fans control airflow through multiple air ducts to all compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to ensure food safety and maintain food quality. Fisher & Paykel.


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15 Feb 15 GE Café refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System


No matter how you prefer your cup of coffee, there’s no denying the single-serve brewing trend is piping-hot. According to a 2014 National Coffee Association coffee drinking trends survey, 29% of respondents who drank coffee said they used a single-cup brewer, up nearly 50% from the previous year. Brewing at home is about to become even more appealing as GE introduces an industry first: the GE Café Series refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System.


GE’s new refrigerator technology, an evolution of its Cafe French door refrigerator unique hot water dispenser, paired with a Keurig K-Cup single-cup brewer, meets the growing consumer interest. From leaders innovating to change the industry, this breakthrough evolution will take consumer convenience and versatility to a whole new level.


The key features of the new GE Café refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System include,
– fresh, filtered water every time with no need to refill
– the built-in system frees up counter space, something that’s a premium in many kitchens, and the Keurig K-Cup brewer is dishwasher safe
– first-of-its-kind water filtration system, tested and verified by an independent third party to remove 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals from water
– GE connected technology, allowing consumers to preset the brew time via their mobile device so the water in the reservoir is ready and waiting
– water dispensing flow rate and temperature designed to make the optimal cup of coffee, tea or other single-serve beverages
– Energy Star certification, meeting minimum efficiency standards for refrigerators and freezers and using as much energy as a cell phone does to charge overnight
– opportunity to brew over 400 varieties of Keurig K-Cup beverages from 60+ major brands, including the top 10 best-selling coffee brands in America, including: Folgers, Maxwell House, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Eight O’Clock, Community Coffee, and Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Made in Louisville, Kentucky, the Café French door refrigerator with single-serve Keurig K-Cup brewing system will be available in stainless steel. With an MSRP of ,300, it will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2015 wherever appliances are sold. GE Appliances.


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23 Jun 14 Haier French Door refrigerator


The stylish and beautifully finished Haier French Door refrigerator, the HB25FSSAAA makes a bold statement in your modern kitchen with its solid design and brushed stainless look. The standard depth, 685 liter double drawer, Total No Frost fridge freezer offers plenty of space and advanced cooling technology to meet and exceed all your cooling needs.


The ‘A++’ rated Haier French Door refrigerator features 6 spacious door bins, 3 shelves and 4 fresh food, humidity-controlled drawers, all illuminated by bright yet gentle-on-the-eyes LED lighting to make sure you can promptly find the foodstuffs you are looking for.

Other key characteristics of the Haier HB25FSSAAA include Turbo Fresh system, Multi Flow system, Super Cool and Super Freeze functions, antibacterial system, My Zone compartment, automatic ice maker, electronic controls, fuzzy logic, Holiday function and 3D freezer drawers. Price is around 3,000 €. Haier.


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20 Jun 14 GE Artistry retro refrigerator


The new GE Artistry retro refrigerator belongs to the new GE Artistry line, a sophisticated, affordable collection of retro appliances which offer cool metallic handles and knobs with sleek chrome trim. Designed by GE own up-and-coming designers, the Artistry also includes a gas range, an electric range, an over-the-range microwave and a dishwasher. The retro line also comes in white and color panels for the bottom freezer refrigerator are being considered.


The 30″ wide, 20.3 cu. ft. Artistry retro fridge freezer comes with high gloss contoured doors, convenient upfront temperature controls and is equipped for optional, easily installable ice maker. The main features include 3 electronic sensors, a multiflow air tower, a frost guard, 2 fresh food cabinet drawers, 2 adjustable fresh food cabinet shelves, various door bins and storage compartments, a freezer shelf, a freezer wire bin and a door bin.



The proposed door panel colors are cupcake blue, bell pepper red, lemon, lime, ginger, cinnamon and aubergine, and GE is looking for your input.

GE Artistry retro refrigerator sells for around ,100. You can buy the entire set, including range, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher for between ,200 to ,300.


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22 Apr 14 Samsung French Door refrigerator with integrated Soda Stream module


The 31 cu. ft. French Door, double drawer refrigerator with automatic sparkling water dispenser, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR gives you the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water straight from your refrigerator door. The 4-door refrigerator uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 carbonator installed in a small, concealed yet easily accessible area inside the refrigerator.


With Twin Cooling Plus which uses two separate cooling circuits for refrigerator and freezer sections, the refrigerator air is kept at higher, near commercial grade humidity levels to keep food fresher longer. Dryer freezer air means less freezer burn for better tasting frozen foods.


The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Ice Master produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice. This space saving design leaves more room in the refrigerator.

The French Door refrigerator comes with counter height FlexZone Drawer to create 4 flexible size compartments with Samsung adjustable Smart Divider. Features 4 customizable temperature settings – Meats 29°F, Cold Drinks 33°F, Deli / Snacks 37°F, and Party Dishes 42°F. Plus, the convenient, counter-height drawer is easily accessible for kids.

3-way Slide-in / Flip-up Shelf accommodates all storage needs, You can use it like a standard shelf, slide-in for more space and flip-up for even more to fit taller items with ease.


Sleek LED display for settings and temperature display, water, ice and soda dispenser.


High efficiency LED lighting design beautifully lights up the interior so you are able to quickly spot what you want. Sleek design saves more space than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR SodaStream refrigerator sells for around ,900. In Europe, the similar RF24HSESBS model will be available for suggested price of € 3,900. Samsung.


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15 Feb 14 Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator


Belonging to Samsung 9000 Series of modern appliances, the Zipel FS9000 is divided into the InCase fridge compartment for bulky and less often used foods, and the ShowCase fridge compartment for frequently consumed items like fruits, vegetables, deli meats, juices and such. Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 is designed to appeal to the younger consumer who attach priority to time management – an alternative to the popular Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator with Android based LCD screen which was primarily intended for the middle age buyers.


The ShowCase fridge compartment is designed to meet the needs of every member of the household and opens only the exterior door of the refrigerator. When opened, you find whatever you want at one glance. It comes with customizable baskets to address the various needs of a household by placing 6 specific food cases within the ShowCase including Cheese Case, Sauce Case, Drink Case, Snack Case, Kids Case and Multi Case.

For further convenience and practicality, there are 3 zones, each comprise 2 cases, the upper level Cooking Zone with Cheese and Sauce Cases, the middle level Family Zone with Drink and Snack Cases, and the lower level Kids Zone with Kids and Multi Cases.


This Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator features Samsung own Twin Cooling Plus System that separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer, enabling accurate temperature control while improving cooling performance. In addition, it incorporates Samsung Space Max technology, an insulation technique that allows for the thinner fridge walls, keeping the overall refrigerator size within typical side-by-side parameters. As a result, the Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 offers more capacity within the interior of the refrigerator, while maintaining the standard exterior dimensions.

Samsung also equips the Food ShowCase with its superior digital inverter compressor to drastically improve energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting to the ongoing cooling requirements. Whether due to frequent door opening, a hot plate of food or changes to the outside temperature, the compressor reacts rapidly and provides cold air or slows down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. And, unlike many other models, Samsung compressor operates at a lower noise level at night.

The exterior is designed with the goal of making it a premium fridge freezer that meets all decorative demands of the modern consumers. The Food ShowCase refrigerator features elegant metal doors, handles and clean sleek finish, showcasing Samsung design philosophy of Timeless Design.


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21 Jun 13 Luce refrigerator drawers from Hotpoint


The Hygiene ‘H+’ Luce refrigerator drawers offer a useful and stylish addition to your kitchen, and with the net capacity of 150 liters, store almost as much as an average conventional fridge. Flexible storage for meat, fish, dairy and wine and a soft close mechanism are just a few of the core features of these convenient fridge drawers.


Easily installed under your countertop, the energy ‘A’+ rated, 90cm wide refrigerator drawers come with wine rack, adjustable legs, 2 salad crispers, 2 fish / meat boxes, dairy box, bottle holder, antibacterial protection and interior lighting. Luce.


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17 Apr 13 GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser


More details on the new GE Café French door refrigerator, the CFE29TSDSS, that has hot water dispenser. Previously covered in GE French Door refrigerators for 2012, this 29 cubic foot fridge freezer heats up to 10 ounces of filtered water in minutes, using customized 90°F to 185°F temperature range or 4 preprogrammed settings, which are 90°F Keep Warm, 150°F Cocoa, 170°F Tea and 185°F Soup.


GE is betting on the rapidly growing tea popularity in the U.S. The tea industry has steadily increased from under billion in 1992 to over billion in 2012. And coffee drinking remains very robust. Thus, if you are a tea aficionado, there is no need for a thermometer and a sophisticated electric tea kettle to get a precise temperature at which to brew your favorite tea. More on GE Cafe Appliances.


In addition to hot water, this Café French door refrigerator features the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The easily replaceable filter, the RPWF model is used in all latest GE French door refrigerators and certified by an independent third party to remove 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen and progesterone.

Other main elements of this GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser include,
– a full width, adjustable temperature controlled drawer to store meats, beverages, produce, cheeses and citrus foods at optimal storage temperatures, from 32°F to 40°F, with red, green, blue, aqua and purple LED lights in the drawer giving visual cues of the temperature chosen
– an innovative odor filter designed to allow you at the touch of a button to reduce unwanted odors within the fresh food section
– TwinChill Evaporators for separate air flows and climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to help maintain temperature and humidity levels to keep foods fresh
– a drop down egg tray, door storage for gallon sized products and adjustable shelves in the fridge section, and 3 freezer baskets and a space saving door ice maker in the freezer section

The suggested retail price of GE CFE29TSDSS Café French door refrigerator is ,000. GE Cafe.


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11 Jan 13 Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator with Android based LCD screen


Samsung T9000 RF32FSQDBSR is a large French Door refrigerator with 10″ LCD display / control screen, Wi-Fi support and 32 cubic feet total capacity, which is 4 cu. ft more than the capacity of Samsung RF4289HARS 4-door refrigerator with Apps.

Based on extremely popular in Korea four-door Samsung Zipel T9000 that sold 10,000 units in one month after its release, the fridge freezer features large LCD screen which runs the Android operating system and offers a range of preinstalled apps for calendars, weather and news as well as Evernote sharing app, which helps in creating and sharing notes, photos, movies, etc., and sync them with any device running Evernote. You can’t, however, install new generic Android apps.


The idea of a four-door refrigerator goes back to Samsung QuatroCooling Convertible that had four isolated independently controlled and cooled compartments, resulting in ideal humidity and temperature settings in each section.


The new RF32FSQDBSR gives you an option to switch its lower-right 6.1 cu. ft quadrant from freezer to refrigerator mode. If you choose to do so, you effectively combine this quadrant with a 19.4 cu. ft capacity French Door refrigerator compartment on top, which gives you 25.5 cu. ft in fresh food storage. Otherwise, you have a 12.2 cu. ft freezer space.


The T9000 French four-door refrigerator comes with Samsung Triple Cooling system, in order to provide professional grade humidity and cooling levels. This proprietary system features two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors to keep produce fresh longer. The refrigerator should be available late spring / early summer for around ,000. Samsung.


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05 Aug 12 Bosch side by side refrigerator in eggplant color


Currently sold in China for ¥13,650, this spacious side by side refrigerator from Bosch has a frameless and strikingly coloured glass front. This 604 litre refrigerator holds food in ideal condition, while its eggplant-finished glass doors create a feeling of transparency and timelessness.

The no-frost Bosch KAN62S80TI features metal handles, flush-integrated touch electronic display, dual cooling technology and advanced fuzzy controls. Bosch.



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